Hump Day Giveaway: Brand New nuun All Day


On tap for today: nuun All day in the final stages of dissolving

Dimity and I are the first to admit that we have pretty cool jobs: We get to test all sorts of gear for magazine articles and this blog. We often get other athletes in on the action, such as the bra reviews Dimity writes for Runner's World and the shoe reviews I used to pen for SHAPE. For today's post, I corralled a bevy of  active folks to test a new product from nuun: a runner, a basketball player, a soccer player, and a cyclist. Also known as: Daphne, my almost-7-year-old daughter; John, Daphne's twin brother; 10-year-old Phoebe; and Phoebe's friend Anya. (Anya was a last-minute addition: I recruited her because she is an articulate, thoughtful gal who has a calming effect on the twins. Turns out she is a huge fan of nuun--score!)

Anya, Phoebe, John, and Daphne getting their first taste of All Day

We were testing nuun All Day, a new offering from the maker of our favorite electrolyte replacement tablets. Unlike nuun, which is designed for consumption before, during, and after exercise, All Day is meant to be consumed....take a guess....yes....all day! This brand-new product offers a lower dose of sodium and potassium than nuun; unlike nuun, has a bunch of all-natural vitamins in it. It gets its color from natural sources, and it is sweetened (lightly) with stevia. Dissolved in water, it comes in at less than eight calories.

Sounds good, right, but how does it taste? It's aimed at adults and kids (as an alternative to soda and juices), so Dimity had the bright idea to try it out on some kiddos. Thus the esteemed panel of judges gathered in my kitchen. Without any further ado, here are a smattering of their comments of the four flavors:
Grapefruit Orange (favorite of Anya and John)
"It smells like Tang." -John
"I like that it's a mixed flavor instead of just one like nuun is." -Anya
"I like that it's sour. It adds more taste to it." -John, before glugging it all down

Chug-a-lug (or, in the case of Daphne, furtively look at the camera)

Grape Raspberry (least favorite of all four kids)
"It smells really good. A thousand times like grape. It tastes pretty good." -John
"It tastes better than grape nuun because it's not solid grape flavor." -Anya
"Tastes like grape juice and liquid raspberry jam." -Phoebe
"It's pretty." -Daphne, referring to the tablet

Tangerine Lime (Phoebe's fave)
"Ooooooh, that smells so good. Woo-hoo!" -Daphne
"The lime taste is stronger than the tangerine." -Phoebe
"But the after-taste is tangerine." -Anya (who has a surprisingly sophisticated palate!)

Blueberry Pomegranate (Daphne's preferred flavor. She polished off 16 ounces after taste test!)
"It's not all fruity." -Phoebe
"Kindof sour." -John
"It doesn't taste like real blueberries." -Anya (again, an impressively discriminating kid)
"Oh, that smells really good!" -Daphne

We're hoping this has made you thirsty as four winners will get a Mixed 4 Pack of nuun All Day. To enter, please tell us in the comments below what flavor you loved as a kid. You name it: roasted marshmallows, mint chocolate chip ice cream, creamsicles, cotton candy, chicken soup, whatever.

My brood gives the new nuun offering a thumbs up

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States. It begins on 6/13/12 and ends on 6/19/12; the winner will be announced on 6/23/12. One entry per person. The value of each prize is $30. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

348 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Brand New nuun All Day

  1. I was a lover of Circus Peanuts…even though I still, to this day, have no idea what their actual “flavor” is supposed to be 🙂

  2. Black raspberry- in the form of ice cream from Friendly’s. Hoping to re-visit it when I get back to NY this summer.

  3. Thinking back, I remember my flavor of choice was always “bubblegum”. Bubble Yum, bubblicious, bubblegum ice cream, and of course bubblegum flavored polish at the dentist!

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