Hump Day Giveaway: Witty, Flattering AMR Shirts + Tanks

This is what you feel like in an AMR shirt:  Brilliant in a black-and-white world.
This is what you feel like in an AMR shirt: Brilliant in a black-and-white world.

Toot, toot: that's the sound of us tooting our horns because we can't get enough of our newest shirts in our store. And, actually, we should only to to--that's half a toot, in case you couldn't tell--because we didn't come up with any of the newest perfecto sayings that epitomize the spirit of mother runners.

So here's the ot ot for Samantha and Erin, who came up with two of these tee slogans. And Samantha gets another full toot toot since her six-word sentence--I am stronger than I thought--not only netted her a NordicTrack Treadmill, but will be preserved forever on mother runner chests around the country.

Without further ado, here are the three newest additions to our store: Lavon-in-Something-nice-to-say

If you don't have anything nice to say, go for a run. Wanted you to note that we've tweaked our logo a bit for this shirt, and have just a single mother shoe and a sole  kiddo shoe so it represents all flavors of families.



Someday my PR will come. This beauty, a wicking tank, is perfect for all Disney Runs, as well any other run where you have swift aspirations.

And bonus deal on this baby: Normally $35, this pinky-PR-la-rou is marked down to a mere $22 for just five days, through Sunday, January 20. (Which, ahem, happens to be the day of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon; if you'd like to be pink for Tink and order today, Wednesday, we can Priority Mail it to you, no extra shipping charge. Just email us after you've placed your order and tell us to push on the priority gas for this tank.)

Literally fresh off the press: Runner Ashley works for our T-shirt printer!
Literally fresh off the press: Runner Ashley works for our T-shirt printer!

And finally, I am stronger than I thought. So fresh, this photo is of the first tee off the production line. It's the same awesomely soft and universally flattering Bella tee that we use in I run things. and It's all good. I ran today. and the emerald green pictured above. Sarah is picking them up late this afternoon; in the meantime, you can grab it here juuuuust in case Or at least in your mailbox within a few days.

So this sounds like a sales pitch, which wasn't my intention. We actually are giving away five AMR tees today; five winners get to pick one of the three styles above. In order do be entered, we just need a simple answer from you in the comments below: What kind of running-centric shirts are your faves?

Would you prefer we focus on lifestyle tees? Tech tanks? Long-sleeve tech shirts? Short-sleeve tech shirts? Feel free to mention more than one style, and any other products you'd like to see us consider. Our current storeroom, in Sarah's finished basement, is getting pretty tightly packed, but I'm sure her daughter Phoebe won't mind if we take over her bedroom, too. Right, Phoebs?

805 responses to “Hump Day Giveaway: Witty, Flattering AMR Shirts + Tanks

  1. all kinds of tech tops, pls/thx! like scoop or V-neck on both short and long sleeved as well as long sleeves w/holes and glove alternative feature.

  2. Either long sleeved or tanks in a tech fabric. But I would also prefer that it’s not super tight. I hate the recent trend for super fitted shirts. I don’t love my body that much…yet.

  3. My faves are long sleeve tees with thumb holes, preferably with a solid color body and vivid cool patterns on the sleeves, and I like regular rounded necks, not V’s. Cheers!

  4. I vote for long sleeves with thumbholes during the winter (and those little flaps that pull over your hands to make mittens, so you don’t have to bring running gloves) and then scoop neck tanks for warmer weather. V-tanks never quite fit right for some reason …

  5. I love all shirts but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the lifestyle shirts so i can still feel like a runner while running errands etc….

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