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Tell Me Tuesday: How to Get Ripped Like a Mother

6th August 2012, By: dimity, Tags:

Here’s a demonstration of the strength training routine–Get Ripped Like a Mother–from Train Like a Mother, narrated by booty-kicker and mother Ashleigh Kayser of Refinery Fitness in Portland¬†and capably demonstrated by none other than Sarah Bowen Shea. Ten moves, done in about 20 minutes, leaving you feeling badass, strong and ready for any challenge!


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34 Responses to Tell Me Tuesday: How to Get Ripped Like a Mother

  1. Joan Santa Croce says:

    Loved the captions!!! Love Sarah for being a great sport!! Love you guys!!! The best – and I want a wall of power too!!!

  2. amyprry says:

    Great workout! I had to do knee push ups and crossfit situps but i did everything else!

  3. Beth says:

    Just finished reading “Train Like a Mother.” It is great to see these exercises done in real life (I was all kinds of confused about those sailor sit-ups!). This looks like just the kind of quick, full body workout I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be trying these out tomorrow!

  4. Holly U says:

    A suggestion for your copious free time (ha!) — I just shared this video on FB, and it gave me 16 icons to choose from for the post…none of which was the logo or name of the book/site, just your sponsors and such. Not entirely sure where you could put such an icon to be grabbed, but it would help create some continuity for such postings.

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  6. Katie M says:

    That was great! Thanks for the visuals! I just did this and it was challenging and fun. I’m sweaty now. I found my handstand Wall of Power in the room where my future treadmill will live. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  7. Amanda E. says:

    Thank you from all of us visual learners!

  8. Loved the video, and Sarah, your rocked it! I did the entire workout minus the one-legged squats. As long as I don’t squat or lunge, my knee and I get along just fine. I substituted wall sits. Did the sailor situps just fine – I used to do them all the time and called them deck squats (don’t know who named them that). Hubby got a little tense when I climbed up the wall, but I reminded him who paints them (me) and he got the message. Just wait until I paint Wall of Power on it!!

  9. Sarah L. says:

    The handstand and the sailor thing, not happening…
    I may try all the others tonight.

  10. I was in my office yelling for Sarah to hit that sailor sit up {clearly I am not working}. Thank you very much.
    Now I want to go home and paint Wall of Power on a wall. Any wall.
    Awesome video. BAMR, right there! ;)

  11. Karen says:

    I want a wall of power now!

  12. Carol Valdez says:

    That was AWESOME! Thanks so much!!!

  13. Erica Richards says:

    Rut row! I think I am in trouble for the “Ellen v Michelle” push up challenge at Zooma Cape Cod! Looking good SBS!!

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