Hump Day Giveaway: Rolling With It

Drooling. I want to run on that beach, on that trail, with that chunky babe.

Although my twins are only in kindergarten, our running stroller days seem like a lifetime ago. Maybe it’s because they were active kiddos, not tolerating being in the stroller for very long so we fazed it out before their second birthday. Let’s not forget the bickering, limbs pulled, toys thrown, blankets dropped.

But, seriously, what rises above the din is the feeling of pride I felt as I pushed my two babies as I ran. My pace was slower than it had ever been—due partly to the load, but more to the time off I’d taken due to the twin pregnancy—yet I was out there, getting the job done. I vividly remember one afternoon run on a surprisingly warm, early spring day. I chattered like a mama-monkey to my two little chimps, pointing out kitties, birds, other children, whatever caught my eye. Anything to keep them happily on board—and anything to keep me from focusing on how insanely winded I felt. About a mile from our house, we came upon a flowering daphne bush, its sweet perfume wafting in the air. My girl twin is named after the daphne bush in our backyard, so I had to stop and drink in the fragrance.

As we’ve all talked about our Facebook page and here, sometimes running releases feelings we didn’t even know we were feeling. I don’t know what opened the floodgates that day—the physical exertion, the bright sunshine, the flowers, or sharing it all with my boisterous babies—but tears of joy streaked down my flushed face.

The Terrain doesn't slow Kara down--even with pudge-o-rama Colt. (How cute is he?)

Never thought I’d admit it, but I’m a wee bit nostalgic about those hectic, heady—and heart-warming—days (and runs). But if you're in the thick of them, we're here to help you today with a badass and awesome running stroller: the Mountain Buggy Terrain, the stroller that the choice of none other than Kara Goucher, new mom to Colt.

Here's what's cool about the terrain: it's as accommodating as you wish you were. The front wheel locks for times you're fartleking, and unlocks for when you're just farting around. The comfy seat works for everybody from peanuts to 6-year-olds. There's plenty of storage space for your water bottle and your piglet's Cheerios, sippy cup, 10 Hot Wheels, 2 board books and 4 plastic dinosaurs. (And you wonder why you're winded on the flats...) The suspension system is worthy of a mountain bike--the line started in New Zealand, where the terrain is gnarly (said with a perfect accent, of course)—and you can push with one hand, no prob. Finally, the sun hood is generous on this $550 stroller. (Yes, I had to throw the price in there for emphasis: nothing but top-of-line for our RLAM-iversary week.)

All you have to do to win the Terrain--the best shower gift, by the way, if you're done with pushing in every form--is answer this question:
Who is your perfect running partner?
a) A happy (or, better yet, napping) baby
b) A girlfriend
c) Yourself
d) Somebody else. Fill in the blank:_______________________

So is it babe, BF, just you or somebody else? Let us know and you could be rolling in style soon!


P.S. Three winners of last week's crafty ladies giveaway! They are:

Tricia: "I wished I considered running a hobby, but quite frankly its a chore. I love how I feel after a good run but it takes effort to get out the door and take those first few steps. Maybe some new and cute duds would do the trick!!! I would consider my hobbies to be reading and scrapbooking."

Christy: "I too am in the “not so crafty club”…so running is definitely the answer when someone asks “what is your hobby?”. Although I guess I could also answer reading, although I am not sure I have read too many books for pleasure (other than RLAM of course) in the last 5 years….gotta stick with short and sweet with four monkeys hopping around!"

Sarah: "I was crafty in my former life – now, I still owe my mom crafty christmas presents from 09! My downtime is spent reading and trying to learn how to take better pictures with my DSLR."

Go to the small print for your instructions, then e-mail us at runmother at gmail dot com with your choices (and sizes for the undies). Congrats!

337 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Rolling With It

  1. It would have to be my girl in any combination. One, two or all three of them. We really enjoy going for a nice long walk or jog and it also helps to tire them out or get tired so we can have a good night sleep.

  2. My perfect running partner is my daughter. I love that she gets to see me doing something to get (and stay) fit. I like teaching her the importance of physical activity and being in the great outdoors. Sometimes she keeps up a steady jog next to me. Mostly she likes enjoying the ride.

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