Train Like a Mother: Charity Fundraising Ideas

You don't need to raid piggy banks with 2% body fat to meet your fund raising goals.

If you've run a race for charity, major props to you. Training and fundraising and tending to a family--a brief, neutral way of not going into all the chores we do not easy. But, as I'm sure anybody who has ever crossed a finish line in honor of somebody else could tell you, it's beyond fulfilling--and worth the extra time it takes to shake the trees for pennies. Here, some great ideas that we wish we had room to include in Train Like a Mother.

Take it From a Mother: What are your best fundraising ideas?

“I listed a bunch of my son’s outgrown toys and clothing on Craigslist, auction style, and told people that all the payments would be through so it would qualify as a charitable donation for them.” —Alisa (has improved her per-mile pace by 33%)

“I started a blog to show people what I am running for and how my training was going – and included a link to where they could donate.”
—Bev (ran the London Marathon to raise money for women’s literacy and clean water projects in Liberia)

“I offered to have businesses airbrush their logo on my shoulder for a race, but none of them agreed to sponsor me.  Thankfully, I raised a decent amount of money selling pink bracelets instead.”
—Christy (started fundraising after her mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer)

NephCure helped me set up a donation website, and I used email and Facebook to ask friends and family for donations.  I also sent in a picture and letter to our local newspapers and received some donations from people living in our town.”
—Erica (training for her first marathon coincided with her daughter’s chemotherapy treatment for kidney disease)

“I changed my email signature to ‘Please consider supporting me in the          , which raises money for          .  Check out my webpage at           .’”
—Julie (proudest running moment: running an 8K by her 11-year-old son’s side)

“I was able to raise my minimum by email solicitations to family and friends, but some other ideas: talk to a local restaurant to find out if they will donate 10% of a certain day’s proceeds; solicit small business sponsors and wear their logos on the back of your race shirt; car washes, dog washes, garage sales.”
—Danielle (ran the PDX Half Marathon for American Cancer Society. “I lost my dad and grandpa to cancer so, ACS was logical”)

“I just pimped it on Facebook constantly.”
—Suzanne (raised money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute)

“I rely on fundraising letters. I’ve been very successful with the letters and simply asking EVERYONE. Some of my teammates host wine tastings, dinner parties, casino nights at local bars or clubs. Also a pedicure outing.”
—Maggie (in her second season with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, “It’s all worth the hard work.”)

“Bunco games and yard sales always make lots of money.”
—Tina Mickelson (raises money every year for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer)

“I have a raffle in my classroom, but other than that…I just ask!”
—Kristine (coaches and runs with Girls on the Run, and also runs for a local school for Autistic children)

Now we're taking it to you mothers: What are your best fundraising ideas?

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