10 Ways to Support Boston

Since mid-afternoon Monday, our minds and hearts have been focused on the events that horrifically unfolded on Boylston Street, then radiated out from there. We have wanted to reach out across the miles and console the marathon runners, the spectators, the families, the race officials, the first responders, the medical personnel--and all of the women in this community. And we know all of you feel the same way. Here are 10 ways you can show your love and support.

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1. Buy our limited edition Boston Marathon heart run shirt, a super-smart suggestion by Paige on our Facebook page. We will donate all profits to The One Fund Boston, a charity dedicated to all the victims. Sarah is going to the printer later today to tweak the colors; we realize they're not exactly perfect Boston colors right now. You can order them here until April 26, and we will ship them as soon as possible (around May 6).


2. Download the United We Run bib from Run Junkees. And join them on their United We Run Facebook page, which is, in their words, "a virtual run event, which means you can run (or walk) any distance, anywhere and at anytime. It is intended to both honor the victims as well as display an act of unity and solidarity in the running community."

3. Join the Run 26.2 for Boston Facebook page, where they ask that you run 26.2 miles over the course of weeks, days, or months.

4. Commit 26.2 acts of kindness in the running community--or world. Two places to start: donating your old kicks to a charity like Soleful Suitcases and sending any unwanted medals to medals4mettle. Volunteer at a race, wave to your fellow runners, say prayers of gratitude before, during, or after your run.

5. Donate blood. According to Runner's World, the Boston area hospitals have enough blood, but your red goodness is needed everywhere in this nation.


6. Go all Wonder Woman with your support. Katie, a mother runner, is donating 20% of profits to Red Cross responders from these special arm warmers.

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7. Take on a Run For Boston 5K in Chicago; or a Virtual 5K via NYCRuns; or Run in Support of the Boston Marathon Victims.  Better yet, grab your kiddos and run on May 15 in the emPOWERed Kids Run, a 26.2-minute run.


8. Donate via a posse of super mamas in Raleigh; donate via Technology Underwrites the Greater Good; donate to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which is going to help those victims who lost their limbs; or buy this all-proceeds-are-donated cute tee put out by Moms Run This Town.


9. Give directly to the Richard Family, who lost lovely 8-year-old Martin, and have two family members also severely affected. Make checks out to the Richard Family Fund and mail to: Richard Family, Meetinghouse Bank, 2250 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, MA 02124. (Information provided by Boston mother runner Rhonda who has connections to the Richard family.)

10. Run

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