Hump Day Giveaway: A Project for Dimity

So many tees, so much to say--in about five words or less.

So I got a couple compliments about how positive and admirable I am being about my stress fracture. While I genuinely thank you, please know that I have a much better poker face when I'm typing--not talking--about it. I've cried more than I care to admit. I've blown up unnecessarily at my kids too many times (Yesterday=a doozy. My foot, suffocating under  black velcro and straps, was en fuego. The rest of me was suffering from that low-blood-sugar that creates an intolerance for anything. My kids were at top volume, screaming about who was going to sit where at the dinner table. I pretty much told--or screamed back at-- them they were going to their rooms and probably weren't going to even eat dinner tonight. Another proud moment of motherhood.) I've gone into Target, with just Ziploc bags, dog food, and pull-ups on the list, and spent 45 minutes in the women's section, certain that if I could just find that one cute tee or cool (non-sporty) watch, I would feel better.

But this isn't about my need for anger management or retail therapy.

It's about my channeling the energy that would've gone into 20-mile runs into another project: creating some cute tops and other SKUs, as they say in the business, that represent our growing, vibrant tribe that likes sarcasm, honesty and inspiration with their miles. (Probably not all three things at once, though.)

SBS and I have talked at length about some phrases, and even done a little consultation with a certain creative fan, but we're still not completely satisfied. We decided to call, once again, on the people most in touch with the RLAM vibe and tribe: you.

We want to know: what's a unique, RLAM'ish slogan you'd like to see on a tee? We'd love for it to be original. In other words, not find your happy pace, will run for beer or any of the witty slogans found on other tees around the booths at expos. Neither can it be Run Like A Mother (long story). But those parameters are slight compared to your collective creative brain power, so fire up those noggins to go beyond the usual daily concerns like what time is soccer practice? what powerpoint presentation do I have to do today? why am I wearing one black and one navy blue shoe?

Many more miles to go. (Like it as slogan, but don't love it. Heart these GEL-Cumulus' though.)

The prizes--note the plural, please--are two-fold. First, we're offering two $100 Asics shoe certificates: one to a random winner (the phrase just has to make some kind of sense), one to the writer of our fave phrase. Those will go out next week. The second part--yes, there's more--is if we print any of the slogans suggested, we'll give you three tees. One for you, two  for your BRBs (best running buddies). Hoping to get these puppies in circulation by mid-October at the latest.

To get you started, there's one concept integral to the RLAMer that we couldn't come up with a snazzy saying for: something along the lines of 5:30 a.m.: My happy hour starts. (The early morning runners probably get it, but happy hour could also involve a husband or some, ahem, facsimile of them.) But we wanted to somehow get in something about the crack of dawn and how that's often the best part of the day. So if you got ideas there, we're all ears. We also, as you might guess, love the word "tribe", but are not sure how to use it.

But don't focus just on that. What would a pregnant runner mom's shirt say? What would a first-time-5k'ers or -marathoners shirt say? What would your shirt say? It doesn't have to be a polished phrase; like any good brainstorming session, you can just mention concepts or words

Finally, before you answer, let us know where, exactly, you'd like to see this phrase located. Please answer the poll below. (I've got so much time on my hands, I even figured out how to embed one.) Then wow us with your witticisms, charm us with your cliches, and you may wind up with new shoes and a new slogan across your chest.

[polldaddy poll=3700872]

p.s. So much in your fridges. Thanks for all your yummy answers. (Given how often it was mentioned, I think it's time for me to buy stock in Greek yogurt.) The winner of the K-Swiss kit--top, shorts, shoes--is Rachel, whose blog is called perfectly imperfect--could we make a RLAM phrase out of that? Anyway, she writes:

so many half eaten leftovers… mostly from my kids. half a bowl of yogurt (whole milk vanilla), half a quesadilla, half a peanut butter sandwich (soaked through with raspberry jelly), half a ‘big girl cup’ of milk, half a big girl cup of grape juice (the other half is on her shirt & my family room floor), etc.

for me, the best thing that’s in my fridge is half a stick of real butter… i made the switch to real butter from congealed yogurty corn syrup concoction (better known as ‘spread’) about a year ago,and we are all so much happier with the yumminess that comes from that good stuff! i had a crispy, gooey grilled cheese sandwich (think real bread, real cheese, real butter) for lunch & i’m still so satisfied.

real food- that’s what is in my fridge.

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  1. I didn’t read through all 307 comments so I hope I am not duplicating someone else. But here goes…

    It is O dark :30
    Do you know where your sports bra is?


    O dark :30
    Run for your life!

    I run – therefore I am

    I run so I don’t kill my offspring.

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