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Lindsey and her friend James running the Monumental Marathon in 2011. "He is a graduate of Back on My Feet where I work," Lindsey says. "I ran his first marathon with him. Truly a rewarding experience. I was also six weeks pregnant."

Stroller running mama extraordinaire Lindsey Hein (she’s logged a 20-mile training run while pushing son Marshall!) is training to run a 3:15 marathon this spring, the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Va. One of her training tactics? Two weeks in, run 26.2 with negative splits, which she did last weekend—she crossed the finish line with a time of 3:29:21 at the Rehoboth Beach Marathon. Lindsey and husband Glenn, of Indianapolis, Ind., ran their first marathon together just before their 2008 wedding. After their third marathon, the couple began writing about their miles together.

Best recent run: Probably the 10 mile run Glenn and I did on Thanksgiving. We used to run together a lot more—before he decided to get way faster than me—so now when we get a longish run in together, it’s a treat, like old times. We ran at a nice pace and enjoyed conversation while my sister-in-law entertained Marshall.

Lindsey with her son Marshall and their dog Cadence after a recent 8-mile run in the cold.

Training (and blogging) partners: Glenn and I signed up and trained for our first marathon thinking it would be the first and only. The original goal was to break four hours. The night before the race I decided to try to qualify for Boston. It seemed ambitious, but I’d recently run a decent half marathon that predicted I should be able to. I qualified and I knew I had to sign up. The next fall, we signed up for marathon No. 3, totally untrained and that’s when I decided we needed to start writing about our adventures. We don’t train together as much anymore as our paces are now much different, but we still have similar goals.

26.2 X 2: Last week I began training for the Shamrock Marathon in March. Two weeks in, I ran the Rehoboth Marathon, and this is why: 1.) My sister (also marathon obsessed) practically begged me to run it with her. 2.) To build confidence. I’ve never run a negative split and wanted to learn to control myself in the first half of a race and have confidence that if I do that, I will be able to finish strong. 3.) I love running marathons where there is no pressure to PR. One of my favorite races was Flying Pig; I had no goal in mind and just enjoyed it, finishing feeling as though I could just keep running. That’s a good feeling.

Glenn, Marshall and Lindsey on Thanksgiving.

Mother Runner: TIME is everything. I have been trying to force myself to realize the 5 a.m. runs make most sense for balancing everything—spending quality time with Marshall, getting work done while still having a social life. I work for the nonprofit, Back on My Feet, an organization that uses running to build self-sufficiency within the homeless population. My job is really special to me; I really believe in the healing power of running. I went back to work in September when Marshall was three months and have been fortunate enough to work from home quite a bit but am still learning to balance everything with baby, work and running. I have also become very good friends with the stroller run.

Post-baby running: I ran throughout my entire pregnancy. Post baby, once cleared to run, I celebrated with a hot, sweaty, heart rate over 140, glorious three mile run. My biggest pieces of advice would be to make exercise a priority throughout your pregnancy and embrace the stroller run. I did one 20-miler training for my first post-baby marathon and I did it with the stroller. Was it hard? Yes. But it made me feel strong. I’ve also done some tempo runs with it. It’s hard and awkward at first, but it gets easier. And let’s be honest, it’s really fun to be the girl passing dudes on the trail while pushing a stroller.

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