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Hump Day Giveaway: Relax Reflect Reflective Apparel

8th January 2013, By: SBS,
Assume that drivers can't see you, no matter how many carrots they eat. (And we don't really belief that myth we tell our kids!)

Assume that drivers can’t see you, no matter how many carrots they eat. (And we don’t really belief that myth we tell our kids!)

The other day on Facebook, mother runner Cyndie reminded her active pals about the importance of making themselves visible when exercising outdoors in the dark. She told a tale that had happened that evening to her, an avid runner training for a marathon. Behind the wheel of her car, Cyndie was at a stop sign, and she carefully looked both ways–twice, I recall she wrote. Things looked all clear. Yet as she started to drive forward, two runners clothed entirely in black ran in front of her car. They weren’t carrying any lights or wearing any reflective gear, and she nearly plowed into them. Thanks to her quick reflexes, she stopped in time, but it left her shaken. Cyndie just shook her head, thinking if she–a runner–had missed seeing the stealth runners, then they didn’t stand a chance against inactive or inattentive drivers.

Star light, star bright, first runner I see tonight.

Star light, star bright, first runner I see tonight.

The moral of Cyndie’s story is as clear as a cloudless sky: When you are running outdoors in the dark or low light (which, in Oregon where Cyndie and I both live, might mean noon on an overcast winter day!), you need to assume drivers won’t see you. You need to take extra steps to be seen and stay safe.

Like wearing RelaxReflect apparel. RelaxReflect was founded a few years ago by a professional triathlete, Espen Kateraas, and his wife, Jean, who decided reflective apparel doesn’t need to make the wearer look like a 1970s crossing guard. Jean designs the garments’ bold graphics, including interlocking circles and tribal designs, which the company dubs, “edgy visibility.” Perhaps our faves: leggings that scream, “BADASS,” down each leg in vivid, see-me reflective letters.

This shrug is so gorgeous, we know the winner will wear it in broad daylight!

This shrug is so gorgeous, we know the winner will wear it in broad daylight!

For today’s giveaway, RelaxReflect has generously given us an outfit to ensure one of you ladies won’t be an invisible runner this winter. Starting from the bottom up: Winner’s choice of either the Giant Star Leggings or Giant Star Skort, paired with either a 13.1 Half-Marathon Tee or 26.2 Marathon Tee (we love the idea of your goal distance being broadcast to passing cars!). Finally, to make the outfit complete–and so insanely cute–a Giant Star Shrug. This unique topper is perfect on mornings (or evenings) when there’s a nip in the air. Once you get warmed up and want to tie the  top around your waist, though, you don’t have excess fabric flapping around your waist. (I have a running shrug from another company, and it’s by far the chic-est item in my running repertoire.) All these pieces are made from sweat-wicking materials, ensuring you stay dry while staying safe. They’re all available in black, white, hot pink, or grey, and in sizes XS-XL: RelaxReflect is definitely looking out for all runners.

To enter to win, go to the Comments section on of this post (on our website) and tell us: What do you do to stay safe during the dark running days (and nights) of winter? It can be wearing reflective gear, a headlamp, flashing lights, or staying indoors on the treadmill. Tell us what you do to be seen.  

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States AND Canada (!). It begins on 1/9/13 and ends on 1/15/13; the winner will be announced on 1/19/12. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $192-$198. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.

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1,050 Responses to Hump Day Giveaway: Relax Reflect Reflective Apparel

  1. Lori G says:

    From the top: a baseball hat that has a little light on the brim, I look down or away so on coming cars won’t be blinded. I also clip a red light to the back so I’m visible coming and going. I wear a reflective jacket, running pants that have a reflective stripe down the sides, and of course my running shoes (with my Road-Id). It sounds a little over the top, but I would rather come home each morning in one piece. :o)P.S. I just bought a running shrug this weekend but it’s not a cool as this one. I wish I saw this first! I love them!

  2. Nicole L. says:

    I run on a treadmill or, when that sounds horribly boring, I wear a reflective vest to run outdoors.

  3. Happi Shopr says:

    I use a jacket and shoes with reflective strips

  4. Deby says:

    Mostly in the winter I stick to the treadmill. I’m in MN and it’s hard for me to breathe in the cold. If it’s a particularly warm day, like in the upper 20s maybe I’ll go outside. But I prefer to do it during the day and not at night.

  5. Kristen A. says:

    Lovely orange over-lay reflector vest. Sometimes I attach a small “flasher” strobe on my back. It’s nice to run when there’s snow on the ground because it actually brightens up the dark morning.

  6. tory says:

    I usually assume people don’t see me even in the daylight, just to be safe. Most of the time I avoid running in the dark, but in winter that’s difficult. I have a headlight that clips onto my hat and a flashing red light I can clip somewhere else. I’m thinking maybe I need knuckle lights, but this gear would be great too!

  7. I almost always run in the dark of, in my case, early morning. I very rarely am out in daylight so staying visible is critical. My main item that I always wear is an Amphipod “Xinglet” which is kind of like a reflective jacket without the jacket…straps that cross in front and back and are highly reflective. I also make sure everything I wear from head to toe also has reflective striping of some kind. Finally, but not least important, is I absolutely ALWAYS run in well-lit neighborhoods. No, or poor, lighting? Find a different route.

    But as careful as I am, I would still LOVE to win this prize!! I had no idea anyone was creating stylish AND safe gear like this!

  8. SusanL says:

    First of all Cyndie’s story was an eye opener. Runners running in black at night and people driving at night are not a good match.

    I would like to win the Relax Reflect Reflective leggings so that the people driving would say “Hey did you see that Shooting Star cross the road?”

  9. SusanL says:

    First of all Cyndie’s story was an eye opener. Runners running in black at night an people driving are not a good match.
    I would like to win the Relax Reflect Reflective leggings so that the people driving would say “Hey did you see that Shooting Star cross the road?”

  10. Steel Springs says:

    I wear bright clothing and try to stay aware, but I don’t do enough.

  11. Kelly says:

    I used a headlamp and wear an Amphipod reflective straps. I also try to pick well light neighborhoods even if it means looping the same neighborhoods gazillions times to get my miles in :). When I cross the streets, I made sure to point my headlamp at the cars so that they see me!

  12. I wear a Brooks running jacket that is 10x brighter than the cover of Run Like a Mother.

  13. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    my girlfriend uses a headlamp. I have just started but don’t go out at night yet.

  14. Freedom Green says:

    1st great reminder to stay safe. I don’t run much on the roads. If I do I stay on the sidewalk. Most of my runs are done on the trail . Ok, so I don’t really wear anything to light me up. Bad. Mom! I think my shoes have some & I know my fuel belt does too. Soooo…. I guess it’s time to save for a little safety for mom .

  15. Alexa says:

    Living in a non-runner friendly area, I DON’T run in the dark unless I am ONLY going for a quick 1-2 mi through town and I can run over the same lighted streets over and over. That isn’t really very interesting for me, so I make peace with the tread when I need to do early morning or late eve. runs.

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