Special Contest: The Search for Clever New Running Phrase

A bunch of gorgeous gals (and me, on left) at fun T-shirt photo shoot this summer.

Hard to believe now, but us selling T-shirts started out simply as a way to get people to visit our booth at race expos. Dimity wisely realized that no one would approach a table staffed by two Amazons decked out in running skirts with a lonely stack of bright yellow books in front of them. I half-joke our tees are catnip to lure mother runners to our table so they'll buy our book. (Tee-hee: It works!) Just as our yellow book spawned an orange tome, a few tees have blossomed into an entire collection, all with witty, clever  phrases on them. (My, aren't I modest?!) As we often spout at expos: The words on the shirts reflect the attitude and sentiment in our books.

One of two variations of our "I run things." tee

Our two most recent additions to our line--"I run things." and "It's all good. I ran today."--have been super-popular. But already we're looking for the next big thing: We hope to debut a new shirt (or two) in time for the Disney Princess half-marathon in February. That's where you come into this picture: We want T-shirt slogan suggestions from you ladies. One of our perennial favorites that reads, "Are my kids still chasing me?" was dreamed up by Amanda, a mother runner of two in Denver.

So put on your clever-creative hat, and come up with a pithy, witty, sassy words or phrase that gets the tribe-vibe across, that  speaks to the sanity-saving side of running, that fires you up to head out the door, that makes people cheer for you in races, that gives a good laugh. (For example, our signature phrase is, "badass mother runner.") Then write your suggestion(s) in the comments section (click on orange ribbon below post on our site). The three women who come up with the best, most original slogans will each win a T-shirt of their choice from our online storeIf we end up making tees or tanks with one (or two) of those phrases on it, the slogan-writer will get two of the tops once they are produced. (One for the wordsmith, and one for her running buddy.)

Sweet Audrey showing her badass side in our BAMR tank.

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And we hope to be inundated with sassy slogans. Feel free to submit as many original, clever phrases as you come up with. We'll announce the top three on Saturday, December 8. Get crackin'!

We love the double entendre on this bright tee.


380 responses to “Special Contest: The Search for Clever New Running Phrase

  1. fairygod runner
    training pants (if you ever decided to print on shorts)
    life is a run, run it
    run by my kids
    happily running after
    sleep tomorrow, run today
    when one door closes, run!
    barely awake!
    fairy trail
    never put off until tomorrow what you could run today
    choose running

  2. time out
    run it out
    run while the baby is sleeping
    sweat, a mom’s best friend
    mom’s glass slippers (image of running shoes)

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