Hump Day Giveaway: Sometimes Say Never

Skateboarding; eating mussels; allowing any reptile to live under the same roof I do; participating in a Polar Dip; keeping up an intricate garden--or even a basic one, at that; "camping" in a snow cave; singing in public; staying up all night; reading Moby Dick; smoking anything; watching CSPAN for more time than it takes to push the remote; going to any hard rock concert where the band members have hair longer than I've ever had.

Those are, in case you haven't guessed, things I never have done--or never want to do again.

For a long time, I had barefoot running on that list. But barefooters, including some of you, rave about the experience and I get all drooly like a dog, thanks to videos like the beauty up above, and almost persuaded. Almost. I just can't see myself running barefoot--I've got too many other issues going on to go shoeless--but I can see myself going somewhere further towards the barefoot spectrum.

Further along the spectrum in a shoe like the Merrell Dash Glove, which comes in five springy colors. Because, you know, colors matter the most when choosing a running shoe.

Clocking in at a skin-like 5.8 ounces, Merrell's Dash Glove, a natural running shoe, gives you a feel for the road beneath you without going totally bare; there's a durable Vibram outsole and thin forefoot plate for protection between you and the pavement, tiny pebbles and other detritus that may annoy your soles. The zero-drop profile (translation: there's no slope from your heel to your forefoot) means your feet fall exactly as nature intended.

Even if you're not up for transitioning out of your regular shoes for your miles, the Dash Gloves, part of a whole new line of Merrell barefoot shoes for women, do a foot good when you wear them simply as your every day shoe (SBS wears them all day at race expos) or when you strength train (ditto: she sports them at boot camp). When the ligaments and tendons in your feet have to support you more significantly, they wake up and snap to attention, which will enhance your running, no matter what footwear you choose to wear--or not to wear.

We've got a pair of the Dash Gloves up for grabs today to a lucky another mother runner; in order to enter, you have to let us know in the comments below: what activity will you never do--either ever, or never again--in your life? 

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