Tell Me Tuesday: How to Get Ripped Like a Mother

Here's a demonstration of the strength training routine--Get Ripped Like a Mother--from Train Like a Mother, narrated by booty-kicker and mother Ashleigh Kayser of Refinery Fitness in PortlandĀ and capably demonstrated by none other than Sarah Bowen Shea. Ten moves, done in about 20 minutes, leaving you feeling badass, strong and ready for any challenge!

34 responses to “Tell Me Tuesday: How to Get Ripped Like a Mother

  1. Loved the captions!!! Love Sarah for being a great sport!! Love you guys!!! The best – and I want a wall of power too!!!

  2. Just finished reading “Train Like a Mother.” It is great to see these exercises done in real life (I was all kinds of confused about those sailor sit-ups!). This looks like just the kind of quick, full body workout I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be trying these out tomorrow!

  3. A suggestion for your copious free time (ha!) — I just shared this video on FB, and it gave me 16 icons to choose from for the post…none of which was the logo or name of the book/site, just your sponsors and such. Not entirely sure where you could put such an icon to be grabbed, but it would help create some continuity for such postings.

  4. That was great! Thanks for the visuals! I just did this and it was challenging and fun. I’m sweaty now. I found my handstand Wall of Power in the room where my future treadmill will live. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  5. Loved the video, and Sarah, your rocked it! I did the entire workout minus the one-legged squats. As long as I don’t squat or lunge, my knee and I get along just fine. I substituted wall sits. Did the sailor situps just fine – I used to do them all the time and called them deck squats (don’t know who named them that). Hubby got a little tense when I climbed up the wall, but I reminded him who paints them (me) and he got the message. Just wait until I paint Wall of Power on it!!

  6. Rut row! I think I am in trouble for the “Ellen v Michelle” push up challenge at Zooma Cape Cod! Looking good SBS!!

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