Tell Me Tuesday: The Perfect Running Halloween Costume

Jody, a true Wonder Woman. "On race day, I was so discombobulated not having my normal running gear and focused on getting the outfit on correctly, I left the little beer chip in my bag," she says, "Found out later that that was also my timing chip!" Extra props for going strapless, WW.

Next to deciding between Kit Kats, Snickers and Reese's, the hardest decision around Halloween for a mother runner is what costume to wear for a running race. As usual, we've got you covered. Well, actually, your other mother runners have you covered. Our costumes, at the bottom of this post, are rather lame compared to what you creative ladies have come up with.

Just a few tips: think running comfort first. Even though you won't be gunning for a PR, you'll still sweat and get hot. A lion's suit isn't going to be super comfy. But ears, a tail and maybe some furry paws can get your roar across, and won't leave you whimpering. Accessories--hats, headbands, arm warmers, tails, socks, pom poms, a light saber--can portray a costume very well. (I feel Tim Gunn: "Use the accessory wall wisely.")

I'll be quiet now: let the show begin.

Gia and her pal, a.k.a. Cinderella and Belle. "She made the skirts with satin and tulle," says Gia, "Pointer: wear leggings between your legs and tulle. Tulle on skin contact while running gets ugly."


Katherine at a Warrior Dash: the Nordic family who runs together stays together. Extra points for getting hubs to buy in.


Jennifer, living it up for the Scary 5K. "Getting enough air is a challenge," she admits. Extra points for being so gutsy in show-everything suit.


Valerie as a batgirl, Sharla is Charlie Brown, Tara is a bumblebee (complete with wings) and, of course, a zombie Bob Marley thrown in for good measure. Extra points for: repurposing a bleach-stained yellow shirt for Ms. Brown.


A KISS revival: Chelese (Peter Criss); Debby (Paul Stanley); Lisa (Ace); Troy (Gene Simmons). "We even have Eric Carr (The Fox) after Peter Criss left the band in the back," says Chelese. Extra points for face paint and knowing the names of the KISS members.


Amy as Pippi Longstocking. "If you look closely, you can see my braids sticking out on either side of my head," she says. Extra points for daughter who has matching Pippi socks.


Holly and her pal as loofahs. Extra points for creative balloon bubbles and running with a bottle of soap in their hands.


Elise as Mini-Mouse. The dots on her skirt are those garage-sale stickers from Staples. Extra points for running at 28 weeks preggo.


Tinkerbell Kelly. Extra points for matching KT Tape.


Carrie as Snow White. Extra points for the spot-on princess white collar.

If you're looking for a play-by-play on how to make these princess--and other--costumes to hit the Disney races with, check out these helpful ideas from the ladies at Team Sparkle.

Cynthia and her crew. Extra points for the mascot dog, appropriately named Dash.


Kristin, looking batman sleek. Extra points for running just weeks after getting a cast off.


Jana, Yolanda, Steph: a tribe of badass Wonder Woman, and one wannabe. "We didn't know who the guy was, but he was happy to see more of his own kind," one says. Extra points for the cute socks--and for finding a guy with a bigger breastplate than any of them.


Carla, a busy motherbee. "I've been a runaway bride as well," she says, "Hard to come up with a costume that doesn't slow me down." Extra points for spreading running love to the worker bees.


Colleen (Batgirl) and her wonderful running partner. Their half-marathon was cancelled because of Hurricane Irene, "so we ran the Come On Irene 5k in costume instead," says Colleen. Extra points for making the best out of a frustrating situation.


Sarah and her rowing teammates, rowing through the Bay to Breakers back in the day. Extra points for the adult beverages. (Except where's Sarah's?)


My pal, Sylvia and I, a.k.a. Team Twelve Feet of Minnesota Nice, for a Muddy Buddy. Extra points for the wire-laced, purple and yellow braids I whipped up.

Now you tell us: what's the best Halloween costume you've seen at a running race? Or what tips do you have for a great--or not-so-great--costume? (Or, if you're so inclined, we'd love to see more on our Facebook page.)

23 responses to “Tell Me Tuesday: The Perfect Running Halloween Costume

  1. Ha!! That Greenman!! Love it.

    I tried to run as Dieter at an Oktoberfest race earlier this month and it was a minor fail. I just couldn’t stop laughing, so I didn’t look serious enough, and I actually didn’t want anyone to touch the monkey, which I had to smuggle out of the house in my purse because my son became randomly obsessed with it a few days before the race, after owning it and not caring even 1% about it for years.

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