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Five Winners of Saucony Sports Bras

5th July 2013, By: SBS,

From this thread on Facebook, it looks like a few of you took the plunge and ran shirt-free this week. Well donerunning shirt-free on FB

Here are five gals who will be running in a Saucony sports bra–such as a Curve Crusader, Athlete Avenger, or Diva Believa–whether solo or with a tee on top.

Family of five: The, ahem, well-rounded collection of sports bras from Saucony.

Family of five: The, ahem, well-rounded collection of sports bras from Saucony.

 Mary Jo Rosso: “I’ve taken my shirt off during some summer runs, but only in the forest preserve. Once I’ve reinterred civilization, the shirts gone back on. This was a huge step for me!”

Danielle Flanagan: “I definitly should not due to my postpartum cottage cheese belly but its getting hotter by the day and Im training for my first marathon. I know the long runs will get longer and well what happens during team in training runs will hopefully stay at team in training runs :)”

Tracy: “I am what you call a ‘head sweater.’ I am always wiping my brow on my shoulder or shirt sleeve, so I have not attempted to run sans shirt. I may try it someday or maybe on a shorter run – I think I owe it to myself to experience this liberating feeling.”

Charlene: “Last weekend, I ALMOST went for it for the 1st time since I was in college when I was tricked by the 48 degree temperature at the start of the run and was about to die in my long sleeves by the end of the run BUT, I didn’t want to blind anyone with my glaringly white belly. I’ve been applying self-tanner to the belly since then and might just be brave enough on an early morning run this week! A cute new sports bra would definitely help my confidence!”

Jess: “I used to dare to bare…two babies and c-sections later, its something I’ve just again started to contemplate. After reading the comments from the Tribe, I’m ready to show off my stretch marks with pride!”

Dimity was--and wore--a Curve Crusader during the  run portion of Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

Dimity was–and wore–a Curve Crusader during the run portion of Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

Mary Jo, Danielle, Tracy, Charlene, and Jess: Please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com, telling us your first and last name, mailing address, bra size (e.g. 36C, not just “Small” or “Large”), as well as your preferred Saucony bra. Enjoy your weekend: Sorry we can’t give all 1,391 of you who entered a new Saucony bra.

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One Response to Five Winners of Saucony Sports Bras

  1. Sadye says:

    Tracy, as a fellow “head sweater,” I definitely empathize!

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