Tell Me Tuesday: 10 or So Commandments of Running

I don't know who said this, but I agree 100%.
I don't know who said this, but Amen.
  1. Like getting married, having a kid, or changing a job, there is no perfect time to start running—or to even just go for a run. The sports bra doesn’t hook itself, the shoes don’t walk themselves to you, the door doesn’t magically open to let you know that this.exact.moment is the perfect time to go.

    If you're looking for a sign, here she is. Now go.
  2. There is an important difference between good enough and good. Make the former your baseline goal for every outing, and enjoy the good—and delicious—runs when they decide to grace you with their magical powers.
  3. Running is never easy. But it definitely gets easier.89994620061
  4. There is very deep, direct relationship between how many excuses you’re making not to run and how much you truly need to simply just go.
  5. Similarly, there is a very deep, direct relationship between how much you're dreading a tough, can-I-hack-it? workout and the elation you feel after not just hacking it, but slaying that thing.
  6. Run a distance that feels exciting and right for you; you're a runner whether your normal run is 2 miles or 12. If the marathon seems like a big drag, the training will be one on your body and mind.
  7. There will always be another race to enter, but you will only have one body with which to run. Do your best to not be short-sighted.
  8. Thank your body, your mind, your mojo as you line up at every starting line and cross every finish line, regardless of how the race went. Whether it’s your first race or your fiftieth, put good running karma in the world by acknowledging that you get to do something many people, whether they’re sick, injured, or simply not in an accommodating life position, will never do.
  9. Nobody cares about your finishing times but you.
  10. Helping a friend cross her first finish line at a new-to-her distance will always trump crossing the finish line of familiar-to-you distance, no matter what the time on the clock reads.
  11. The exhausted patina that accompanies an early morning run is actually the perfect tool to help you cope with the annoying, minor afternoon hiccups thrown at you from kids, work, life. You simply don't have the energy to care.

    Love, love, love. Did I mention I LOVE this?
    Love, love, love. Did I mention I LOVE this?
  12. More than any other sport, running has the ability to truly change your life. You can run away from depression, bad relationships, negative body images, frustration, anger and anything else that gets filed in the "con" column. You can run towards confidence, happiness, peace, patience, strength, contentment and optimism. All at a pace that makes sense for you.

 What commandments do you have?  

36 responses to “Tell Me Tuesday: 10 or So Commandments of Running

  1. I love these! I’m printing out and posting the note from Running assuring me she won’t kill me. As a science teacher, numbers 4 and 5 are bothering me a bit, though. The MORE excuses you make, the MORE you need to run, yes? And, the MORE you are dreading a run, the MORE elation you will feel when you get it done, right? Those are not inverse relationships, but DIRECT relationships. You know, just to be scientifically accurate and give your commandments maximum impact. Love you ladies.

  2. Love this!

    #12 is probably my number one reason for running; it helps to keep at bay the negative thoughts, body image issues, and depression/anxiety that can creep into my life.

  3. I love this so much. I immediately forwarded it to my friend that has just started running. Thought of her “This is the day” and “You are not going to die”. Running is so tough sometimes, especially when you first start, or are coming back from an injury. This is a good reminder for all of us of some basic running “rules” and guidelines. Thanks for posting this!

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