Hump Day Giveaway: 5 (!!) Champion USA Sports Bras

Us, a bevy of Champion bras, and Dr. Sports Bra (aka LaJean Lawson, Ph.D.) (photo by Eryn Kesler Photography)

We've said it countless times: A supportive, well-engineered sports bra is arguably the most critical piece of equipment a mother runner needs. (Yes, even more important than a pair of running shoes.) That's why we *heart* Champion Sports Bras so much--and LaJean Lawson, the woman who engineers and oversees testing of Champions full line of sports support. To help you gals find the best bra for your gals, I asked LaJean for her five favorite Champion sports bras. Here are the bras, and what dear Dr. Lawson had to say about them.

The Champion Shape T-Back is almost cute enough to make me run w/o a shirt over it. Almost.

Timeless Favorites
1050 Shape T-Back
This pullover style "shows off your curves, yet offers support. It enhances your shape—B-cups gain half an inch, and it goes up from there." The boost-your-bust fabric, "offers shape while still wicking." Champion now serves up this racerback bra up in colors and a different print every season. "It's a classic like a Chanel jacket."
Best for: B- and C-cups

Bounteous beauty: the Shape Scoop-Back

6843 Shape Scoop
"With its adjustable rib band and straps, this underwire bra offers max support through D and high support for DD." With a padded, fully shaped inner bra, "the modesty factor is really high." This bra is "refreshed with color."
Best for: C, D, and DD runners

The Smoothie: so sleek, stylish, and supportive

New Favorites
The Smoothie

"The level of support for the amount of bra—it’s very lightweight—is phenomenal. It gets its form-flattering look with sleek, lightweight fabric." This lightly enhanced bra has "little shaping sides, inner cups, that allow it give support without underwires." With its adjustable back straps, "let’s you have it your way.
Best for: B-D cups

Spot-on comfort (and a color pop) in the Spot Comfort Full-Support

1602 Spot-Comfort Full Support
This beauty "goes up through 42DDD, really pushing out the size range for comfortable support." It's made from a lightweight fabric, with comfort gel straps on the shoulders. "It's such a body-friendly fabrication for longer runs."
Best for: C-DDD

Upcoming Favorite to Watch for
1666 The Show-Off
"This bra just blew me away by how supportive it is: It's tested up to D, even though it's sized S-XL. It offers high support in all sizes. It's a racerback, pullover style with adjustable ribs and straps." With flower-shaped, "concealing technology, it's absolutely smooth. Plus, it'll come in really hot colors--flamingo pink, neon coral, paradise blue." Look for it on in early February.
Best for: A-D gals

For today's Hump Day giveaway, five lucky gals will win their choice of one of these Champion bras. To enter, click on the orange ribbon below that says Comments (if you are reading this as an email, go to our site to enter), and tell us: What's your favorite recent run? It could be a route so scenic it made you forget your tight IT band; a basement-treadmill workout that provided you with 30 sanity-saving minutes of solitude; or a jaunt with a friend which gave your abs a workout from laughing. Give us a quick hit description of a stand-out recent run for your chance to win a stand-out sports bra. 

626 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: 5 (!!) Champion USA Sports Bras

  1. Last weekend, I ran 9 miles my longest in months and felt awsome afterwards. Previously, anything over 7miles, I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach afterwards..So encouraging while aiming to run a half someday, Cant wait to keep pushing my limit…

  2. My last Saturday morning run. There’s something glorious and rewarding about sneaking out of the house early on a weekend morning, going for a run as the sun is rising, and then coming back home to my family, knowing I can have a good weekend with that under my belt!

  3. I went to a wedding in North Carolina and decided to go on a run on a trail. It was beautiful!!! The leaves were changing colors and there was a nice creek that I ran by…much prettier than my normal views in Orlando

  4. My most favorite recent run was at the Turkey Day 5K on Thanksgiving morning. My 8 year old daughter, Katherine, ran her first race with me. For so many reasons, I will never, ever forget that morning!

  5. My favorite recent run was a Yurbuds party a friend hosted – it was supposed to rain (the weekend Sandy hit) but, we got out there & done before the rain started. It was my longest run ever (8 miles) and it was so easy and fun running with a great group of women. Plus, we all got awesome Yurbuds gifts! Thanks, Susan & Yurbuds!

  6. My favorite recent run was this past Sunday, coming off a stomach virus that sidelined me for a week. Running, and feeling healthy, alive, and just all-around great, was nothing short of fabulous.

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