Hump Day Giveaway: Pair of Saucony Ride 6

Saucony running shoes are far more comfortable--not to mention practical--than glass slippers.
Saucony running shoes are far more comfortable--not to mention practical--than glass slippers.

My first experience buying a pair of running shoes is a modern-day Cinderella story. In my version of the fairy tale, I was a junior in college and Prince Charming was my long-time high school crush named Tom. The "castle" was a running specialty store in Greenwich, Connecticut--and the proverbial glass slipper was a pair of Saucony running shoes. I was enchanted by Tom (read: crushed hard on him) from the moment I cast eyes on him in French I class, me a lowly freshman and him a dashing, square-jawed junior. We bonded over irregular French verbs and a mutual admiration of Bruce Springsteen. I watched him sprint across the soccer field, and pole vault at the track. My love was unrequited, but we parted as friends at his graduation.

Fast forward five years. I had discovered running via my college rowing team, and I knew it was time to find a pair of high-quality shoes that worked for my foot type. Enough with discount sneaks from the Caldor, the local precursor to Target. A blast of cold, air-conditioned hit me in the face as I opened the door to the running specialty store; my knees buckled slightly when I spied Tom against the backdrop of grass green, canary yellow, and ocean blue shoes. We played catch-up while he measured my feet (at last, Tom was touching me...well, okay, my stockinged feet) and brought out several pairs of shoes. The shoes that cradled my foot in comfort, and provided my 5' 11" frame with impact-dampening cushioning that felt cloud-like after the cheap bricks I'd be hoofing it in, were a pair of Sauconys.

My first pair of Saucony shoes didn't look nearly this bada$$.
My first pair of Saucony shoes didn't look nearly this bada$$.

Those shoes carried me comfortably across many challenging miles, including my first runs on the West Coast when I spent the following semester at a women's college in the Bay Area. The cushioning gave me an extra bounce in my stride, augmented by the fact that my Prince Charming had slipped them on my feet. Ever since, Saucony shoes have held a special place in my heart.

Now one lucky mother runner can feel like she stepped out of a fairy tale: We're giving away a pair of Saucony Ride 6s. An update of the well-loved Ride 5, the Ride 6 offers some of the plushest forefoot cushioning, according to a recent Runner's World shoe guide. This shoe is best suited to neutral runners, gals with feet that don't roll in too much after impact. (I swear by its stability sister, the Guide 6.) Like all Saucony shoes, the fit is ideal for a woman's foot, with a wide toebox and comfortably snug heel.

To enter to win a pair of Saucony Ride 6, entertain us with an anecdote about your first crush. (It's sticky summertime--we need a diversion!) Did you wait at the bus stop every school day, trying not to stare at the green-eyed jock? Did you hope the other oboe player would ask to borrow your spare reed in band practice? Did you share a glance amidst the college library stacks? We don't need names or too many details--just a snippet or two about a heart-quickening crush to be entered to win a pair of cush Saucony Ride 6. (If you're reading this post in an email, you need to go to our website and click on Comments ribbon under the post to enter.)

Pucker up: the Saucony Ride 6 in Citron
Pucker up: the Saucony Ride 6 in Citron

[Some fine print for this fine prize.] This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States and Canada. It begins on 7/24/13 and ends on 7/30/13; the winner will be announced on 8/3/13. One entry per person. The value of the prize is $110. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Void where prohibited by law.  



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  1. I blog frequently and I genuinely appreciate your information. This great article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new details about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed too.|

  2. My first crush was Tommy! He was a trolley boy from Asdas, hence the nickname, Tommy the Trolley Bou, that my dad gave him! I was a checkout girl and we shared our breaks together amd our love of heavy metal!! Everyone thought we were a bit ‘weird’, but we didnt care cos we were in love! Lasted a whole six momths lol!x

  3. My first crush…was my trombone!! I know that sounds creepy, but in 5th grade my trombone was the love of my life!! I was a weird girl without a lot of friends and finding music was everything to me!! Through music, I found myself, I found direction for my life and I eventually made some life long friends. So it’s not super gushy, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I read the giveaway requirements!!

  4. What a great question! This takes me back to first grade! My 1st crush was a boy named Cullen who would serenade me at recess with his air guitar skills. We would meet on the lower area of the playground, well out of the monitors’ surveillance range. He styled himself after Paul Stanley from KISS, though he played without the makeup…what’s not to love about that? Be still, my beating heart!

  5. My first crush was on Michael Jackson. I had his poster in my room and received a Michael Jackson doll for Christmas. I had a crush on him for years – until I hit high school and then moved on to any of the boy actors in the magazines.

  6. A cute boy moved in down the street. I walked our family dog a lot that summer so I could stroll past his house and catch a glimpse of him riding his bike in his driveway:)

  7. As is typical, he was the cool kid who had moved to our very small town in junior high. I affected a punk/ultra cool attitude in order to woo him, but to no avail. We were great friends, but ultimately, I think he saw through the charade. (I didn’t really want to overturn the government after all…..). I still have some of the journals/notebooks where I scrawled his name over and over. Sigh.

  8. He had a George Clooney smile (probably about the same age), mischievous look in his eyes, and an easy laugh. We chased each other all year (around the playground), but I never caught him. Fifth grade he was a crush, now just a curiosity. I ended up marrying a man with a great smile, mischievous eyes, a runner who only wears Saucony shoes, and we are getting ready to celebrate our 20th!

  9. Sophmore year of HS had a crush on one of the drummers in the school marching band. Icey-blue eyes, tall, confident, cool…..I would stare from afare, practice writing his name and mine together, and would turn into a complete mute whenever he was anywhere near me! Long story short I NEVER spoke a word to that handsome boy! Simply oggeled him from afare, drowning in my own shyness and day-dreamed my sophmore year away!

  10. 5th grade through senior year really. He had perfectly blond feathered hair, gold rimmed reading glasses, perfect handwriting. He was always the smartest and best athlete in class. Crush grew into general admiration over the years. We were never more then friends… Still go for smarts and athleticism with some cute thrown in! Married one of those. 🙂

  11. My first head over heels crush was my HS sophomore year government class. He was the boy with THE NICEST butt!! :-). I chased him until he relented. We’ve been married now 15 years!! (Together 23!). P.s. he still has a nice butt! 😉

  12. In 6th grade I had a crush on the “bad boy” in class. It never went anywhere, and I’m really glad… Turns out he was actually a bad boy- I just found out he’s in jail!

  13. My first crush was a dark haired, rebel who was too cool for school. I was a quiet nerd that wore pearls and liked to stuff. He had my heart after we spent entire summer together at summer camp. When we came back from school, he acted like he didn’t know me and it nearly broke me heart. By the end of the school year, after numerous exchanges of both looks and conversations, my feelings were finally received and reciprocated. He ended up playing the Danny to my Sandy in a production of Grease and we shared our first kiss on stage, and continued our romance after the production. 🙂

  14. In junior high I had a huge crush on my best friends older brothers friend (3 years older than me). I stalked him for years! Fast forward to now and I’ve been married to him for 11 years and we have 2 beautiful children.

  15. My first crush was in third grade and I remember it well! I just watched from a distance and maintained friendship status. Too scary when you’re 7 or 8!

  16. He wasn’t just a hot guy; he was a baby-faced Italian boy whose smile could make a polar bear homeless. He oozed sweetness and charm like a cream-filled doughnut. Toad the Wet Sprocket always sung from his room. He smelled like a mens’ locker room shower, cruised campus on a Schwinn, and wore Phish t-shirts. {swoon} His name was Matt, and my lil’ ole’ ticker didn’t stand a chance. I knew that I had to go big, or get in line behind the other 10 floors of girls in Ellsworth Hall. To impress him, I knocked on his dorm room door, never having met him at all, and asked him if he wanted to join me for an afternoon of in-line skating. It was awkward sitting on his floor lacing up my skates, but I will say that since that day athleticism never once let me down 🙂

  17. I actually spent Spanish class staring at his well worn running shoes. He was in cross country and his old running shoes were streaked with dirt. I even wrote a short story about those shoes in college.

  18. My first crush was the son of our pastor. We were in the same Sunday school class and my heart leaped every time he sat in the seat across from me and when we’d sneak to listen to “Whoomp There it Is” on his WalkMan after church.

  19. Oh, I had my first heavy-duty, obsessive crush was when I was 10 years old. His name was Noah, and he was only 9. We were in a 9-10 class together in NYC. He was shorter than I was, too. (I was a tall young girl; I stopped growing when I was 12 and am now a short woman.) He was so funny, and I would get in trouble during class laughing uncontrollably at his antics. I was thrilled when we were let out early during a snow storm and he and I were partnered up to walk home since our parents both worked at the nearby University. I still have the little brown leather journal in which I wrote about him, whether I got to sit next to him, etc. This crush never went anywhere romantic. We were very young after all.

  20. I met my hubby the summer before my 8th grade year at our county fair. He was with a mutual friend and when I hugged the friend, he looked at me and said “Can I have a hug?” That was it, I was hooked. We started dating 3 days later and have been together ever since…23 years this year!! <3 True love rocks!

  21. I was a nerd, and my first crush talked to me as we were perusing the class lists posted outside the school prior to 4th grade. It was a new school for me and once school started, he (being popular) and I (not) were not friends persey, but he was still kind.

  22. First crush was in 6th grade. He was following me home from school one day. Rumor from my friends, was I was going to get my first smooch on the cheek from my first crush. I got nervous and started running home. I dropped and broke my rented violin which did not make my parents happy! Yikes. Love Sauconys!

  23. My first crush was in elementary school. We were also good friends and he asked me to pet-sit his pet newt (who has a pet newt??). I was in heaven. He also gave a pencil as a thank-you present, which I probably still have hoarded away in a collections box somewhere :).

  24. First crush…kindergarten. His name was Adam. He knew everything about dinosaurs. He moved when we were in 2nd grade. But I do remember calling him to use his spelling book because I forgot mine at school.

  25. My first high school crush… I was a freshman and he was a junior and ran on the cross-country team. I was completely NOT athletic before high school. Everyone laughed when I joined the cross-country team. He took me to my first high school dance, just as friends, we stayed friends until he graduated and are now re-connected on facebook (with our own spouses and children), but I discovered another great love: RUNNING! Many crushes and boyfriends have come and gone, but I was always running!

  26. My sister was a senior in high school when I was a freshman. It wasn’t so bad until she found out I was crushing on a junior. When Valentine’s Day came around, she had a cookie-gram sent to me from my “crush” as a joke. I had no idea and naively thought he was interested in me. It wasn’t until nearly half our small high school knew about the joke that I finally found out. I was devastated and embarrassed. But our mother conventiently found out about my sister sneaking off to a concert not long after. She got hers!

  27. I remember crushing on a boy in high school do bad that my sister & I would manufacture reasons to drive by his house just on the off chance we might catch a glimpse!

  28. High school crush This hunk was a soccer player. I went to the games just to watch him. One day a friend and I were there watching and I was totally gushing big time on him and saying I really wanted to ask him to the school dance. About 3/4 of the way through the game he made a goal, the guy right behind us stood up and cheered so loud. It was his dad, he was sitting there the whole time listening to me crush allover his son. Ya that was sticky.

  29. My first crush lived next door to my grandparents. He was two years older than me and I spent a lot of time playing “kick the can” and “spud” with him–and all the other neighbor kids.

  30. I have a crush on my Saucony guide 6’s. I fell in love/lust with my guide 5’s in black and hot pink and then “dumped” them for my guide 6’s in hot pink and lime green. I would LOVE to strike up an affair with the ride 6. I know, I’m fickle like that!

  31. I was in kindergarten when I had my first crush. He was the younger brother of my sister’s best friend. And we shared a kiss under the water at the swimming pool. Ah, young love!

  32. I was 8 when my family moved to a new island and into a new neighborhood. Ever so often, a tall tan ‘local’ boy would ride up and down our street on his skateboard, and we would wave at each other.

    I was 18 when that ‘local boy’ -turned- tall tan handsome muscled MAN walked into the retail store where I was working for the summer. We walked under the moon, barefoot on a white sandy beach, and he professed his longstanding love. (*sigh*)

    Best quick picks are:
    1. Meeting him at 7am, at the boat launch, for a surprise Birthday day – boating to a secluded cove, swimming & spearfishing, he seasoned the fish he caught with salt off the rocks & cooked it over a fire, after serving me bacon wrapped shrimp for appetizers, and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.
    2. Meeting him at 7pm, at the beach, on a Valentine’s evening – finding a candle-lit heart in the sand and music wafting with the gentle breeze, then laying down in the heart while we watched the stars light up the night sky.

    I was 28 when we met again. Both of us swinging our little girls on swings at the park we actually help build when I was 8. (*They say eyes are the window to the soul… Our souls had quite the conversation that day.*)

  33. In 9th grade my diary was covered with doodles galore of an upperclassman who was destined to be my future husband. He had a smile that would light up the halls of our highschool and the charisma of a movie star…too bad he had a girlfriend LOL

  34. My first crush that I really did anything stupid for actually turned out to be the man I married years later!!! At the time I think I was 15, he came back to school after spending some time in Florida (he split the school year) and on that day in school I remember I was wearing a wool skirt and wool sweater and didn’t feel “pretty” so I talked myself into not feeling well and I went to the nurses office and she sent me home because I looked so awful! He had absolutely no clue that I existed at that time. Years later we actually re- met after highschool/college and fell in love and married! He still is my crush!

  35. I was 13 – vacationing with my father, sister and brother. We went to an uncle’s lake house. The kids could sleep in tents. There was this Leif Garrett-look-a-like boy who came to play with us. Lee. He had the dreamiest blue eyes. Typically, the cute boys liked my sister. But not this guy.

    He couln’t stop paying attention to me; he picked the Elton John song “Blue Eyes” to be our song. We wrote letters for a couple of months after we met.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
    Deb D.

  36. My first crush was in 4th grade and we walked to the bus stop together. We were in different classes and I heard he had I “heart” Darby on his notebook….love from afar 🙂 ha ha

  37. My first crush was named for an element on the periodic table. Needless to say, chemistry was my favorite subject 🙂

  38. Totally guilty of calling and quickly hanging up on my crush.I think it was the permed bleached rat tail that did it for me!Ha!

  39. My first crush was in the 5th grade. It was on the new boy in our class. I worked up the nerve to give him a note about how much I liked him… It did not end well but taught me a lot about how brave I was even in the 5th grade!

  40. My first crush was in 5th grade. A new boy had just moved to our Pennsylvania classroom from Las Vegas, that made him exotic!

  41. My first crush, geesh, I was dumb! I used to prank call him all the time. Thank goodness there wasn’t caller ID back then!

  42. My first real crush (turned love), I was 15 he was 17. We were at a week long summer church camp. I was definitely the nerdy girl and he was the camp basketball all star… Popular, cute and way too cool for me.
    I watched this kid everyday and decided I was going to make friends with one of his cousins so I could get to know him. She introduced us and it was instant head over heels. Good news–he liked me too. Bad news–he lived 2 1/2 hours away from me.
    We carried on a long distance friendship for two years, I thought for sure I was going to marry this boy.
    Long story short…college, marriage and six kids between the two of us later, we are both divorced. 20 years later we are still 2 1/2 hours away and head over heels in love. (And both runners 😉 To be continued…

  43. I had this huge crush on this guy in high school who drove a gold Chevy Nova… He used to park his car in the same spot, and one day I decided to steal his spot with my little Honda Civic. I definitely got his attention then!

  44. Just saw my first crush at 30 year high school reunion. Apparently in 5th grade I told him I was going to kiss him on the cheek the next day as he walked me home from school. It made him so nervous that he went home and threw up so his mom kept him home sick the next day and the kiss never had a chance!

  45. My very first crush was on my Fourth Grade Student Teacher. We had a very stern and older gentlemen as a teacher, so we were all thrilled when Mr. M. joined us. All of the girls looked for ways to obtain Mr. M’s attention, and We all patiently waited for our skating parties where the class would travel by bus to the roller rink. Mr. M was kind enough to let several of us skate with him. All I can think about now, is poor Mr. Discroll (the regular classroom teacher).

  46. My first crush was named Andy. He sat in front of me in my 6th grade math class and sometimes would ask to borrow my calculator. I’d quick punch in the numbers to my phone number and then let him borrow it. 😉

  47. Ironically, both major crushes were of dark haired boys named Chad. The first was athletic and out-going, the second was brooding and a wanna be bad boy. Thanks for reminding me ow lucky I am to have my crazy husband. Another dark haired boy, not named Chad.

  48. My first crush was my mom’s best friend’s son, Brandon. When we were in kindergarten, our moms thought it would be cute to take us on a “date,” so they took us to see The Little Mermaid, one of my first times going to the movie theater. Anyway, after the movie, we went to his house to play, and I can still remember this so well… As we went into his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed room, I leaned in for a kiss right on his lips. Weill, he turned his head, and I mostly got his cheek, and then to make matters much worse, he started crying. So then I started crying, and I asked to go home. I can still remember Mom asking me what was wrong on the way home, and I was too embarrassed to tell her about it.

  49. It was first grade and his name is Billy. I’m pretty sure I tried to ‘make him jealous’ by wearing my Shawn Cassidy sweatshirt! He moved to Texas at the end of the school year and I, still living a town over from our hometown, drive-by his house and always smile and revert to that 1st grade school girl!

  50. 7th grade. We were best friends. I crushed him when he crushed on someone else. Then, he crushed me while I crushed on someone else. Somewhere along the we, we finally “liked” each other at the same time. We had a first innocent kiss sitting on the neighbor’s diving board. Such a sweet moment.

  51. When I was in third grade, there was a boy who I not only thought was cute, but who had the same last name as me. At such an early age, I had already decided I didn’t like the idea of having to change my name when I got married, so he and I HAD to get married so that I would never have to change it. Although I laid out the benefits of this plan to him, he wasn’t entirely convinced, and my family’s moving to a new state finally squashed my grand plans for good.

  52. I joined the drama club in high school to catch the eye of my crush. Even tried out (and secured) a part in the play with him. For the introvert who ran out of a piano recital…what WAS I thinking?! Ah well, the play went well and so did the crush. Together almost 20 years now. 🙂

  53. Freshman year in highschool sitting across from me in study hall was a tall, dark athletic junior that caught me eye. I couldn’t help but stare at him. Finally, had enough courage to ask him out. I’m glad I did…Married 11 years. Together 18. Couldn’t ask for a better supportive man!

  54. My older brother’s friend went on an outing with us. He was 16. I was 11. I thought he was so dreamy and funny and strong and… you get the picture. Our families often did stuff together. Anyway, as we were riding along in the back of a pick-up truck (I grew up with the cows) on bumpy roads, he asked if I needed a pad. He meant a pad to sit on. I replied, “I’m not old enough to need those.” and my face turned 15 shades of red. The crush probably continued for another year or so, until I saw him smoking one day.

  55. I attended 3 different high schools. In my first high school in 9th or 10th grade there was an upper class man who was like an Adonis. I would always look for him after one of my classes as he traveled that hallway. Never knew his name,but he was good to look at!

  56. You are talking about ‘Buddy’ Tuttle? Funny name but oh so cute!! It was in the 10th grade and I was as much rebel as he, yet all we did was the small talk and smiles. Later that year, my younger days childhood friend Patty snared him, he cut his beautiful hair, traded his ragged jeans and t shirts for (gulp) sweaters, kempt hair and dropped ‘Buddy’ for his given name, Dwight. Oh, he was an interesting character and this goes to show what power a pretty girl can have.

  57. I was the silly girl that would stalk, I mean stare, at my crush. He lived across the street from me and I would watch out my window for him to go outside. As soon as he did, I would run out and just sit in my yard and pretend I was playing. The whole time, I was just a staring! The one time he talked to me, I fled inside. I was so shy but so desperate for him to notice me!

  58. I crushed hard on a cute buy in my HS orchestra. we were on a weekend school trip (that my parents were chaperoning) to see a production in Chicago, and we were inseparable from the moment the train left the station. 22 years later, we’re still inseparable…

  59. Starting 6th grade as the new kid, I sat across from a cute, athletic boy who would make me plush every time he looked in my direction. He was my “boyfriend” until we started high school. I did find him on Facebook, not so cute and athletic anymore, if you know what I mean. 🙂 Got to love Facebook!

  60. In 6th grade I wrote my crush an anonymous love letter in his backpack and gave a clue who I was based on a book I read during free time in class. I watched him read the note with the biggest confused look on his face. I felt so embarrassed that I lost any feelings I had.

  61. My first crush was a boy named Joey in the third grade. One of the things I loved about him was the little bit of hair that hung down his back – yes, that’s right he had a ‘rat tail’ HAHA. This was the 80’s after all. I do remember he brought a ring into school one day that he’d gotten out of a gym all machine at the supermarket and gave it to me! Oh be still my heart. I actually have no idea what happened to us after 3rd grade. I guess our affection for eachother died out as quickly as it started!

  62. I started having crushes very young. In Kindergarten and first grade, I had a major crush on a boy named Evan. I would chase him around the playground at recess and try to get him to hold my hand when we lined up to go into the hallway. I was heartbroken when he moved away at the end of first grade.

  63. My first crush was this boy in the 7th grade named Seth. Seth wore this kelly green cycling cap every day and none of the other boys wore anything like it. He also had the coolest Swatch watch. And just the most adorable snaggle-tooth smile you’ve ever seen. (I’m not doing the description justice here). Unfortunately, I was not the only 7th grade girl with a crush on Seth. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a clue who I was.

  64. One year our town hosted a large country jamboree with various Canadian country acts performing (all considered big acts to our small town!). Mr. TD&H (Tall Dark and Handsome) and I were paired up for “security” at the venue, which was the barn where we both rode horses. It was later that night, while standing together listening to George Fox croon “I give you my Word” that Mr. TD&H noticed I was cold and draped his trench length oilskin coat over my shoulders. Swaying together to the music with stars overhead, completely enveloped in his coat, my 13 year old heart simply swelled. It is such a sweet memory that still makes me smile.

  65. My first crush? Leif Garrett! After carefully removing his picture from the pages of Tiger Beat he was displayed on my closet door for years. I have to admit, he still makes my heart skip a beat, even though he’s hit hard times recently. Like they say, you never forget your first crush <3

  66. My first crush was in kindergarten! I remember thinking a boy named Jose was super cute. I continued to have a crush on one boy every year after that. Boy crazy!

  67. My first crush was Andy Vann. He was in college and I was in high school. He played and sang in the worship band at our church. (I, of course, had the t-shirt). I had braces, played soccer, and was growing out my bangs, just so you have a mental image. He was pre-med and dressed well. I told him I was praying about him being my husband. So one day at church (during the fellowship hymn) he came up to my father, shook his hand, and told him that he wanted to meet his future father-in-law.

    As you can imagine. I did not marry Andy Vann. But I did marry a really great man, Adrian. He has been my running partner for 8 years and my husband for 5 years.

  68. I had a crush on this super nice boy in high school. We became friends and there was a bit of a spark that never got lit. Fast forward to 8 years later, we reconnected (he lived only 2 blocks from me!) and shazaam! that little spark became a bonfire. We’ll be married 19 years this September.

  69. Scott Baio from “Charles in Charge” hung all kinds of pictures in the back of my closet in hopes that my parents would not see them.

  70. Oh, I haven’t thought about him in a very long time. I was in 5th grade, and he hung out with the girls on the playground during recess and at lunch. So much fun….we had contests to see who could swing the highest, climb to the top of the monkey bars first. We share sandwiches and cookies. Thinking back on it, I guess he wasn’t into sports, or else the other boys thought he was “nerdy” because he never hung around them. No matter, he was a great buddy. And then, over summer vacation, he moved away and we never saw him again.

  71. is there anything more “heart-quickening” than the first kiss?? Crushes are one thing when you’re young… but that first kiss when you realize there’s a good chance that “this is the one”? Nothing is better. And I remember that first kiss after an our first evening spent hanging out, making dinner and watching movies together. Innocent, sweet, yet time stood still. It’s still like that when I kiss him 3 years later. 🙂

  72. I remember the excitement of “couples skating” with my crush! What a great trip to the Roller Skating Rink!

  73. My first crush was a boy from my church. We went to Six Flags Arlington (or was it Astroworld in Houston?) and we actually hung out on the bus and all day in the park…and then I was highly annoyed by him. I had never been on a big roller coaster and was terrified of the idea, but when I saw how long the line was and heard he’d never ride one, I got in line with others to escape. The hour away was a nice break, and I was over the crush by the time we got back to San Antonio.

  74. My first crush was, admittedly, in elementary school. I was in fifth grade, and the dreamiest blue-eyed identical twin boys were in fourth grade. They had no idea that I existed, but I wasted many hours over the course of the school year day-dreaming about both of them. Then it was off to middle school for me the next year, and I never saw them again.

  75. My crush was a tall dark haired baseball player who drove a black Toyota pick-up. I’d lace up my running shoes after school and all my runs would end on the street where he lived in the corner house. Later into college we dated a few years and to this day we remain good friends.

  76. I first laid eyes on him during spring at the tender age of 15…… and with the heart of a 15 year old girl decided that he was going to be worth the pursuit. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as down with this plan as me…..:)
    That summer “Cupid” was on my side though and he took a summer job working for his uncle, and wouldn’t you know it!!?!?! They lived across the field from my parents! An although its became the butt of much teasing for me, I now can admit, that yes, I may have…, ahem… (Blush) watched him work from my bedroom window with, ahem, binoculars………(I’m not crazy—honest) oh teenage, summer love 🙂
    The best part of this real life fairy tale?? We did end up together and now HE watches ME from the sidelines and cheers the loudest when I’m in a race!! I may not be the fastest or fittest, but I have the bestest greatest awesomest side kick that any 15 yr old-turned 35 girl could want!!

  77. I still remember calling my crush and hanging up when he answered the phone! I vividly recall sitting there at the kitchen table with my sweaty palms and beating heart as I dialed his number ;).

  78. I have to say my first REAL crush was in grade 10 — a cute dark haired boy 2 yrs older & in my sister’s class. 🙂 Two years passed & my graduation year – we were both at a mutual friend’s cottage and well.. the rest is history. I married him! 🙂

  79. The time: the early ’80’s. The place: a little Catholic school in Western New York state. The boy: Chris, the cutest blonde-haired wiseacre in the sixth grade. Oh, how I loved him in that innocent, intense way only a 12 year old plaid-jumper-clad girl can love! (Sigh!)

  80. My 1st crush was in 3rd grade. We both fell for each other actually. We arranged a “meeting” on the playground during recess to kiss. Boys on one side, girls on the other. Everyone was huddled around, and I went for it. At the time, it was not awkward at all, but I think about all the kids that went home that night and told their parents about our kiss. Now that I’m a mom, I’m sure many were told to never do that themselves on the playground (and stay away from those two kids!).

  81. My first crush was from freshman year in HS, during study hall, Chris Springer. My girl friends and I myself spent most of the time flirting with him and trying to get him to date me. Not much studying going on!
    I have alway wanted a pair of Saucony running shoes. My friends swear by them. I wear the Addidas Tempo shoes right now. I am always ready for a change.

  82. My first crush was in sixth grade on a boy named Barrett. i thought he was just the funniest guy and had the cutest smile.

  83. Wish I’d had Sauconys as a Freshman in high school when I crushed on a senior star football player. I would get out of 3rd and 5th period classes and run across campus in order to nonchalantly pass him on the way to the next class. I wonder what he must have though every dang time I came across him!?!

  84. So many crushes, how to pick just one? I was definitely good at orchestrating “chance” meetings, spent a lot of time walking past where I knew the guy was going to be. 🙂

  85. My first crush? I’ve been boy crazy since birth! Especially the bad ones. (Sorry dad!!). I have to say my first crush was sixth grade. Dillion. The bad boy in class. I even scrawled his name on my playhouse (sorry dad!!). Funny thing is twebty years later we reconnected through mutual friends & we are buds & played on a co-Ed softball team together. Great guy!

    My crushes after him? Not always so great.

  86. It was the late 70s. I was 8. I got my mum to buy me the same Sears jumpsuit as my crush had. Crush wasn’t impressed. I was crushed. But the jumpsuit was awesome. Gave up on crush; kept jumpsuit.

  87. My first crush came my Jr. year of high school. We were in German class together. I was blessed to marry him 6 years later on the same day we graduated from college. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary! His German is still way better than mine!

  88. Ok so this is actually my big sister’s crush, but I got a good laugh the other night when I was spending some time at our parents house and found “I love Danny” circled by a heart on the windowsill of her old room. Funnier yet, she now works with his wife – who knows about the old crush thanks to her awesome little sister;)

  89. I am thankful I was young before there was caller ID and cell phones. I used to call my crush’s house and hang up, just to hear his voice. I still have a heart drawn around his picture in my 6th grade yearbook.

  90. My daughter’s first crush was a boy in kindergarten, “Mom, he reads at a third grade level, isn’t that awesome!”

  91. My crush was my neighbor who I didn’t know was my neighbor until living in our new house for 2 weeks. My girlfriends and I would follow him and his friends around at the high school football games. He had the most beautiful blue eyes!

  92. My first crush…. 1st grade. He actually stayed outside after recess with me to help me look for my lost tooth…
    What a guy!

  93. My first crush was in fourth grade. I had a crush on a twin but unfortunately, his twin brother is the one that had a crush on me!

  94. My crush was one of a pair of identical twins. I became friends with both girls, but sadly, the other girl was the one who liked me. No matter what some people may say about identical twins, they are not the same.

  95. My first crush was my best friend’s brother’s best friend (got that?!) so we hung out all the time. I am a social and outgoing person but whenever I saw him I just choked up. He constantly made fun of me for being shy, which of course made me love him more! Haha! He ened up being my first kiss but it ended after a summer high school fling. Although I am happily married I still get goosebumps whenever I see him randomly around town.

  96. In 8th grade art class there was this blond haired blue eyed boy, don’t know if his shyness or the eyes that drove all the girls to have crush’s for him, and myself. Last day of school friends dared me to sit on his lap. I can’t pass up a dare, I walked over sat on his lap, kissed his cheek and said think of me this summer blue eyes. Thank god the bell rang. I changed schools that summer moved on. Years later working in a paper mill on graveyard someone said we had a new guy on the crew, just at that moment here comes those blue eyes walking down the machine room floor. Today enough though I don’t have a crush on blue eyes any longer, I sure do on our son who has given me 3 beautiful blue eyed grandchildren.

  97. My first crush was in second grade on a boy who was shorter than me and with a Dad 6’2″ and a Mom 5’10” my parents knew I was going to be tall. I remember them telling me that I would be too tall for him. I’m 5’10” and have always gone for shorter guys and of course married a man an inch shorter than me.

  98. I remember it like it was yesterday and even though I am happily married the memory fills me with longing and hearth ache. He was beautiful, tall, and blond! (I grew up in Mexico, so blond was not the norm) Every time school started I would scan the yard, looking for his fair hair, and I would blush with pleasure knowing he was in the school. One day, me not being one of the most coordinated people in the world, I tripped on my own feet and fell face first in the dirt. Suddenly I say this hand offering help… can you guess who it was? My beautiful blond Adonis. I almost died…however I managed a squicky “gracias” and fled as fast as my clumsy legs would carry me. I still smile when I think about it and maybe blush a little.

  99. Shaun Cassidy. I know, that shows my age, but between the Hardy Boys and Da Doo Ron Ron I could not resist. Plus his feathered hair was just so … perfect. Sigh.

  100. In kindergarten I had a crush on a boy in my class. On a class trip his mother forced him to share his orange with me….senior year we went to the prom together, but it didn’t turn out to be a love match.

    Leslie in NY

  101. My first crush was on a shy boy in 7th grade. I sat near him and he smiled at me a lot but we never expressed our feelings for one another. When I think of my first crush I can’t help but smile.

  102. In high school I would wait until I saw my crush walk past my house every morning and then I would leave and walk right behind him to school. I did end up dating him for 2 years. 🙂

  103. In third grade I had a crush on a very shy, very freckled super-smart little boy. On Valentine’s Day he gave me a Valentine with a heart-shaped Smurfette eraser! I never used that eraser….and I’m pretty sure that, twenty-some years later, I still have that eraser somewhere!

  104. I had a huge crush on the Canadian rock star Corey Hart. I even joined his official fan club. And yes, “I where my sunglasses at night”!

  105. Doogie Howser was too cute in my books! I even named a pet bird after him! He’s the only star I’ve sent fan mail too, but I still have his reply! 😉

  106. First of all, I’m a bassoon player so I loved the comment about borrowing a reed! He wasn’t my first crush, but I sure did have a crush on the first-chair bassoon player in youth orchestra – with his hippie long red hair and his natural abilities to read tenor clef. #nerdalert

  107. First of all, I’m a bassoon player so I loved the comment about borrowing a reed! He wasn’t my first crush, but I sure did have a crush on the first-chair bassoon player in youth orchestra – with his hippie long red hair and his natural abilities to read treble clef. #nerdalert

  108. He was in my class in 4th grade and we were both telling our friends to tell each other we liked the other. Eventually his friend asked my friend to ask me if I would “couple skate” with him at the school party at the skating rink! LOL!

  109. I was 15 and he was my camp counselor. He had dark long curly
    Hair and was an artist. He drove a car that he painted full of his art.
    I would hang around him as much as I could at camp and he always
    Told me that if I was 18 he would date me. Fast forward
    To my sophomore year of college. He found a letter I had
    Written him, he contacted my mother and got my
    Number at college, called me, and when I went home that
    Summer, he cooked me dinner. It was definitely weird at that
    Point because we were both so different. He was
    More eccentric…not as appealing as when I was
    Fifteen 🙂

  110. His name was Jonathan. We were in the same school for only a year, but I’ll never forget his blond hair and green eyes. *sigh*

  111. Shawn Cassidy was my first love!! (Although I cannot remember the name of the show he used to be on!!) I had a huge poster of him on my wall and I even had a Shawn Cassidy record player when I was young.

  112. First crush-I was in 6th grade, he was a 6’8″ sophomore on the HS basketball team. Needless to say, I was captain of his fan-club!

  113. He lived across the street from my Aunt. I used to make up excuses to visit in hopes of sneaking a peek of him.

  114. I thought he was The One in 8th Grade. Dark hair, dark eyes and a smile to die for. He was a sweet boy who remained a friend through school but we lost touch after high school.

  115. He had dark curly hair. Come to think of it, all my early crushes had dark hair and blue eyes. I would call his house all the time and hang up when he answered! What do kids do now with caller ID??

  116. I used to sit behind him in Geometry class my sophomore year. He was a very good looking muscular football player with dark hair and dark eyes. He must have had a touch of Narcolepsy because the guy would fall asleep all the time! Whenever the teacher would start to look over at him I would always tap on his back so he wouldn’t get in trouble. Pretty soon it turned into me tracing “wake up” on his back. Ooooohhh I would really flirt with him. By December he was mine 🙂 We dated all the way through high school, but parted ways in college. Still can smell the Preferred Stock cologne when I think of him! Haha!!

  117. Tan. Brown eyes. Lived with his parents in exotic Costa Rico. Had a slight Spanish accent. What more can I say? I lived for the summers when he would come back to the States to visit his grandparents because I was almost always guaranteed a visit! 🙂

    I was 10.

  118. Alex. His 7th grade dark mullet curls and long black eyelashes were swoon-worthy! In order to show my undying affection, I, of course, wrote an anonimous letter on notebook paper, folded it with perfection (tucking the corner into the outer fold) and addressing it To: Alex From: ???<3 My heart was nearly beating out of my chest when I slid it into the vent of his locker. My critical error came when the blabber mouth girl of all of Jr. High saw me in action and immediately reported my secret delivery to Alex, himself! Gah! I was no longer a SECRET admirer. Way to steal my mysterious appeal. So, now, about these shoes! I am a single mama runner on a single bills sort of budget so it would be AMAZING if I won a pair! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  119. ❤My first crush wast friends step brother, we were 12 and he was soooo cute, we hung out all of the time and eventually were boyfriend/girlfriend but that ended when their parents split. (We were 15). When I was in college, he had moved away) I was out on campus at a bar and I heard my name. It was him!! We started chatting. Fast forward a few years and we ran into each other again, hung out for a few weeks and he moved to Cali, we live in Indiana:(. I went and spent 2 weeks with him and now we are both married, to other fabulous people:) but, it was a whirlwind relationship for sooo many years:) still friends after 23 years!!

  120. Seventh grade, I was the short “chunky” girl, he was so cute with longer hair and dark eyes. First kiss! Wow that was a looong time ago!

  121. Fourth grad. He liked baseball so I remember watching the World Series so I would be able to talk to him about it. Love baseball to this day!

  122. I was an 8th grade no one and he was a 9th grade someone; there was some silly flirting and a few dances but it never went anywhere. Like most crushes. Haven’t seen or thought about him in like 25 years 🙂

  123. We were in the same grade but he was on the football team and i was in the band. I would admire him from afar never telikng ANYONE how i felt bc he was just so cute and i knew he didnt have a chance. One day our class went to a bbq at a local park and him and i got in to a play fight amd he threatened to push me in the lake or give me the chance to walk in but either i was going in. I chose to walk in and took off my shoes. I proceeded to come out of the lake with a cut on the bottom of my foot from a bottle which resulted in a tetnus shot. Lol. He felt so horible and would always check in on me at school after that. So worth the tetnus shot. Lol

  124. I was the dorky freshman flute player, he was the cool upperclassman drummer. My friends told him all the time how much I liked him. One day (probably at the end of his rope) he said, “If she likes me so much, why doesn’t she tell me herself.” I did, and he just stared blankly at me. At 40 – still one of my most embarrassing moments! We went our separate ways, but bumped in to each other 13 years later. After a series of serendipitous events – we’ve been married for 9 years and have 3 year old twin girls!

  125. Second grade….he was so smart he could do Long division and Algebra….but I lovey Saucony running shoes more!

  126. Grade school boy named Steve, Brown curly hair, dark eyes and wonderful smile. To this day I am drawn to men/boys who look like him. It did not last long but it was my first crush.

  127. Ah, Chris. The cutest boy in class. Pretty blue eyes with long, dreamy lashes. Our teacher gave me his school picture. Perhaps I was obvious with my crush. I stuck his picture in my diary & gazed at him lovingly each night as a wrote of mom hating me (proven by her making chicken for dinner, again) and my brother’s love of farting on me.

  128. My first crush was also my first kiss.
    He was pretty dreamy.
    I was 14 and one night I was babysitting with a friend and he just happened to stop by. We talked and talked (and ignored the kids I was supposed to be watching, parents, beware lovesick 14 year olds) and finally, right before he was supposed to go home, he leaned over and gave me the most perfect first kiss in the world. I was walking on air for weeks.

  129. He was the new kid in our small town..
    I had the biggest crush on him for years, when we finally got together he was pretty much a jerk. It always looks better the way we imagine it, right? I should’ve known…guys with mullets are trouble!

  130. Growing up in Alaska meant a lot of exploring in the woods – I was so excited when my first crush invited me to go exploring for fungi growing on the trees! What a disgustingly dreamy date for a first grader! He fell into a giant puddle that I dared him to jump in and I had to walk him home soaked and frozen and apologize to his mom. He never invited me out again.

  131. He (Johnny)was a skate guard at the roller rink and the way he rexed was mesmerizing. When it was time for only advanced skaters to hit the floor, he flew around the rink, shirt unbuttoned to his navel, flying open. Sigh.

  132. I recently worked out that I’d had a crush on the actor Sean Bean for 21 years! I first adored him in ‘Sharp’ on British TV and now we’re both older, I couldn’t resist him as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones. That’s a long-term-TV-crush!

  133. Grew up in a farming community, so as a middle schooler, my sister and i had the biggest crush on the local farm hands down the street when they worked after college classes and in the summer…. oh dear!

  134. I was in preschool. His name was Jeremy. He used to bring me blue rocks from his fish tank. How could you not have a crush on someone like that?!?

  135. I remember having a crush on a boy and wouldn’t you know it he was at a sleepover across the street from where I was spending the night at a friends. We were all up all night long but nothing happened…

  136. I had a huge crush on a guy who I worked with, who also ran… Well I started running, dated him for a while. He’s long gone now, but running has stuck around 🙂

  137. Ohh first crushes…
    Ok first boy crush, was my neighbor’s grandkid. We would play with the grandkids every time they were around. Eventually in HS, we created this wild play via emailing on Juno (anyone remember that email service) in which I was a queen and he was a knight. Silly, I know! He actually asked me on our first date during track practice! He “hunted” me down while doing repeat 400s on the road. 🙂

    First shoe crush was ironically the Ride 3. I ordered extra when they upgraded to 4s and 5s. 🙂

  138. My real first crush I met in the middle of a street at 3:00a.m. I was on a run….and a cop pulls up next to me to inform me it was too late to be out running. He “noticed” I was a girl and that it just wasn’t safe. We chatted…and I totally fell for this cop!! My heart was pounding, sweat pouring (not from the running I was doing, can you say cuttie in a uniform?) Thanks to the chance encounter (and instant crush), we dated, and I eventually married him. 23 years and 6 kids later, he still supports my running, and sometimes lets me run late at night…because that’s what I love to do! Can you say, BEST RUN EVER??!!!!!

  139. In college my first love I met at a “dance a thon”. We raised lots of money for charity. And I dated him on and off for years, but it wasn’t meant to be long term

  140. I seriously think my first REAL crush was Shawn Cassidy! I was determined to marry the man! Then there was Andy Gibb, Leif Garrett, Scott Baio….. I’m I aging myself?

    I think in real life It was the first boy I ever kissed…. His name was Rick and he was the neighborhood “bad boy” and I was naive….

  141. My real first crush was Elvis; I was 8 when he died. But in real life, my first crush was a Sunday School priest that looked exactly like Elvis. **he was so dreamy** LOL!

  142. Aaron Zillner!!!!!!!! I really didn’t crush on anyone until high school. He was a wild guy and I was/am pretty “straight and narrow” but we actually clicked as really good friends. I really liked him a lot and we ended up going to a couple of movies together and even prom. Super fun guy!!

  143. Oh, just reading that question made me sick to my stomach. I’m so glad I grew up an moved to the other side. Crushes are horrible… kind of like a PR that you can’t quite catch and the race officials have no idea that you can’t make your goal!

  144. Nigel Smith was the guy, and all the girls were swooning over him. I even befriended his sister, but to no avail, he never even noticed me.

  145. At 57 I still remember his full name, face, and smile 🙂 Peter Jensen, and he ran fast! I think I had a crush on him from Kindergarten through 5th grade, and would have still had it probably if I hadn’t moved. He was a really fast runner too, so in grade school I ran ALOT trying to catch him! Seems fitting that I am writing this for a pair of running shoes. I am married to my “now” crush (37 years) so won’t be using new shoes to chase ole’ Peter, but keep up with hubby!

  146. Um, I allowed myself to get hit in the face with snowballs almost daily on the way home from school. The boy of my dreams was great at planting them squarely in my face.

  147. Naturally on the same boy that EVERY OTHER GIRL IN 6TH GRADE was crushing on. What a lucky guy, he had his pick!

  148. Bradley Woodhouse. Baby blues and crewcut – what more could you want from a kindergartner? I used to chase him around the playground during recess; if I caught him, I’d give him a kiss on the cheek. Ahhhh.

  149. My first crush was a guy at church. I was 11, he was 12 and it was love at first sight. For me anyway. I told his mom at a church potluck I liked her son and I still remember the look on her face was akin to saying “get in line.” To this day, he remains one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen in person (besides my husband of course). It wasn’t a big surprise that all the girls fell hard for him. The only time I ever got even close to moving past the “just friends” phase was during a youth group game of Truth or Dare when a friend dared him and I to kiss. It was a one-second peck of a lifetime. Made even more funny by the fact that I no longer had a crush on him at the time and it was less of a big deal to me than to my jealous girlfriends.

    P.S. He’s a firefighter now. Good thing we’re both married because I always was a sucker for a man in uniform.

  150. We sacked groceries together at my first job at the local grocery store. Red hair, bright blue eyes, and about 3 years younger than me. He wasn’t that great at bagging groceries, but his smile was killer. The old ladies loved him!

  151. Charlie Bailey. First grade. Used to try to get the swing next to him during recess. Unrequited, then he moved away. Sigh. BTW, I remember Caldor! Used to go to the one in Branford CT.

  152. My first crush was in first grade. We wouldn’t admit to the crush, but during snack time around the month of February, he walked by my desk and discreetly set down a candy message heart In front of me. It read, “BE MINE.” I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even look up from desk, but I was thrilled at the same time! Later that day, he chased me on the playground. At the time, I thought it was the best day ever!

  153. My first crush was a guy that lived in the same apartment complex as my grandmother. My cousins and I spent hours at the pool that summer and I would look at his door hoping he’d appear.

  154. My first crush was on vacation with my family. I was so embarrassed to be there with my family that I only managed to learn his name and then stare at him across the hotel pool for hours. Needless to say, I endured hours of jokes and tittering from said family on the 16 hour drive home 🙁

  155. My first crush…elementary school – Jack – all the girls loved him. Such a cutie. He had to have been a good 6 inches shorter than me in elementary and maybe by HS graduation, we hit the same height. He gave the Class President’s speech, and I gave the valedictorian speech from HS.

  156. In hindsight my first real crush was not the total hunk that I thought he was. Ahhh, turns out dish soap on the head while playing in the playhouse is not the key to eternal love…..

  157. My first crush was in grade school. We would hold hands during recess. After that year, he moved away. For years I paid close attention any time I found someone else with the same name. Never saw him again, though.

  158. I threw Mountain Dew on my first crush who turned into my first boyfriend who turned into my first (and last) husband. 🙂

  159. My first crush was actually a cartoon character. I was 12 and I was in love. I would love to try out the Saucony shoes!

  160. my first really big crush was on a boy who was ballsy enough to wear pink high-top Chuck Taylors. I had been eye balling him for a while and one day someone had given me some Hershey’s Kisses. I was never a fan of chocolate and they were just sitting near me in the cafeteria. He asked if he could have one and I gave him all 4. This began a ridiculous saga of me making sure that I had Hershey’s Kisses to give him at least once a week.
    (my adoration was completely unrequited and painful…ah, to be 13)

  161. Middle school…he was tall and older (he had to repeat a couple of grades…HA!) That’s ok because what he lacked in brains he made up for in his tall, blonde, athletic build. He ended up being my first kiss!

  162. Oh gosh…

    Middle school, kind of a bad boy type, had my first awkward arms-fully-extended slow dance with him!

  163. Middle school… any chance I could spy on the 2 years older love of my life, or so I thought. Eeesh…thank you, Dad for squashing that relationship! Those middle school hormones of mine sure didn’t predict how “crush” would be as an adult.

  164. In first grade there was a boy with a wooden leg whom I just adored. He was cute, funny, and I loved playing with him at recess. I was always too shy to say anything, but I adored him as a friend for the next few years. 🙂

  165. I crushed hard for the “boy down the street.” He was a soccer player and in the same grade. I was infatuated since I first set eyes on him at the age of 10. My GFs and I would sit in our front yard sunbathing and staring at him wash the car and mow the lawn. I was sad when my parents decided to move from that house after I left for college. I did get a chance to date him a few years after we left High School… Our plans just never could sync and make it long term.

  166. It was 3rd grade, I was 8 years old and Mr. Blonde hair and blue eyes literally took my heart and ran off with it! Charles and I were in the same class and I discovered I had a competitive streak when this boy wanted to race across the playground. He probably beat me the first couple times. But to get even-and to hear him laugh- I would dash up behind him and steal his baseball cap so he’d have to chase me even further to get it back. I was high on adrenaline and the rush of a boy smiling at me. Funny to realize in sharing this little anecdote that I’ve been a red-headed girl, smiling ear to ear and running–for a long time.

  167. My first crush was in fourth grade. He broke my heart by not paying attention to me. I saw him on Facebook recently and got a good laugh….if you know what I mean!

  168. Funny — I had my best friend ask his best friend if he wanted to go-steady on the last day of class, as we got on the buses to go home. He said yes, and we never spoke again. 🙂

  169. His name was Brandon and recently I found a “love letter” that I wrote him when we were in 1st grade. It contained the phrase “I want to feel your lips on mine.” As a grown woman, I am both highly entertained and completely mortified that my 6 year-old self wrote this.

  170. My first crush was in grade school, a class mate named Chris. All of the girls liked him. He had dark hair and dark eyes and dimples! then in sixth grade he broke his leg. Oh my, the crutches and cast made him irresistible! I still have to check out every guy on crutches!!!

  171. Ahhh, first crush. I offered to share my gummy bears with him- I was terrified! and he gladly accepted. We also did work together in class as I know he copied off of my paper but I didn’t care, he was a dream to look at! Just smelling his cologne that close made me melt!

  172. Ahhh first crushes are the best. Mine was a soccer player with hair like Brandon from 90120 (I’m showing my age here-lol). I dragged many friends to the soccer field that fall. But it was worth it; he asked me to the winter dance. Who says stalking doesnt work?

  173. I had a lot of crushes, but probably the first was the boy next door. On the first day of kindergarten I insisted that I sit beside him on the bus “because he was my neighbor.” Not because of his sandy blonde hair, little boy tan and adorable smile. 😉

  174. My first real relationship type crush was sophomore year in high school. He was doing court ordered community service at the non-profit where my mom worked. I was volunteering for the summer to have experience for my college apps. Obviously, we were super well matched! I lusted after him for about a month, hung out for a month, spent about a month making out, before I found out his girlfriend was in Europe for the summer and she was coming home. Obviously, he was a super guy!

  175. My first crush happened in second grade. I used to chase him around the playground and tried to kiss him. Ironically he became one of my dearest friends by the time high school rolled around. And then came out of the closet in college… Oops! Ha!

  176. Always been a sucker for a red head – first crush was a red head who broke my heart (at the tender age of 12). I married a (different) red head anyway. )shrug( such is life!

  177. First crush was the blonde haired boy who lived a few streets away from me in elementary school. I invited him to my 8th birthday party and he bought me an awesome super soaker. I still love water guns and blonde haired boys. 😉

  178. Looking back now I realize I must have been a full on stalker in middle school. Everyone in our grade had a crush on this guy Robert, but I had the biggest crush on this guy James. When you go to an all girls school you have to think of really creative reasons to “run into” your crush at the all boys school. Cotillion in 6th, 7th and 8th grades were the answers to my wish! Once a month for the length of the school year I was guaranteed to see the boy of my dreams.

  179. Ahhhh, my first crush. He was a grade older than me and the only red head at school at the time. He rode my bus and lived across the lake from me. I used to stare out the window across the lake and hope he was doing the same thing (wow, I had it bad). His kids go the same school as mine do now and all the magic is gone :).

  180. My first crush was a boy in my kindergarten class (can’t believe it was when I was only 5!, scared for my 4 year old daughter). He was so sweet to everyone, and I think I liked his heart…and the cute page boy hats he wore every day, ha!

  181. My first crush was probably in the third grade. I liked a boy who was nice and would try to be on his gym team every time. He was friendly back, but since we were so little, that was about all! It’s cute to see how early crushing begins for some 🙂

  182. My very first crush was in 4th grade. At our grade school we had those great big tractor tires, and we would stand one up on its side and someone would curl up in a ball in the center and we would roll each other around the playground. The boy I had a crush on was the best “pusher”. One day he was pushing me around the playground and I fell out and broke my collar bone. He was more devastated than I was! For the next several months while I was in a brace, he would sit and play jacks with me every single recess. It was true love. 🙂

  183. First crush was a cute fifth grader when I was in third grade. He always rode in the back seat of the bus and my best friend and I made up this whole story that he was so cool, he got his flannel shirts dry cleaned in Asia. He had no clue I existed until I forced him to sign my yearbook the last day of school.

  184. My first crush was my childhood neighbor. As the years past nothing ever came of it, but we did get into a lot of innocent trouble together being mischievous and curious children as we explored our neighborhood together.

  185. Yeah I took the immature route with my first crush. Ordered 10 pizzas delivered to his house with a girlfriend. Worst part was that his dad was our principal. Needless to say it didn’t exactly work out. (:

  186. My first crush was Rex Shipp in 7th grade. I lived in a rural area and the bus ride to school was rather long, but seemed more bearable every time the bus stopped in front of his house and he got on. He wouldn’t sit next to me, but instead always chose the seat behind me. He gave me a little ring that I wore all the time and cherished, but ultimately lost in the bottom of a water ski area called Ski Land in Paris, California. We moved from that area to California which ended that crush and ironically I met his cousin in California and another crush developed… and the story goes with a lot of crushes and many times a broken heart until I met my husband.

  187. My first crush was the 6 year old boy next door. It ended the day he was less then kind to me in the
    sand box. He did come to apologize. I answered “NEVER”. He replied “And I was going to marry you”.

  188. His name was Billy Sunday and it was K5. I can’t remember why I like him but we would spend recess walking around the playground holding hands until the teacher told us to go play. In my best kindergarten writing on that thin when it needed to be erased beige lined paper, I told my mother I was leaving to marry Billy Sunday and not to miss me. I wonder what ever happened to Billy Sunday!

  189. My first real crush, literally crushed my heart. I met him on a family camping trip which I brought a friend along. I followed that boy around the whole weekend. Afterward my friend discovered that she had mutual friends with my crush and made the most of that opportunity. They started ‘dating’ and left me brokenhearted. Harsh lesson for a 13 year old.

  190. My first crush was in kindergarten. A cute blonde boy with a bowl cut named Arthur. I had crush on him until one fateful day when I accidentially walked in on him in the bathroom and he was sitting on the potty. Could never look at him that same way after that!

  191. My 1st real crush (that I can vividly remember) was in 10th grade. He was kind hearted and sweet, unlike most guys in high school. We shared a few classes together throughout 10th and 11th grade. I helped him with his homework (of course!). And a friend of mine even convinced me to write him a letter about how I felt. Of course he went with the cheerleader instead. Now we remain friends on Facebook and have never discussed those days of infatuation.

  192. What a cliche–my first crush was the varsity football player across the street! I have every reason to believe — even now — that he was completely oblivious to my attention. I would find convenient reasons to be idling outside of the house or walking along the road AIMLESSLY just for the chance if a wave. God knows he was probably swatting at nats, anyway. Sigh. A toast to unrequited love!

  193. My first crush must have not been that memorable since I can’t seem to remember any one in particular. I do remember getting kissed in kindergarten but don’t really think that was a crush!

  194. When i was 6, I used to sit next to him in math & pretend I couldn’t understand the questions – I’ve always been a whiz in math. He’d always put his arm around me to point out something in our text book. He was so tall with huge long arms & I was tiny. It was like a mini hug. He might beg to differ though. 😉

  195. I would sit in math class every afternoon and daydream about him while watching him play tennis right outside my class. Somehow I managed to get an A.

  196. alrighty, I had a crush in high school on a guy that lived a few blocks away and used to always take walks and go by his house just to see if I could happen to catch him in the yard . . . oh my!

  197. My first crush was a boy named Joey. He was in the other first grade class and was cool as a kid can be with a colic, a Ninja Turtles backpack, and Velcro shoes. So dreamy…

  198. After I moved to a new neighborhood in 6th grade, I found myself shooting hoops at the local grade school which allowed me a partial view of my crush’s house. A couple of times he rode his bike up to the school and shot hoops with me. 😉

  199. First crush? I went to school with very few people (17 girls,8boys) so that was an interesting time. We all basically agreed that X and Y were ok, the rest of the guys, eh, we al know each other too well anyway.

  200. My first crush was in 6th grade. I would write notes to give him at school. The really dorky ones that of course had to be folded a certain way!

  201. My first crush was on a boy named Ray in 2nd grade. The first and only time I got my name on the board at school was for talking to him during an assembly. The crush abruptly came to an end in music class where we were learning “She Loves You” by the Beatles and I got caught by a big-mouthed classmate staring at Ray during the song. There may have been an accusation of cooties (ouch!).

    First crush and first heart-break.

  202. My first crush was in 1st grade. His name was Scott. I stole a kiss on his cheek behind a car at a ski race.

  203. My first crush was a red head boy across the street. I walked to school with him and his cousin. One day they grabbed me ans pretended they werre going to throw me in the hole they were digging for a house. I came home crying and told my dad the story. My dad told me to go ahead and hit him if he did it again. So the next day on the wa home from school he did it again I punched him and gave him a black eye which ended my first crush.

  204. My first crush was is 3rd grade. I would always try to be around him, try to stay close by or interact in some way on the playground. I’d always get that shy feeling, like I should walk away. I crushed on him for a year or two more. One year on Valentines day he gave me a ring with a red heart shaped stone. I was over the moon cause I thought I didn’t exist in his world. 😉

  205. My first crush was in 1st grade:). A little boy with blonde curls caught the bus across the street from me. Every morning I would shyly wave. He moved away when I was in 3rd grade, but I still remember thinking maybe I would marry him someday! Of course, I never saw him again, but I still remember waving every morning and being thrilled to get a wave back…

  206. My first crush was a boy in kindergarten named Chad. Everyone played Star Wars on the playground then; he was usually Luke and I, by virtue of being one of the few girls to join the game, was Leia. I was horrified when the third movie revealed that Leia and Luke were siblings!

  207. My first crush was in 8th grade. He was also the reason I ran for the first time. I’d had a crush on him for over a year, acting on the feelings by doing super cool things like change the way I walked to my classes to try and walk next to him so that maybe he would talk to me. After a year of creating reasons to talk, I finally had my real chance. I was participating in a huge community race in my hometown with no intention of running; I was just happily walking with some family member. About a mile into the 7 mile event, he jogged right by me. I started jogging, so he wouldn’t realize I wasn’t athletic. He asked if I wanted to keep running with him. Obviously I said yes. I ran with him the rest of the race, thinking I would die of exhaustion but that death would be better than embarrassment of having to stop and walk. We finished the race and dated for the following 5 years. I guess whatever it takes to get moving 🙂

  208. First crush was 4th grade and his name was Leonard. Sat next to me and would sharpen my pencil for me!! What a memory and feeling. Lloonngg time ago but never will forget that feeling!

  209. My first crush started in kindergarten, endured a 5th and 8th grade “relationship” and stayed with me until college. I still dream about him from time to time, and occasionally sleep with the teddy bear he gave me in 5th grade. When my husband is out of town. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  210. My first crush took my to see Weezer on a school night. (We were in high school, he was older.) we were in the parking lot of my apartment complex afterwards, saying a lingering goodbye and felt sure my first kiss was coming. We heard high heels clicking in the parking lot and looked over to see my mom coming home from a date. Needless to say, my first kiss did not happen that evening!

  211. My first crush was a boy on my co-ed soccer team. I cost my team a few points as I was much more interested in watching my dream guy rather than the ball!

  212. Not a romantic crush but I was absolutely crazy about a boy named Axel while in the first grade. In the fine tradition of brazen girls my friends and I would literally try to chase him down and catch him during recess. He was pretty speedy though and I don’t think I ever caught him.

  213. My first crush was in 3rd grade. He sat across from me & I thought he was absolutely dreamy, until the teacher wouldn’t let him use the restroom and he peed all over me and my desk. 🙁

  214. I used to drive by his house on the way to my best friends house in hopes I would see him outside playing with his younger brother.

  215. The first crush I had was on a boy from summer camp when I was around 12. He spent most of the week picking on me when we were together. The last night at the camp fire he gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that it felt better to hug me than to tease me. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach and just wanting to hug him some more. We didn’t keep in touch after camp, but I remember that was the first time that a boy gave me that feeling 🙂

  216. These would be soooo perfect. I’m eagerly anticipating my next running shoes and decided Saucony’s were it. My son loves them and I haven’t given them a spin yet. Would love to give these a try. Thanks!

  217. I was 10, he was 20. I thought he was super cute and I would always make funny faces at him. I think I even gave him a valentine!!

  218. I used to drive by the pool at least once a day to see if he was working/sitting up on a life guard chair. Even better if he was working at the top of the water slide, but a little bit better chance I would get caught. Haha!

  219. One of my first crushes was a counselor at summer camp. He had long hair and played the guitar. I memorized all the lyrics to “Horse with No Name” because I’d heard him play it.

  220. Summer always reminds me of my first crush. We were both in day camp but felt we were too old at 12. I was there because my mom insisted that both my younger sister and I go. He was there because his older sister was a counselor. We held hands in the pool and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

  221. In Jr. High my friends and I had well calculated routes we would take while passing between classes. We were in the same building as the High School kids and we made sure we were going down the hallways of our crushes at the exact time they would be. Of course this was usually followed by some rule breaking sprints to make it back to our classrooms on time. We thought we were so cool…but I realize now we were some obnoxious giggling 13 and 14 year old girls. Oh well, good memories!

  222. First crush: eighth grade. His name was Bill and I thought he was the most beautiful human being ever to walk the earth. Not sure i even acted nicely towards the poor boy. Oh the drama of the teen years. Don’t miss it- even on the worst thirty something day!

  223. I remember playing footsies while playing checkers with my first crush during study hall! He threw shot put for the high school track team. I’m sure I would have loved being on the track team, but was a pretty shy back in the day. That “first crush” and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! 🙂

  224. My first crush was in 7th grade and he was in 8th grade. We went to the movies together and held hands. I was so nervous!

  225. His name was Thomas, and he lived across the street. He was one of 9 boys in his family, and I was one of 8 kids in mine. He was cute & fun.

  226. First crush was a boy named Adam-my friend and I rode our bikes to his house so we could hang out 🙂 First kiss too!

  227. My first crush was at church! He sat in a pew behind me and would tap my shoulder during the sermon to make me turn around. Of course I feel for it every time 😉

  228. First crush I was probably around 9 or 10. Me and my cousin both thought this guy, who was about 8 years older than us, was so cute. We would write letters back and forth to each other about him. One day he was in a tractor farming the field across the road from my house. Everyone was yelling “Joe, Michelle loves you.” He got out of the tractor came across the road and we ran to the basement.

  229. Sixth or seventh grade. He was the only guy in the choir and completely nerdilicious. My dad was the choir director. That doesn’t work out well for anyone. Sigh.

  230. My first crush was in 3rd grade–he had dark curly hair and freckles and held my hand during a movie we watched in class with the lights off! He is now married to my dear friend! =D

  231. I was in 9th grade and he was the cutest guy ever. I had a crush on him since middle school. I could barely speak around him. I thought that at the time anyway. We had this AP American History class that was hard! We had these 4 page study guides for tests. It would take me hours to do them. I spend so much time daydreaming about him it probably took longer! We had the same English teacher but different periods. One day I must have left my notebook with a newly completed study guide under my seat. Turns out he sat in that seat the next hour. When I went after school to collect my notebook he had left a cute note that said, “Hi Ali I took you study guide. If you want it back meet me after school at your locker.” So I did and had an actual conversation. However, it does not end like a John Hughes movie 🙁 It took several months to work up the courage for another real convo. But he was my first kiss also!

  232. My first crush was in 6th grade, Gary, with blond hair and blue eyes. He made my heart skip a beat more than my poster of Shaun Cassidy that I had hanging in my bedroom. I was invited to a friend’s birthday party at the roller rink and I knew he would be there too. I just *knew* I’d have a chance to skate the couple’s song with him. The lights go down, the spotlight goes on the giant disco ball in the middle of the ring and I eye my loverboy. I use my awesome roller shaking skills, skate over to him, and muster up the courage to ask him to skate with me. He told me yes, but that it would cost me $3! Shocked, but overcome with my love for him, I emptied my pockets of all the change I brought for treats. I gave him the money and we held hands, skated around and around the rink and I was in heaven…until the song ended. He went back with his friends, I went back to where mine were. They were buying treats and I of course, was penniless. He never would give me the time of day through the rest of our ‘growing up’ years. I saw him a few years ago…he’s overweight, balding and looked sad. I’m in better shape now than I was 30+ years ago. He should have paid ME the $3! Heh heh!

  233. my first crush was in 6th grade, my best friend and I would leave notes in his locker everyday. If he ever figured out who it was, he never let on.

  234. My first crush was in second grade. The girl that stood between us in the lunch line told him I liked him (I was an S, he was a T) He said he wouldn’t “go out” with me because I was fat. I was chubby, but he was chubbier, so I decided that he was an idiot and not worth my time. He is still chubby and I run marathons! 🙂

  235. My first crush was in second grade. My best friend and I used to chase Kevin around the playground and then we’d draw him pictures and hide them in his cubby.

    BTW, I LOVE the Ride model shoes!

  236. Tom Cruise in Top Gun! I was ready to ride off into the “beachy” sunset on his motorcycle. Now, on my long runs here in Texas, in the heat of summer, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

  237. I’m twelve years younger than my next oldest sibling, and when I was little I had a crush on his buddy. It was no secret and they teased me mercilessly about it!

  238. I got seated in 7th grade english class next to the cutest tall guy with glasses!!! I still can’t spell to save my life and I blame him 🙂

  239. I caught sight of him on the television. I just knew he was the man for me. My heart skipped a beat every time he entered General Hospital and was paged “Paging Dr Noah Drake”….. I still love Rick Springfield….

  240. Love this! My first crush was in 4th grade. He was a lovely, tall and lanky 8th grader who worked in the lunch room. He always gave me extra pickles (which clearly means true love), so I started planning our wedding.

  241. On Friday nights, all the 5th and 6th graders hung out at the roller rink. My crush would be there, and I’d hope that he’d ask me to skate with him during a couple’s skate…but he never did 🙁

  242. I was in 1st grade! He carried me up the hill after recess one day. Tell me that isn’t true love. Unfortunately, he also openly picked his nose, so it didn’t last long.

  243. My first crush was in 8th grade gym class. I thought he was THE greatest dodge ball player ever! He could jump over the balls instead of ducking, like WOW! I thought if I could hit him with a dodge ball he’d for sure be my prince charming!

  244. My first crush was a boy named Anthony in 5th grade. He was cute, and a good artist (for a 5th grader!) He won my heart by writing me a little ‘love note’ drawing of two puppies inside a heart. I thought it was adorable-went home and showed my parents. Later that day I overheard my wonderful Dad say to my Mom, ‘that was a bit BOLD of him…don’t you think??’ Ha! Gotta love protective Daddies. 🙂

  245. 1st crush… Funny! A bunch of us in the neighborhood were playing night time hide n seek and we hid near each other. 1st crush was also first kiss! Funny part was he was shorter than I but luckily I was standing in a hole at the time!! Ironically his last name was Short!!!

  246. My first crush was on a beautiful, athletic boy named Jason. We were in the 4th grade when we first met, and I was hooked on this blonde haired, blue eyed, tanned boy. I carried this crush well into high school, and we even became friends toward the end of our senior year. I will never forget my first crush!

  247. My first crush lived next door (I know cliche but true) I would watch him out his bedroom window playing hockey in his driveway. He was my first very awkward teeth crashing kiss. His parents still live next to my parents and every so often we will both be home at the same time with our spouses and kids!! Sometimes I really wish I could lace up and run away in those moments.

  248. My first crush was in 5th grade – I remember trying to get his attention by doing cartwheels around the playground at recess!

  249. I am just starting to run again after being plagued with foot injuries (3 stress fractures, 2 plantar Fascitis, and a partridge in a heel spur. Would love some cushy new chariots to let me fly!

  250. My first crush was on John Schneider (Bo Duke) loved that man and I wrote him a fan letter and put a smelly sticker on it – when I got a reply from him he sent me an autographed picture of him and he said how much he liked the sticker – even though he was like 20 years older than me I was convinced he’d find me and marry me

  251. 6th grade, Jeff … he was so dreamy!!! 🙂 Stayed friends all through school till I moved away and then ran into each other in college. He was a nice guy, but I’m glad things worked out they way they did. 🙂

  252. My first crush was this guy whose grandfather lived next door to us. I would hang out in my backyard next to the fence for hours to catch a glimpse of him whenever he was visiting his granddad. And it was so obvious – I feel so mortified every time I think about it now…:)))) Oh – I think I was in 6th or 7th grade…

  253. My first crush was in the 6th grade. Oh man, I was in love. All year long I did everything possible to be close to him and become friends. My school took the 6th graders on an annual trip to an amusement park as a sort of graduation present (glad we’re rid of you…) Anyway, he sat beside me on the bus, held my hand AND rode the biggest roller coaster in the park with me. Oh I was in Heaven.

  254. My first crush was in kindergarten (yeah, I was an early bloomer in the boy department). His name was Johnny and he had sandy hair that casually swept over his eyebrows, and summer-tanned skin.

    One afternoon during the summer between kindergarten and first grade, I rode my bike to the park and saw Johnny there. I swear he smiled at me. My heart sped up and I pedaled faster toward him. As I got closer I saw whom he was really smiling at: Lisa. Lisa with the beautiful long sandy hair and big brown eyes. I hated her immediately. Johnny commented on the cool color spokes on my bike so I did what any crush would do: I gave him my bike. Right then and there. “Here. You have it,” I said.

    “Okay,” he said and took it from me.

    I started to walk home and turned to look back at my new boyfriend (because if I gave him my bike, he was my boyfriend, right?) and saw Lisa riding it.

  255. My first crush was Danny in 5th grade. We did “date” but it all ended tragically on a dodgeball court. I caught him out and he couldn’t handle the pressure from the other guys and dumped me right then and there. Too bad for him really…. :o)

  256. My first crush was in 6th grade — The cutest boy in class had caramel skin and chocolate eyes. How could I resist? We played “king of the hill” and on little dirt pile in the schoolyard, and he and I were class champions.

  257. My first crush was in fourth grade on the smartest boy in class. He was always getting little trinkets from the teacher for winning spelling/math games.

  258. First crush had to be kindergarten. He was the cutest little red headed kid with freckles. I met him again (after changing schools) as a senior and he didn’t look like he’d age a bit in those 13 years! 🙂

  259. I played basketball with the guys at lunch time in high school to be close to my crushes. At first they didn’t want me to play because I was a girl but everyone who showed up to play was allowed to play. Once they realised I could play and rarely missed a 3-pointer they were jumping at having me on their team!

  260. I am feeling like I had a crush in elementary but I can’t remember. I will have to go with Dave. He had a great mullet perm. We ended up being good friends after all we share a birthday.

  261. My first crush played tuba, I played trumpet. He shared his headphones so we could listen to the red hot chili peppers tape on his Walkman on the back of the band bus to regionals. It was amazing!

  262. Not a first crush, but I have been together for 12 years (married and 2 kids now) with my camp crush (when we were staff, in College, I thought it was summer love and never expected it to last :)). I was heading out for a morning run on the camp road and he was on his way back from his run, shirtless. We exchanged (heavy) glances. When I returned, I slowly walked by his cabin and he was shaving by the window and caught me (and called me on it) checking him out. Years later, I still check him out when he returns shirtless from his runs 🙂

  263. I followed him around Kmart, hiding behind clothes racks every time he came near. Funny thing was that a couple days later I met him at a party and we hit it off and were a couple for all our high school years.

  264. One of the nuns at school busted me writing I love Alan on my hand and my parents were called to the principal!

  265. It was the first grade, I sat next to Andy. He could read the
    hungry caterpillar in various funny voices. Since it was silent reading time,
    our teacher didn’t like all of my school girl giggling.
    We both were sent to the corner and this became a pattern for us.
    Every time was worth the teacher calling my mom to get to giggle
    more with good old Andy! To this day, I choose laughter over silence.
    Even while I run, I prefer to laugh through my long runs with a friend.

  266. My first crush was in third grade and he lived up the street from me. His name was David and every time he got a haircut I wold break up with him. His bangs were so short. Once they grew back we’d be girlfriend and boyfriend again. We used to climb a really tall tree and carve our names in it.

  267. My mom was a HUGE Dodgers fan, so my first crush, at the age of four, was the hunky first baseman, Steve Garvey. Needless to say, we didn’t ride off into the hills together and live happily ever after. 😉

  268. The cutest little boy lived down the street from me in kindergarten. His name was Jason, and he had blond hair and glasses. He would bring me his sister’s old Barbie dolls, and I just knew he was my One True Love. Ultimately his father got transferred (the joys of living in a military town), and I was mortified. I heard he grew up to be quite the hottie in highschool.

  269. To this day 14 is still my favorite number… because it was a certain someone’s jersey number when he played football (in 7th grade…)

  270. I married my first crush! We met in middle school and were really great friends in middle school…friends with “benefits” in highschool…9 years of dating, 5 years of marriage Dec 2013, and 2 kiddos later the man still gives me butterflies!

  271. There was a boy a few years ahead of me in school and I would watch him play basketball every morning before school and at an evening sports program. At our school dance I somehow got the courage to ask him to dance….to November Rain of all songs….7 minutes long! Ha!

  272. My first crush was when I was 2. My dad was in the Air Force and the little boy was our next door neighbor at Vandenberg AFB, Ca. We played together all the time. I named my Fisher Price characters after his family. My parents have home movies of his parents taking the two of us to a drive-inn movie. I distinctly remember telling my mom I was going to marry him. He had a little yellow dune buggy pedal car and we would ride in it until the day we left it parked behind his day’s car and it got run over. We moved apart before we were 3. Our parents kept in touch and we saw each other again when we were about 11 but never saw each other again after that. My parents got an occasional Christmas card from his parents and he eventually married a girl he had met and played with at a different air base. I wonder if he had a girl at every air base.

  273. My first real crush was in high school, the boys’ track team captain (one of several). I told one of my friends that I was thinking of asking *him* to prom (our senior year). He pre-empted me, asking my friend to prom, and she, knowing how I felt…said yes…and hid from me for 2 weeks. I was crushed, but I honestly wasn’t mad at her. His twin brother affirmed my thoughts when he told me his twin was basically a man of loose principles….
    Incidentally, never made it to prom, and got caught trying to cliff dive on private property instead. Hmm.

  274. My first crush was an “older boy” and I remember being so obsessed with him that my friend’s older brother who was also friends with him would steal stuff to give to me!! An empty gum wrapper, a chewed pen, I cherished all the trash I got!!

  275. I remember crushing on a guy at an under 21 club I went to. I desperately wanted him to ask me to dance, but he didn’t. I didn’t get the nerve to ask him, either. But, it was fun watching him from afar and dreaming of “what ifs” about him long after we left that club! 🙂

  276. My first crush was in the 6th grade on a boy named Kenny. We talked on the phone for hours and liked to listen to Billy Idol together! He was also my first real date…we went to the movies to see “The Running Man”, starring Arnold Schwartzeneeger. (The movie is not about running in case you were wondering, but the title is ironic considering this post!)

  277. David Cassidy from the Partridge Family! Once when I was about 8 I was in Canada visiting family and I would sit on the side of the road thinking I just might see the Partridge Family bus come around the corner. I thought I was in California!! Ha!

  278. I actually got to slap my first crush in the face. It was for the school play of course. Grade 6, still remember after all this time!

  279. In third grade I fell hard for Simon LeBon of Duran Duran fame. Even wrote about him in my diary. SO. CUTE. Swoon…

  280. My first BIG crush was on “Fonzie” from Happy Days. Yup…..I just said that! I would tune in to the show as often as I possibly could, but he never seemed to notice me! Ha! Plus, I was a little bit young for the Fonz, so that would have been a bit creepy. 🙂 He was so dreamy in his black leather jacket.

  281. and p.s….. my first running shoes crush were Saucony too! They’re the only running shoes I get now because they fit my “special” feet and my budget. (Over pronator but with a high arch)

  282. My first crush was in grade 7 and 8- he was the cool new kid, with a sweet mushroom cut and made all the girls all crazy. Must have been the mushroom cut 😉

  283. Oh goodness…. I think my first crush was back in 1st grade. Yeah, I was super boy crazy from the start. His name was Brad. He was a year younger than me… those kindergarteners! and he rode my bus. I think I had a crush on him for a couple years before I started crushing on someone else. However, I remember my first major major crush was in middle school. I think I asked that guy out every week because I figured he’d get tired of it and either tell me off or say yes, but I just got over him, which was a great thing! HE married his high school sweetheart and I married the true love of my life!

  284. My first crush was when I was in 7 th grade. My eyes were on an 8th grader who was so dreamy. I would purposely run into him to get him to notice me as I would politely say “Oh, I am so sorry.” This would happen multiple times a week and he was always polite back but never paid much attention to me otherwise. Years later I worked at my college bookstore and guess who walks in! I told him I knew who he was and told him of my antics in middle school to get his attention. He was very shy and said he remembered. We laughed about it and his friend said ” Dude! If you don’t ask her out I will!” 🙂

  285. My first real crush was on a guy that I worked with. He had a girlfriend at the time and she caught us flirting one day. I changed jobs and she happened to come in. Apparently he had been trying to find me an when she told him where she had seen me he broke up with her and came to where I worked and asked me on a date! We’ve been married 11 years now!

  286. One summer I had a huge crush on a boy who was a grade ahead of me. He had no idea I existed, but for the entire summer all I did was sit on the corner with my radio waiting for him to ride by on his bike! When I saw him, I would jump up and wave, then sit and wait for him to ride by again. My friends still give me grief about it!

  287. My first running related crush was on one of the pole vaulters. He was a senior and I was a freshman and he had no idea who I was but I learned to high jump so I could spend more time staring at him without tripping on the track 🙂

  288. A boy named George. We were all set to go to the orchestra together for our field trip and school dance after. I remember he waited for me at the bus door and we sat together on the way there. We ended up getting separated inside and I sat next to Adam. Adam whooed me and I ended up at the dance with him and George, well I don’t know what happened after that. Poor guy…

  289. One of my high school-aged neighbors would occasionally drive me to school, and he had a friend that would also ride with us…a dreamy blonde-haired, blue-eyed all-American guy. Of course, I was too shy to ever utter a single word when he was in the car!

  290. My first big crush was in the 7th grade… he joined the year-round swim team I competed for. I got his number by memorizing it from his water bottle at the first meet LOL! I called him up and things grew from there. (Believe or not, I still remember that number… 846-2120… we “dated” on and off for two years, so I called that number an awful lot!)

  291. DONNY OSMOND! “And they called it puppy loooovvvveeee…” I wore a blue hat like his, had his poster on my bedroom wall and wore purple socks like he did…My mom recently got me a Donny Osmond t-shirt from Vegas (were he was performing) and said I could wear it to bed so I could say I slept with Donny Osmond.

  292. Tall, dark, handsome college aged swim coach for my summer team when I was like 13. No tennis shoes involved! 😉

  293. I was in love with a boy in elementary school called “Freddy” and I would use to climb u his back and sing “Freddy my love” from
    ‘Grease” until one day my mom got called into the principal’s office because Freddy was terrified to come to school and have me climb all over him…

    On another note, Saucony’s was my first brand of running shoe I ever bought after getting properly fitted in the running store… so they were my first love when it came to running shoes. Saucony Pro Grid Stabils

  294. My first crush was a boy named Josh, in 7th grade. He found out I liked him and passed me a note (check yes or no) during English class. We both lived in the same neighborhood, on a large lake. He asked me to go for a walk along the lake, and showed up with fishing poles! I was too polite to tell him I had zero interest in anything outdoorsy (plus- c’mon! I was hanging with the boy I tween-lusted after for weeks! That’s a long time in the mind of a 12 year old). Needless to say, all he hooked that day was a smelly blue gill. And I got over my crush faster than you can say, “Pass me another worm.”

  295. My first memorable crush had a last name that started with SV, and mine was SW 🙂 so he sat either behind me or in front of me all freshman year in every class. He had perfect white, very straight teeth (a slight overbite perhaps) and bleach blonde hair. He was always nice to me even though he was a popular jock (swim team) and I was a nobody (not even band!). I started drinking Fruitopia just so I could stand line behind him during his daily stop at the vending machine. It surprises me how little I knew about him. He cost me 75 cents 250 empty calories a day. But I was in love all the same.

  296. When I was in high school Jazz Band was one of my extracurricular activities. The band room had risers in the shape of a horseshoe. As a saxophone player I was eye level with the feet of the bass player on the other end of the horseshoe. He always came to rehearsal from cross country or track practice. At the time I couldn’t understand why someone would CHOOSE to run for enjoyment or as a sport and I thought his black running shoes were SO ugly! I really liked him, but I could never go out with a guy who wore black running shoes. Fast forward 20 years and I’m happily married to the bass player with the ugly shoes, we have 3 kids and I’m training for my 3rd Twin Cities 10 mile and 3rd half marathon!

  297. My first real crush was the grocery bagger at the local grocery store. He was working there for the summer while on break from college. My mom was pretty awesome about it and would often “need” something she “forgot” for dinner so I could make my daily trip to the store just to see his handsomeness. The funniest part is I would spend most of the afternoon primping and deciding what to wear just so I could go see “the guy” needless to say, by the end of summer he had figured out my ploy and lucky for me…he ended up asking me out on a date! =)

  298. wowza…my first crush was MASSIVE…and now an old elementary friend is married to him. He lived down the street and I would ride my bike all cool like down his street!!! What a life, right?!

  299. My first crush was in the second grade- he and my brother were in the same Boy Scout troop so we went to the banquet and danced together- it made my day! Then-funny thing is his brother was my first boyfriend in eighth grade :-0

  300. My first crush was the fastest girl on the cross country team. I was no different than any other guy on my team, we all loved her. She’s was cute smart and most important fast. I made a promise to myself that I would not give up on her and eventually we dated for a while. During that time I ran with her a lot and got faster so really it was a win win

  301. I am a Kansas girl.
    Imagine a new student walking through the halls of my small-town middle school.
    Blond hair, blue eyed, new boy in school, fresh from California. Totally standing out.
    I will never forget the first time we passed in the hallway. All the other students parted, he was moving toward me with that hunky skate-boarder hair cut. I swear I heard music as we made eye contact.
    His last name was “Star”. I felt like I was in a slow motion 1980’s movie, I hoped to be the girl at his new school that he fell for!

  302. This isn’t my first crush – but I had a crush on a guy in high school. We went off to college and it turns out he went to the same college! I found out he worked at The Buckle…let’s just say I spent A LOT of money in the store my freshman year.

  303. My first crush (that I remember) was on the super-cute new guy in 4th grade. He was in another class and every girl in my class would stare at him in the cafeteria at lunch time 🙂

  304. My first crush…..ahhh….thank goodness we don’t always marry the first one who makes our hearts skip a beat! My love for the Saucony Rides has lasted longer! 😉

  305. My first crush lived across the street from me. He was 1 year ahead of me in school.
    I would peek out my bedroom window in the morning to see if I could time my own walk to school with his.
    It was short lived but very exciting in the moment 🙂

  306. My first crush was a lifeguard at the city swimming pool. He was so cute in his speedo(?) my mom was a sport and took a picture of him for me. I was eleven and he did not know I existed.

  307. I was in 7th grade and had just moved to the US from Canada. I was the “new girl” and I hardly knew anyone! I had a HUGE crush on a boy named Zack, but never actually spoke a word to him! I laughed this morning thinking about this because as I recall, Zack looked a lot like my husband did at that age!

  308. I can remember in sixth grade I had a major crush on this boy Ryan. While watching a movie in class we made eye contact and smiled at each other. It was the first time I experienced real, giddy butterflies in my stomach. It was my first real crush, nothing ever came of it but I’ll always remember that cute boy fondly.

  309. My first grade school crush was my 3rd grade teacher Mr. Firestone…he looked like Barry Gibb. So I guess I had a crush on Barry Gibb too. My first true love was in high school and we dated for 7 years! I didn’t get married until much later though :0D

  310. My first crush was a cute little Canadian kid named Fredrick. He was on vacation with his parents in Puerto Rico and I was there to spending my annual 2 week vacation at Abuela’s house. (I got shipped off to Grandma’s every year for 2 weeks to learn Spanish. Of course as a kid I hated it, but now as an adult I wish my mom would still do it!! (butI digress….)
    At age 13, I thought I was one hot little number with braces and my feathered hair! Fredrick only spoke French, and I was a fluent Spang-lish speaker! So we communicated with a guessing game of words he spoke in French and I spoke in Spanish that sounded similar plus a lot of pointing! A few walks on the beach holding hands, and I thought I was going to become Mrs. Fredrick for sure!!But our love was short lived as his parents had the gall to go home I was heartbroken for about 2 days until I saw a cute life guard to drool over for the rest of my time at Grandma’s! Ahh, young love!!after a week and took my sweet Fredrick with them!!
    I hope my summer love wins me some sneaks- ’cause this Mama needs a new pair of shoes, BAD!! :)– Judy

  311. Oh first crush memories! In super-stealth fashion, I wrote “I heart Jim” on the bottom of my shoe. And then proceeded to brilliantly sit in class, next to Jim, with my foot propped up on my knee, letting everyone including Jim in on my little crush!!

  312. first crush was a cute boy in elementary school. He was dreamy and a risk taker. He wound up falling off his bike and breaking his jaw which he had to have wired shut for weeks during the school year.

  313. I had a crush in high school on a guy who played the saxophone. I always made sure I timed my walk to my next class where I would pass him coming from band. It’s so funny to think about how nervous you could get just hoping for a “hi” from a cute guy. Life sure was simple then.

  314. My first crush was a next door neighbor. All the kids on my street used to hang out together as friends when we were in our early teens, but I never spilled my secret.

  315. Gosh, I had lots of crushes but did absolutely nothing to admit them to anyone. I wouldn’t say that I was shy but it never seemed like any of the boys that I had crushes on even looked my way and then when a boy eventually admitted having a crush on me, I wondered why I had been so blind. I recall wanting that fairy tale romance but usually ended up getting together with guys once I was in college who were friends and tons of fun to hang out with. We’d hang out for a while and then someone was always moving on with no hurt feelings. I’m always so surprised I ended up married as I never seemed to want to be tied down 🙂 Life has been good though three boys and thirteen years later.

  316. I was a freshman, he was a dreamy, charming senior…. He played tennis. My girlfriend and I were always late for P.E. because we had to stop by the tennis courts and swoon over Erik….. xoxoxo <3 Those were the days.

  317. The name of my first crush was Steven. He was a skater and oh so “rad.” I met him at camp and we hung out because his little friend was into my little friend. I didn’t realize that I “liked” him until the day I left. And because we lived in different towns, I lived in preteen angst for about a month until I got over it.

  318. We both worked at a small run down amusement park one summer. He operated ‘the scrambler.’ I operated the teeny tiny Ferris wheel that children where too terrified to ride on. Our teenage love didn’t last past the summer seeing we went to separate highschools. Bummer at the time but now I have my wonderful husband. 🙂

  319. My first crush came in 7th grade when we moved to a new town! This boy had my heart from the start. We were best friends and perfect for each other but unfortunately we never openly talked about wanting more than friendship. Time slipped away from us and now several years later I still think about him and what kind of life we might have had together.

  320. 5th grade, his name was Matt. I was new to the school and he already had a girlfriend but I had a crush on him! I think being the ‘new kid on the block’ worked to my advantage because he broke up with Jill and gave me a valentines day teddy bear not long after. Didnt make any new friends with that move. Lucky for me 5th grade love fades fast and friendships grow equally as fast. By the end of the school year Jill & I were inseparable and we pretty much stayed that way through high school. In fact, to this day I still call her my best friend!

  321. My 1st crush was a few years ago (Im 40). His name was George Clooney (yes THE George Clooney). He has yet to know I exist but I faithfully stalk him every chance I get with his movies & a gallon of ice cream in bed every single week. Love that man! haha

  322. I was in 3rd grade at a new school and my first crush was an 8th grader. His name was Romeo (not making it up) was a tall, dark and handsome teenager. I remember when I would see him at lunch or recess it would give me butterflies. All the girls in school drooled over him. Even my mom thought he was a good looking kid. I had one interaction with him and it was when the scholastic books came in, he delivered the books to my class and I was the one who opened the door for him…. Oh the days of being young! Twenty one years later I have my “Romeo!”

  323. First crush…his name was Les and he was the “most awesomest skater” at our local skating rink (which is where we spent EVERY weekend growning up – or at least between ages 12-14). He had the black speed skates, could do all the tricks. i think I wrote some serious puppy crush stories about him and me, but alas, no love ever happened. Unrequited. But I also LOVE that citron color of shoe up above, that could make up for it, haha!

  324. I had the biggest crush on a boy in my Sunday School class. My parents thought I was really bummed about summertime hiatus from classes because I loved the Bible stories so much. If only they knew.

  325. I was a freshman in highschool. I always rode the bus growing up and I hated it. Until I saw him. He was tall (er than me) dark hair, quiet & boy was he handsome! He was a Senior so he never paid any attention to my little ole freshman self. I memorized his favorite seat on the bus, and always sat as close to it as possible. One day, he actually sat next to me! But, never even looked my way. I did happen to notice he always had nice shoes on and most of the time, they were black & white Nikes. Ah the crushes of our youth. I am married to my prince charming who now has a love for running thanks to me. 🙂

  326. I think fourth grade was my first hardcore one. He was on my younger brother’s hockey team, lived in the next town. He was tall, dark and handsome and always smiled at me. Never made it past being “Eric’s Sister” or “Coach’s Daughter.” Boo.

  327. Age 13. Ski bus crush. It took us a year and half of “going out” (You know middle school form of boyfriend/girlfriend, when the best friends of the other actually do the asking on the other’s behalf) before we actually went out. We used to ride our mountain bikes on the trails around his farm and go skiing. He was on the cross country team. I wonder if he wore Saucony’s?

  328. Kindergarten, his name was Michael, I don’t remember too many details, not sure if we shared crayons or if I strategically placed my nap mat next to his, but I do remember being pretty smitten with him 😉

  329. The year was 1984. I met a really dreamy guy in summer jazz band. We exchanged flirty glances across the rhythm and brass sections (he played trumpet, I played piano). Being a year older than me, I was intrigued by his advanced accomplishments (captain of the basketball team, trumpet whiz) and general cuteness (at 6′ 5″ tall, he looked like a Viking to this southern belle!) but turned off by his aloofness and apparent lack of intrigue in me — I mean, what was he doing in his spare time when he could be making sweet music with yours truly?! I figured he probably was just another cocky loser when he refused to show me his grades, so imagine my surprise when I tackled him on the high school library steps and stole his report card. Straight As — and all honors classes! That sealed the deal as I thought, “You clearly are meant to be the father of my children!” Yes, my first crush is now my husband of almost 22 years. And the father of our four sons. Also, the best cheerleader this BAMR could ask for on race day!

  330. My first Real crush is now my husband. I met him once in middle school and he wasn’t very interested in me. Sadly I dated a few of his friends until he took real notice of me in high school. I was a cheerleader and him a football player, so cliche. Eventually after I was done dating his best friend he asked me to Homecoming (with my broken ankle and all). We’ve been together ever since. 12 Amazing years and counting!

  331. Always had a crush on one of my best friends in Middle School, but never thought he felt the same. Had other “boyfriends”but nothing close to what I felt for that boy. He moved away before we started high school, and kept in touch occasionally. Ran into him in college and he confessed he had loved me since we were 12 years old. Sigh. We are both married now- I’ve got two beautiful babies and a wonderful hubby, and he has a gorgeous wife and a successful career in LA. Always a special place in my heart for that boy and his friendship.

  332. My first crush was an all around jock, played all sports and was as gorgeous as can be. We were in our church youth group, one day we were paired up as prayer buddies. Our knees were touching as we faced each other. I swear I was blushing. As adults we are now friends, share hugs and all. Can’t believe how happy I was at the early childhood moment with knees brushing. So silly!

  333. My first crush was Lee, in Kindergarten. Sadly, he chose my bestfriend Penny. Funny thing is….I have no idea where in the world Lee is these days, but I talk to Penny practically every day.

  334. My first crush was in high school (I was a late bloomer). I offered him rides to school and played his favorite music (which I also liked). Found out later that he had liked me, too, but neither of us were able to tell each other. We’re now friends and stay in touch.

  335. My first crush was on the guy that is now my husband. He worked at Kroger (grocery store) and I would make up reason to go in and stand in his line. Sometimes there would be a person with a basket full of groceries and I would wait with my one 6-pack of Fresca or pack of gum! Then occasionally another cashier would come and up another line and want me to move over to their line and all that time was wasted! LOL! I finally gave the shopping cart guy my pager number to give to him. It took him a few days to actually get the call through to me because he thought it was an answering machine so he kept thinking he was leaving a message. But it worked out in the long run…we have been married 15 yrs and have two beautiful daughters. I always tell my girls now the best place to meet their hubby is at the grocery store!! 🙂

  336. My first hard core crush is when I was 26 in college in Nebraska and I had a professor that would tell amazing stories about his son who lived in HI, I fell in love with his son via my professors stories with out meeting the son. Then one day in the summer at my bartending job I saw my professors last name on the work schedule, and I thought who would that be? As I was reading the schedule some guy behind me said: “what does it say for my days on the schedule” I turned around and there was this amazingly hunky guy, I asked him what his name was as my voice was shaking…the guy was sooo cute! And he told me his name, it happened to be my professors son, who just got hired at the same place I worked!!! That day I met the guy I had never met until then who I had a hard core crush on, and fell in love with via his life stories through his dad. We ended up falling in love in real life, and dated for almost 4 years. We have since moved on from each other, but still the best of friends today, and still love each other very much!!! Sigh…that was one fun summer when we first met! 🙂

  337. My first “real” crush started the summer before I started high school, and he was going into senior year. He played drums in the marching band, as I did, and didn’t wear a shirt to our sweltering summer marching practice (central Texas, ya’ll). Fortunately, he noticed the only girl drummer 🙂 and we dated for about 6 months. It was a rather messy breakup, but we regained our friendship a few months later. I haven’t seen him in years, but last I heard he was a happily married firefighter!

  338. I was pre-school aged and his older brother held him down so I could kiss him. I chickened out. And continued the crush well into high school.

  339. It was kindergarten. His name was Brian. We were both five. He kissed me and declared his undying love. It lasted until lunch time.

  340. My first ‘real’ crush was my paperboy: blonde hair & blue eyes. *swoon* (back then, anyway. LOL) I used to walk with him on his paper route every day, toting my radio/cassette player. He’d pick wild daisies for me (still my favorite flower) if we walked through the field. 🙂 Sweet old memories!

  341. First hard core crush was when I was a high school freshman, he was a junior and had a steady girlfriend. My best friend and I would call him at all hours of the night and get him in trouble with his parents. We’re FB friends these days but haven’t seen each other in person for 20+ yrs.

  342. It was sixth grade. He lived next door. His mother had a thick Swedish accent. When we played ball in the cul-de-sac, he coached me when I batted. He defended me to kids at school when I got picked on. He was really nice to me. His mom would drive us (him, me, my little sister) to the pool, and kids all teased him that he was my ‘boyfriend’. I knew better, but hearing it was kind of cool.

    Then, I found out at school that fall, he had a girlfriend. I was crushed.

    I still play softball. We are friends on FB. He’s still really cute.

  343. Will the BEST crush story do? In college my friend from home knew I had a crush on someone who I called Mountain Bike Boy. Valentine’s Day came around and who do you think I got flowers from???? It was Mtn Bike Boy. I wondered for hours how he knew his nickname….until I talked to my friend from home. Sigh

  344. My first crush was four years older than me. I was 10 and he was 14. I first saw him at church. He was a reader at mass and my heart would flutter every time he stood up. My parents became good friends with his parents so in a sense I became the dreaded “little sister” to him. Although I dated, my crush on him lasted until I went away to college. He is now my dentist.

  345. First crush? It’s appropriate that it’s summer– we would “flirt” with the lifeguards at the pool when we were little (but thought we were SO grown-up!). Ahhh… summer love!

  346. I was fourteen. He was the older brother of my best friend. I would find all kinds of reasons why we needed to study at her house every day after school even though my home was closer to school. Thought I was very good at keeping it a secret crush. Found out years later when we were both in college at the same school that he always knew.

  347. He saw my “trombone charm” on my necklace and said, ” I didn’t know you played the trombone!” I got nervous. Said, “yep!” And ran away. Years later…we now have 4 children and one on the way! I am still running, but in a different sense! ;0)

  348. Thinking of my first crush always makes me smile! We were in fifth grade and he had brown shaggy hair, a great smile and played soccer. Everyday at recess he would challenge me to footraces around the playground (I was the fastest girl in our class) and always picked me to be on his soccer team. One day after school our friends arranged for us to “accidentally” run into each other on the way to the school busses. As I stood there waiting for my friend to come out of the restroom, my crush ran up to me and planted a sweet kiss on my cheek!! He ran off before I would react and we never spoke of it. For the rest of the school year we would just smile at each other and that was enough for me. At last it was not to be, we went off to different middle schools and never saw each other again.

  349. My first big-time, obsessive crush was a guy in high school who I thought about constantly! To show him how much I cared, (wish I could forget this part!) I made up crossword puzzles for him about him…. AND GAVE THEM TO HIM! Shock alert: He never did ask me out. I’m mortified for my high school self. Dork.

  350. I had a major crush on a drop-dead gorgeous guy who sat in the row ahead of me in microbiology my junior year of college. He seemed like a nice enough guy and looking back on it now, I could have easily said hi or started up a conversation about gram-staining, but alas, all I could ever do was offer a half-smile when we filed out of the auditorium after class. I’m a bit jealous that you not only regularly talked with your crush, you two actually touched!

  351. First real crush was my now husband. Met in junior high at church and we made every excuse to be at church and serve since it was the only time we could see each other. My husband says he knew he was going to marry me when he was 16 and I was just 14…it took me until I was 19 to come to the same conclusion 🙂

  352. Flashback to the third grade–P.E. and Dance. Just a few days into learning to square dance, I started to crush on my partner. Butterflies in my belly doing the do-si-do. He was a cutie. And he never knew he had my little heart.

  353. fourth grade, just moved to a new school. Kind, geeky boy who I froze out after losing the ring he gave me. I was too embarrassed to tell him I’d lost it doing cartwheels in my front yard.

  354. My first crush was when I was 13 at our county stock show. Yep, I’m that country. He showed hogs also and I remember trying so hard not to let him see me staring from across the show barn! Haha!

  355. I used to swing at recess with my first young crush. I always hoped that our swings would fly in-sync.

  356. This isn’t a story about MY crush, but a cute story nonetheless. Last night I took my kids out for a bike ride and we stopped at a local ice cream shop on the way home. My daughter, who is 9, was sitting with her back to the door when a man and his two sons walked in. As soon as the older boy spoke my daughter froze in her seat. She quietly peeked over her shoulder and right away I knew *who* this boy was. She looked over at me blushing with a big grin and I whispered to her “let me make sure your face is clean”.
    When we were ready to leave she slipped past him without a word but as we were getting on our bikes to go home the boy came out of the ice cream store and gave her a wave and a “hi Sadie!”.
    She chattered on about him all the way back home. I think that chance encounter may have been the best part of her whole summer so far.

  357. Interestingly enough, one of the things I remember most about my first real crush were his shoes (that and his gorgeous blond hair, styled in a Bieber-esque way although I’m pretty sure Bieber wasn’t even born at the time). He was a year older than me in school, but thanks to teacher shortages, we had a combined 3rd and 4th grade class, so we ended up in the same classroom. He had a great pair of black and white sneakers that clearly elevated his appeal to the 3rd and 4th grade girls, or at least my 3rd grade self.

  358. My first real crush was a football player in high school. I always hoped he would notice me (in a class of 500 that’s not easy to do). But alas I was in the band and he a football player and it was never meant to be 🙂

  359. Junior high, summer camp. He was a soccer player, so therefore one of the cool kids. I thought I was too dorky and lumpy (read: f-a-t) for him to like me. But now that I look back – at pictures of myself at that age, at memories of what I now know to have been flirting – I realize that I was NOT fat, and that he did like me back, but I was unable to see it.

  360. My first crush was an older guy at church. He was beautiful and I was in love. He was always so kind to me. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it was for him!

  361. My first crush was a boy on my baseball team in 4th grade. (Yes I played baseball with boys and not softball…)It lasted a whole two weeks.

  362. My first crush was in grade school – he was quiet, smart, had freckles and blue eyes. I had forgotten about him before this post!!

  363. My first real crush was in 6th grade with a boy who lived down the street. I would always try to find a reason to walk by his house!

  364. My first real crush was during my first job. I was 16 working at a grocery store as a cashier and he was a bagger. I always hoped he would be assigned to my cash register to help me so I could stare into his dreamy eyes.

  365. My first crush was a boy from church…go figure. Nothing ever came of it but I sure did think he was quite dreamy!

  366. My first crush was in middle school, a boy who was always nice to me despite being in the “popular” crowd. And he had great blue eyes and sandy hair.

  367. My first crush was in the 4th grade and it was my piano teacher’s (she was a highschool student) little brother. I would get my piano times mixed up (oops…) so my mom would take me early and I could hang out with him until it was time for my lesson.

  368. I kept stairing at the red headed boy playing the drums in band. (Which wasn’t easy as I played clarinet and had to turn all the way around)! Long story short…the red haired boy and I just got married last month!

  369. My first crush was Kermit the Frog. I was four. For three days after I saw the Muppet Movie I sat by the front window waiting for him and Fozzie to pick me up in their psychedelic Studebaker. I have no idea why I thought that would happen, but when it came to guys I was always good at wishful thinking.

  370. My first crush was in 3rd grade.. Sadly, he liked my best friend and I had to plan their wedding under the monkey bars just to spend time with him. Ha ha

  371. My first crush was in 4th grade. I gave him a piece of gum on the playground and he said that we would be my boyfriend – I was sooooo happy, until he found another girl a few days later who had better gum 🙂

  372. my first crush was the nerdiest boy in 2nd and 3rd grade. We used to compete to see who could turn in our math tests fastest. Guess i was nerdy, too.

  373. My first crush was in the first grade and his name was Stephen. He wrote me “letters” on the giant large lined paper that all first graders are familiar with, and one spring day we “got married” under the jungle gym, with another little boy whose name I’ve long forgotten as our officiant. After our “wedding” he would take my chair down for me in the morning, that’s how I knew it was true love 🙂

  374. My first crush was in middle school at the local pool one summer. Lloyd the lifeguard… He was so handsome with the perfect pair of sunglasses and his glorious tan. I wore sunglasses too so he wouldn’t know I was staring at him! Funny… I ended up dating him 10 years later and sure enough…he broke my heart!

  375. Oh talk about taking me WAY back…my first real crush was a lifeguard at the pool where I spent my summer beating the heat. He ended up being my first kiss, but alas, that was all it ever was! I do still wonder what ever happened to Jerry.

    And Saucony Ride’s are like a fairy tale! Would LOVE to win these!!

  376. My first crush was a cute boy in kindergarten. I used the typical “shove him to the ground” approach to express my affection with limited success.

  377. My first crush was my pastor’s son. We were in first grade and ruled the first grade Sunday school class. Poor Sunday school teacher, what do you say to the pastor’s kid and his little crush when they’re insisting that Noah was a hoarder for taking all those animals on a boat ride with him? 🙂

  378. First real crush was a cute boy about my age in a circle of 3 families that hung out, a lot. I loved him, followed him around and my older sisters and his older brothers teased us, I always denied it with a blushing face. They still tease me today.

  379. My first crush used to say I had cooties and try to hit me with the dodgeball every chance he got. I thought he was dreamy! I finally gave up on him in 5th grade, but for two years, my TrapperKeeper had his name secretly drawn in a heart on the inside!

  380. My first crush was the son of a famous hockey player. He moved into our neighbourhood, we ended up in the same class and often ended up at the same events. It was such an emotional challenge for 11 year old me. I still get giddy when I think about him!

  381. My first hard care crush was with the boy next door to our new house when I was 11 and he was 13. Now 19 years, 9 years of marriage, and 4 kids later I’m still crushing pretty hard ;0)

  382. Sideways glances in drama, blushing from my cheeks to toes, ackward hellos in the hallways and finally a summer paddle boat ride at the lake. He was tall, dark, handsome and had a BIG truck! (No, that’s not an euphemism!)
    To this day, he’s still pretty hot. Not to mention an all around nice guy, and gay. Even so, My stomach still drops when we talk on the phone….30 year later.

  383. His name was Steve and he was my crush and then boyfriend all through elementary school. Alas we drifted apart in middle school … found each other again in high school, tried dating…it didn’t work…Saw him about 5 years out of high school, boy did he change!!!(and not for the better!!) Whew dodged that bullet…

  384. My sister and I would drive by each of our crushes houses (they were only a few blocks apart) and honk the horn. We would then drive by a few minutes later, hoping he would come outside to see who was honking and we could catch a glimpse….sad, I know.

  385. my first crush was a boy in my third grade class who’s talent for drawing cartoon characters like a professional won me over. who doesn’t love a boy capable of whipping out an entire Roger Rabbit scene without catching fire from the teacher?

  386. I was 4 when I married my first crush in a sidewalk ceremony. I dressed in white and may have even had a toilet paper veil. He was my best friend.

  387. The first time I “French kissed” a boy…he had to take his retainer out….he broke up with me later in the school year because he didn’t like my new haircut, he had an interesting name so I should probably google him…,people still say “French kiss” or is it just make out now?!?!?!?!

  388. My first crush was before I was in kindergarten and he even asked me to marry him – as he was sitting on the toilet. Ahhh, those were the days.

  389. First crush in elementary school. I was a cheerleader – he was a basketball player. I picked his name to cheer for him. We became friends following year, but then he moved out of town.

  390. My first crush was around 6th grade. He lived just down the street and we spent the summer pretty much joined at the hip that year. I don’t think he ever caught on that I was head over heels.

  391. My first big crush was in elementary school. Of course he didn’t pay me any attention and liked someone else. He turned out to be a troublemaker later on, so I guess it was a good thing!

  392. My first crush was in elementary school. I was convinced I was going to marry him, and my friend would marry his friend. And in high school when we were boyfriend and girlfriend I assumed the boys would walk into the school carrying us on their shoulders. Weird… and totally from the 80’s. 🙂

  393. laughing out loud as i recall the story of my 1st crush. I was in the 7th grade, and his name was Danny. He was my big sisters boyfriend. One Sunday morning while in church, I found a postcard tucked into a hymn book. The card was an invitation to a marriage encounter weekend. I quickly filled it out with his name, and mine (of course we had his last name)! and his phone number. Sure enough, he got a phone call a few days later, thanking him and his wife (me, not my sister) for their interest in the marriage. When he called my sister to ask what that was all about – I just about died!! But glad I can still giggle about the ridiculousness.

  394. My first crush was in grade school. All of the kids would chase each other around the playground. I always hoped he would tag me but he never did.

  395. I honestly don’t remember my first crush but I’m sure I was quite bold, told the poor boy outright and maybe even tried to steal a kiss – so we are clear on this, I’m guessing I was in 2nd grade. By the time I had a real grown up crush (7th grade)I wasn’t as bold, but happy to say I am facebook friends with the guy 40 years later.

  396. First crush? I started early. I remember following around a boy in 1st grade & buying him little plastic football helmets from the machines (where the gumballs are) at the grocery store. I would sneak my little gifts to him on the sly. I can’t remember if my affections were reciprocated, but I kept buying those helmets, so I’m assuming he liked them at least.

  397. My first crush was on a cute boy in my kindergarten class. He was tan with blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and had adorable dimples. I don’t remember his name, but I do remember picking him up trying to impress him with my strength:)

  398. In 8th grade I started going to the high school (10-12th grade) after school to run with “the big kids” to stay challenged in running. I was lucky to be smitten with the #4 guy (and not the #1 or 2 guy)on the cross country team and even though I was dying while we were training, I had a big smile plastered across my face and I did my best to stay with him during training runs. We actually started dating and were together over 3 years. I don’t think I’ve ever been as good a runner since 🙂

  399. My first real crush was in the 9th grade on our quarterback for our football team(he was a junior). And the great thing was I sat beside him in typing class. He of course had a girlfriend but he knew I was crushing on him. I had t-shirts with his # on them and talked about him to everyone. He was always nice to me and never acted funny about me liking him.

  400. My first crush was in eight grade earth science class. We passed endless notes and he finally asked me out. Our dates were endless hours roller skating. Good times!

  401. I remember in second grade there was a boy that I was really good friends with – he decided that we should get married and brought me a ring to school. That afternoon I proudly showed my mom who had a heart attack and started going through the phone book looking for his phone number. Apparently he had snatched his mom’s multi-carat diamond engagement ring!! I was so mad at my mom for making me give back the “super sparkly” ring :).

  402. My first crush was in middle school. I crushed on him all the way through high school although he never gave me a second glance. I just recently found him on FB and he is married with 2 boys that look exactly like him. I’m sure some future middle school girl will continue the crush I started years ago.

  403. My first crush was when I was tutoring at a dyslexic school. I was 16 and he was in college . I would talk to him about our students and hope he would magically ask me out. We would tease back and forth. It was a fun summer.

  404. 3rd grade. He used to hide under the desk while I told the other kids how cute he was. He even asked me to go to a church luncheon with him, supervised of course!

  405. My first crush worked for my uncle’s garage. I would always call there looking for my Uncle when I knew he wasn’t around just to talk to my crush. It worked, we would talk for hours and he eventually asked me out!

  406. While I adamantly declare Mickey Dolenz of The Monkeys was my first crush, my first real live boy in front of me kind of crush started in first grade. Bart Gulley. He looked just like Barney Rubble. The moment he sat in front of me in Mrs. Harris’ class, I was a gonner. I never had the ovum to tell him, I just followed him around and ate the bits of attention he gave me like ET following a trail of Reeses Pieces. We wound up being pal-ish and made it all the way to High School graduation waving friendily in the halls. So much for the passions of a grade school dork.

  407. So many crushes in my life and time wasted tracking them. But I suspect the first one was in 4th grade. I don’t remember his name but I am sure I obsessed if he “liked” me. Who knows what became of him.

  408. Fifth grade love <3 I bought 5 packs of Bubble Yum and/or Hubba Bubba gum and gave Pete one pack a day in the hopes that the sticky gum might somehow bond us together forever. Things didn't go exactly as planned since he never professed his love for me, but he did end up at least knowing that I existed.

  409. The year was 1991. He was a Sophomore, one year older than me. He had hair like Robert Smith from the Cure, that is long but straight up in the air, lots of hair spray. Extra challenging of a hair style as he was African American. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre in his rec room and kissed in the tree house at the Philadelphia Zoo. I made him a mixed tape:)

  410. I was in 6th grade, he had lunch after me, and we passed in the hallway…our eyes met…faces flushed…he asked what was for lunch. As I replied “chicken” a piece of meat that was stuck in my retainer forcefully flew from my mouth and landed on his cheek. A look of disgust and then he hastily fled…that was the end of the crush.

  411. Saucony Ride’s are my shoe of choice! I’m currently running in the 5’s so my next shoe will be the 6’s regardless of whether or not I win. 🙂

    My middle school friends and I numbered our crushes so that we could talk about them in secret. I’m sure it wasn’t too hard to figure out who we were talking about though!

  412. I was in 5th grade. His name was Mike. He came to school every day in a tie, white, short sleeve, button down shirt, and Clark Kent glasses. He had dimples and was pretty cute, in that nerdy smart way, I must say.

    I was a nerd. My glasses resembled coke bottles more than anything else. So. Not. Hot.

    I kicked him during PE one day. It gave him a charlie horse in his hamstring that was so bad, he cried. I’m pretty sure we were done being friends after that. I totally nailed it on the smart guy angle, though. He ended up getting his PhD and is one of those wicked smart professor guys at a university. Clearly it wasn’t going to work out. He looks far too into the academic world to be a runner.

    Yes, I may or may not have done some minimal cyber hunting (because stalking would be creepy).

    PS, I LOVE my Ride 5’s. They were the first committed relationship my feet were in 🙂 Happy summer!!!

  413. I don’t remember my first crush, but my most embarrassing crush moment was when I was in college, on a guy who worked at a health foods store. I would spend absurd amounts from my work study paychecks on artisan cheese and shrimp, just for an excuse to chat him up a bit.

  414. As a freshman in high school, I had a huge crush on a senior basketball player. I was on the yearbook committee and a few of the unused photos of him, might have accidently (on purpose) gone home with me. I am pretty sure those pictures are still in my freshman year book over 20 years later!

  415. From 3rd grade to college, I had a crush on a boy that I actually went out with once before he went away to college. Then I met my future husband and my crush was history.

  416. I was a freshman and he was a senior and my friend’s brother was on the basketball team with him so I sort of knew his schedule. I would conveniently show up where I knew he would be (yes, I was a stalker). It worked. We have been married 18 years.

  417. My first crush was a neighbor that lived down the street. We had plans to marry…at the ripe age of 5. Although our “engagement” ended, I’m lucky to still have him as a friend decades later.

  418. I had a crush on a boy that went to the rival high school in my hometown. We knew each other from youth group and I saw him every Sunday at church. More often than not our family sat right behind his. After many months of oogling over him I finally got up the nerve and *gasp* ask him out on a date. He declined as he’d already made plans but let me down easy by saying “Maybe some other time.” Persistent me didn’t realize that was his way of saying no, so I waited a couple weeks and called him again. He was kind enough to accept this time and we went to a movie. That was the only date we ever went on. There was no mutual spark. I did learn from the experience that you’ll never get what you don’t ask for. The worst that can happen is that the answer will be no and you’re no worse off than when you started.

  419. My first crush was the neighbor down the street.
    It was by fate that we should meet.
    A faux marriage on the top of our hill,
    Is all the details I choose to spill 😉

  420. I think my first serious crush was probably in junior high. The boy was arrogant, a huge flirt and knew all the girls liked him. I hated myself for liking him! But I still remember the party when he asked me to dance… I heard later it was his goal to leave the party having danced with every girl who was there. Hmmm, think I’m glad that one passed me by!

  421. Oh gosh, it’s really just too many crushes to write about. I pretty much crushed on all the guy cross country skiers I knew in high school. 🙂

  422. My first crush was Craig in grade school. An older man (one grade ahead) and a soccer player with the nicest green eyes! I was too shy and geeky to say anything. Maybe if I had those bada$$ sneakers on my feet I would have felt braver….

  423. My first crush was in 6th grade on a boy named Michael. He was on the basketball team and had the most beautiful blond hair. I recently saw him on facebook…where did all his hair go?!?!

  424. sounds crazy but my crush was (and is) my husband… we met at work – his first week. I kept seeing him walking around and would try to make eye contact – then I gathered my courage and cracked a joke about something and melted as he cracked one right back…we became instant friends and I always knew he was the one! I even remember what he was wearing on that day almost 8 years ago!!

  425. Favorite summer crush
    – me in Canes, France
    – sailor off of a ship docked for the weekend
    – met walking out if the water (topless) – both of us ..hahah
    – he picked a flier from a tree and put it behind my ear

    He got a weekend pass
    I stayed an extra day
    Can’t tell the rest…not rated G!

    **Can never tell my husband this!! He gets jealous of my pre-him time!!!

  426. It was grade 7, we were both shy, we would pass notes through a friend back in forth in class at school as to scared to talk to each other but eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Then went our separate ways in highschool. At age 24 we met up again and 1 year later we were married, going on 24 years now.

  427. My biggest crush turned out to be my husband :). I would always make sure to come out of my room when he would come visiting my brother. I would make sure to look cute, just in case he was coming over!

  428. The boy I think of as my first crush was a boy I went to summer day camp with when I was in 4th-6th grade. He didn’t live near me, so I only saw him in the summer. I thought he was so cute with his “skater” late 80s haircut – which was basically like a grown out bowl cut! Maybe a little “dangerous”, etc. So, we did some flirting if I recall but for the most part I expressed my love by beating him up. For some reason, he seemed to like me back and we were basically a camp couple for 3 summers. Then I stopped going to day camp and I never saw him again. How’s that for anti-climactic?

  429. I was in second grade. A new boy transferred in from California. I had never met anyone from California before. He was blonde, beautiful, and when he smiled the whole room lit up. It was like the sun actually lived inside of him. I spent all of my allowance and bought a box full of candy, wrapped it up, and left it anonymously for him. But he was in THIRD grade so it was just never going to happen. And then My folks moved us away… So I always had the fantasy that if I had stayed he would have noticed me – and daydreaming about that got me through some tough spots. Just like running – it is always helpful to daydream about a fantasy to get me through to the end of a run!

  430. SBS: are you a romance writer in another life?!?!?
    I was almost going to tell you about my 4th grade crush on a 6th grader where I brought him packs of gum every day (oh geez!) but then remembered I had one prior to that… 1st grade (freshly arrived from Alaska) I met a boy freshly arrived from Hawaii. we were both exotic (him in real life, me in an awkward lacking social skills way). I used to steal his flip flops. couple decades later, my husband worked with his older brother…..lovely stories he had to share about my youthful transgressions.

  431. Oh summer time and crushes!! I had a huge crush on a high school senior who never gave me the time of the day as I was a scrawny junior among those more luscious Latinas. The only time he laid eyes on me, and spoke to me was one time during a school outing to the local festival. I was wearing casual clothes instead of our uniforms, and was feeling pretty cute. Eating icing out of a cup and walking around with my friends, we passed each other, and he stopped and say “You are so messy”. Everyone laughed except me! Little did I know my face was covered with Icing!

  432. First crush was this group of dark haired Italian teenagers rocking out in their basement. A couple of us young (9-10) peeking in their window to get a glimpse and listen to Styx and REO Speedwagon. We were groupies in the making!

  433. 7th grade… Jake. So cute, even to this day. He’d come over and play baseball and football with my brother and I would just sit and watch. 🙂

  434. David in Kindergarten – he was the fav of all the girls! We played tag with the boys (eeewww) in the hopes of tagging or being tagged by him! I ended up going all through school with him & he now lives nearby. He was never a b/f for me but was a friend for 45 years!
    Funny to think back that far!!!

  435. Lets see…I was in field biology in high school and he was the super smart, athletic, prince Harry look alike. I wished my friends would be sick so that he would be my lab partner. But, we just never got more than 30 seconds alone. Not that I could actually speak in front of him or breathe. Then another boy got a crush on me and he seemed to disappear. Wonder what happened to The Prince of Field Biology.

  436. My first crush was Justin….in 3rd grade up until 5th. He had grey colored hair, always in a flat top. He introduced me to The Damn Yankees and z104.5 (the new, alternative! Station in our area-scandalous! lol) We bonded over the square puzzle cards that were our reward for our spare time; he could complete one faster than nearly anyone in the class, and games of Clue and Battleship. Sadly, we went to different middle schools and he suffered a TBI at a school football game. We have found one another on FB but he doesn’t really remember much bc of the TBI. But I still sigh when thinking of those wonderful elementary days! 🙂
    Ps LOVE reading all these entries, it’s adorable!

  437. I was probably 9, maybe 10, he was a camp counselor with spiky blond 80’s hair. He was dreamy and probably 5 years older than me (which is about a million in pre-teen age years).

  438. My first real crush was in 6th grade, he was tall dark and handsome. Fast forward a few years later in high school, he ended up being the biggest dork! I still have a class picture with a heart that a drew around his face:)

  439. I had the biggest crush on a boy in 5th grade. I still have his number memorized, although I was too chicken to ever use it (other than prank calls lol)

  440. In high school I had a crush on a football player. I actually made him a friendship bracelet and gave it to him. Cringe!!

  441. First crush was a kid in elementary school, I remember trying to use lots of swear words around him because I somehow thought he would think that was cool!

  442. I was 5 years old and so “in love” with Shaun Cassidy. My first concert was to see this handsome crush of mine…Do Doo Ron Ron!

  443. Fifth grade. His name was Pat. He had red hair, freckles, and was the funniest guy I’d ever met. I showed my undying affection by kicking him in the shins as often as possible. Fast forward 20 years, I’d moved back to my hometown, saw him on the sidewalk and he begged me not to kick him :). lasting inpression!

  444. Ultimate geeky: first crush was as an 8th grader at Science Camp…another 8th grader with dark hair and complexion and dazzling smile. I have one picture from long ago. Can’t remember his name but remember the butterflies. Fast forward 5 years and I met my husband at another camp (this one church camp). Camps and crushes must go together (no, never been to band camp…)

  445. My first serious crush was in 6th grade. It was on a boy my age that had moved in across the street. He and I walked to school together. He was super nice and he was the only that didn’t tease or make fun of me. It’s kinda hard not to have a crush on someone like that in middle school.

  446. In junior high I played trumpet, he was a hunky tuba player by default since he had the muscles to carry the thing! Me a geek cross country runner, him a jock football player and sprinter. He quit band by high school, but asked me to prom his junior year! This year we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary!

  447. I was going into 9th grade…he was a senior. Longer thick wavy hair..leather jack and motorcycle. He was dreamy…like what you see on the TV. As he walked towards me there was a glowing light and doves flying behind him. Now having a daughter going into 9th grade…I would pass out if my daughter started dating someone like him. 🙂

  448. Do you mind sharing which running store it was in which you fell (again) for him and (for the first time) for Saucony?

  449. Kindergarten. He brought his tonsils in a jar for show and tell. Yes, this was long ago. Gross, huh! At the time I thought that was so cool. I think his name was Bill Turner.

  450. “Get down and give me 20!” That’s what I yelled at him 30 years ago – he was a freshman and I was an upperclass(wo)man. We were cadets, it was the first week of school, and I was going to show the skinny new kid who was boss. 20 pushups later…I was hooked. His mischievous grin, and his pumped up arms. Still charmed by this college crush, to this day…

  451. First crush….oh 5th grade…I would go through the park where he was playing baseball maybe 5 times a day during the summer time…,that crush lasted a few years…he went to a different HS and I would walk home instead of taking the bus to pass in front of his house thinking I might see him getting out of HIS school bus…very pathetic I know.. I think all this time he was completely clueless…..but now 30 some yrs later we are still very close friends and I am married and he is still single! Ha!!

  452. Mine was a boy in my grade school named Jimmy. He lived down the street from, and shared a birthday with, my best friend from grade school.

  453. My first crush was a boy a year older than me…he played the trumpet (which I ended up playing a few years later..hmmmm), and notes were passed through friends…I still have his note….nothing ever materialized! But, say his name today, and it brings me back to elementary school, 4th grade, immediately!

  454. My first crush was in kindergarten! We sat next to each other at the same table, and he thought he was left-handed because I used my left-hand to cut and color. I thought he was so cute because his daddy was a police officer just like my daddy. 🙂

  455. My first crush was the cute boy in elementary school. I remember a report we had to do in school and I needed the same volume of the encyclopedia he had checked out of the library. I had to call him (gasp) to ask to borrow it.

  456. He was also my first kiss. We met in band. He was a year older. We kissed in the back seat of a school bus on the way home from a marching competition.

  457. I really liked a boy on my swim team and always tried to sit near him on the bus. Ironically, my sister ended up marrying his brother!

  458. Josh, with the blonde mullet hair, blue eyes and braces in marching band. Oh how my heart fluttered every time I saw him. I thought I would die when I got to sit next to him on the bus…and thank goodness no one saw me smell the seat he sat in once he got off the bus. (Kind of creepy but true).

  459. My first crush was a boy a few years older than me. He never knew I had a crush on him. We never dated, but remained friends throughout childhood.

  460. My first huge crush was in fifth grade. My family and his would ski together on weekends. I looked forward to those chairlift rides together all week while looking at the back of his head in class (he was right ahead of me in last name alphabetical order).

  461. Not sure if my first comment came through- my firstc crush was Ricky Martin when he was in a boy band in the 1980s- Menudo!

  462. My crush was a very handsome 6th grade boy that we did a carpool with. I was 5 and in kindergarten. What can I say? I liked older men. 🙂

  463. How timely this theme is, as my 10 year old daughter has just gone through her first crush. My first crush was on a boy with red hair. I was in fourth grade, he was in sixth, and we were in the drama club together. For the final production, I was in a skit based on an Aesop’ fable about the crane and the peacock. (I was the peacock.) He played the Knave of Hearts in “Who Stole the Tarts?” I expressed my feelings by avoiding all eye-contact and conversation… so how did everyone know?!

    Recently, I asked my husband, “How did you deal with crushes?” He replied, “I ran away and hid.” It’s a miracle we ended up together, considering our history of bashfulness.

  464. His name was Donald. He drew me a picture of a big rig truck, very detailed I might add. I guess I must have been impressed. I remember us sharing a kiss. *Sigh* I believe he moved shortly thereafter and that brought our 1st grade budding romance to an end.

  465. My first crush was in 2nd grade and we sat right next to each other…until the teacher moved me to the front of the class because I needed glasses….I was so upset that I didn’t get to sit by him anymore…I had to resort to chasing him on the playground! 🙂

  466. Oh gosh! Hadn’t thought of this in years! Mine was an “older” neighbor (all of 2 years older) who I regularly tried to find reasons to go see.

  467. I was in sixth grade and I would look around for Peter and when we made eye contact or even if I just saw him from a distance my heart would flutter. He had no idea how I felt about him.

  468. His name was Mark. He lived up the street and we rode the bus together. We were probably 8 years old. He gave me a quarter and a teeny bottle of perfume! I was smitten!
    Would love the Ride 6! So sad I have to retire my Ride 5 which have carried me many miles.

  469. Oh My GOSH!!! I married my first real crush! I was 13 and he was 14. He used to ride skate boards with my other friends. I would constantly follow them around the streets. I learned how to ride a skate board and tried like heck to go off a street launch ramp! Scraped up my legs but didn’t care as long as I got a chance to be near and look at him. He never noticed me until we were in different high schools and then we just fizzled….well, 2 years out of school we met up at a party (1994) and have been together ever since. He thought I moved away since I didn’t hang out with the same groups anymore. I am so happy after all of these years! He is my biggest support system when I am training at the gym or running on the road! I could not have picked a better crush…..and husband.

  470. He was my boyfriend’s best friend. Luckily I never got caught because I maintain that relationship just to be able to see and hear from him more offen!

  471. My first crush was my babysitter’s son (we were 4-5). I made him play house with me all the time so I’m pretty sure he hated what his mom did for a living…

  472. His name was Ronnie. We were both six years old, and he was my first “boyfriend”. The crush didn’t last long: he went from gallantly pushing me on the swing, to moments later spitting at me to impress his friends. Boys are so fickle!

  473. My first crush was Ricky Martin when he was part of the boy band Menudo in the 1980s. I almost died and went to heaven when I got to meet him at a meet and greet. I ahve pictures!

  474. My Mom “punished” me by sending me to computer camp…luckily there was a hottie soccer player/camp counselor in charge of the sports part of the day. I was the first one on the field and the last one off the field, daily!

  475. I dropped my tray at lunch one day in elementary school because I was staring at my crush and ran into a table! How embarrassing!!

  476. When my brother’s friend (4years older than me and my first MAJOR crush) came home from college and showed up at my high school volleyball game I was on cloud 9.5 when he yelled hello from the stands. Naturally I said something smart and sassy over my shoulder as I was walking away. I felt like I had came into my own until I walked straight into the net’s guide wire and ended up flat on my back. They don’t call me “grace” for nothing….

  477. My first crush was in second grade. He had a mullet and I thought he was dreamy. On Valentine’s Day another little boy gave me a box of chocolates and I pretended it was from my crush. In third grade I realized how totally lame is mullet was and moved on to another kid with a terrible, but trendy hair cut.

  478. My first crush – the preachers son who was also my piano teacher and probably 10 years older than me. What can I say – I was a dreamy 7 year old 🙂

  479. It was the 1970s…the height of the “marble craze” at my elementary school. We were in second grade and the word in the halls was that Wayne “liked” me. He wooed me with his marble collection and then gifted me a “steelie” – a prized and much sought after solid, silver marble. After that, I decided I liked him as well, but just as I revealed my affection for Wayne, he decided he liked Debbie instead.

  480. He was the tenor and I was the quiet alto who stood in front of him. He was blonde, blue eyed and had the most beautiful voice. Of course, I was unaware that he was into those of his same gender, thus making him unattainable to me….

  481. My first crush was family friend and classmate…it was mutual but we were a bit young to do anything about it (4th/5th). Ah… the joys of young budding crushes!

  482. I think my first crush started in grade school. I made sure to always play sports on the playground just to get a chance to be on his team.

  483. I had such a crush in a boy named Conor in 8th grade…he knew about it since I have never been a shrinking violet by any means. I would get my mom to drive by his house and I would call his house (oh for the days before caller id !) and hang up if he answered. That year was not my most refined!

  484. This is crazy! I JUST put a pair of the citron ride 6 in my zappos cart when I came home from my run the morning! My first crush was my neighbors big brother-he was a senior and I was in 7th grade…nevah gonna happen, but that didn’t stop me from swooning.

  485. Ahh young love! My first crush was unrequited as well /sigh. In Jr High, I was a seventh grader, and he was an eight grader (It was never meant to be with our huge age gap!)

    During 4th period I found if I ran all the way acrosss school, I could casually walk down the stairs and he was coming up them and hopefully one day get his attention. One day I was that minute late and as I got to the stairs and tried to slow down he was coming up the stairs and I stumbled and fell into him and we tumbled down. My friend who ran with me laughed from above and said ‘thats a way to get him to fall for you!’ he picked himself up, and hurried off without a word and I (needless to say) was mortified. I never went to the stairs again – but it was not long before another crush came along, this time- next to my locker 🙂 but ahh- that is another post comment one day LOL

  486. I was 7 and at summer camp… he of course, was a camp counsellor. My counsellor knew that I was crushing, so she had him treat me sweet all week long… mmmm… summer!

  487. I remember a crush a had on a much older guy at church…who ended up marrying a friend of mine even younger than I. Weird. Love the shoes!

  488. I would stare and stare at this acolyte every Sunday at church. He was in highschool and I was in junior high. He was super cute, and new it too.

  489. My Big-time Crush was a shy, mysterious boy. In high school, I was “one of the guys” because I managed the football team and the baseball team. (I played basketball on the girls team)…but he was one I was always a little nervous around. As it turns out, years later we hooked back up and reconnected only to find out he had felt the same way about me back then, but was too shy to make a move. He passed away shortly after our reconnection, but I always think of him when I hike because that was a passion we both shared and had planned to do more of together….

  490. In my mind there was no time to lose, I just pinned him on the ground and planted a smooch on his dirty little cheek!

  491. My first crush was a boy from a summer vacation. He loved to fish, so I sat out on a dock watching him fish- which is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

  492. In high school I had a friend who worked in the program office. At the beginning of each semester, she would get me a copy of Chris’ schedule so I could literally “happen” to be outside when he came out of class. hahahahahahahaha! So funny to think about it now.

  493. My first crush was a dark haired sixth grade goofball. We used to pretend he would become the President some day and I would be his interior decorator. Not sure why not the first lady? maybe I wasn’t his first choice!

  494. Gosh, first crush takes me back. One of my first crushes was a teammate on my brother’s basketball team. My brother is 4 years older than me so there was quite an age difference. I used to enthusiastically agree to go to my brother’s games and try ans wear my cutest outfit in the hopes that I would catch his eye. Even though I never made even the slightlest impression on this kid, when I saw him years and years later I still felt slightly embarrassed – that some how he knew how I liked him.

  495. My first real crush was the one a spied practicing drums in the band room at my new school in 7th grade. I would watch him from the instrument room & giggle with friends at how cool the older drummers were (they were 8th graders ;). One day I finally got the nerve, braces & tight perm, to walk up & say “Hi, my name is Beth.” He still teases me about it today, 25 years later. We’ll celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year 😀

  496. In 6th grade this holy terrror Melvin would chase and chase me. I hated it. Once he cornered me and I went to kick a bit of gravel at him (dumb i know) but my CLOG (yes I am dating myself) flew off and dinged him in the face. The metal on the front toe also cut his face. He ran away crying that I beat him up. So I got sent to principals office. And my mom was called. The only thing that saved me was the few kids who vouched that Melvin the holy terror wouldn’t leave me alone. Wait…this sounds more like me being a brute than having a crush…..

  497. My first crush…I was maybe four or five…it was Speed Racer! Those doe eyes of Japanese anime! I insisted he and I would marry and I hated that Trixie. When my mom finally explained that he “wasn’t real, just a cartoon,” my heart was totally broken. I still love to watch those old episodes. Go, Speed Racer, go!

  498. Oh, my first crush sat behind me in geography class in 7th grade. I tried desperately to gain his attention behind his thick black glasses (have always had a thing for the nerdy smart guy). We went to different high schools – I was forlorn. But I ran into him 4+ years later and was still tongue tied.

  499. My first crush was the older brother of a friend that lived across the street. I was way to shy to ever do anything about it and then we move new school new crush…..

  500. My method of choice was always sports. I figured if I could be their friend and play sport alongside them then I could catch their eye.

    Mission failed. I was constantly a friend and asked if I could hook them up with someone else 🙂

    Bonus? I became a strong competitor and really good at soccer!

  501. My first crush was my older brother’s friend. Of course, he didn’t want anything to do with me, but it didn’t stop me from fully believing that we would be married one day. We didn’t.

  502. My first crush was in 4th grade. He sat next to me in class and I got to skate couples with him at my friend’s birthday party. Ah the memories! Thanks for a fun post!

  503. Oh the days if Junior High. Sure glad I only had to go through that once. Had a crush on my friend’s brother- and she didn’t know until I was just about over! She and I are still friends- 25 years later!

  504. I pined for the son of my mother’s friend through most of middle school and high school. He was a year ahead of me in school and our Mom’s started hanging out when I was in 5th grade. I went so far as to regularly babysit his extremely bratty cousin who lived next door, just hoping for an opportunity to bump into my crush, which rarely happened. I went to college 1000 miles from home and found a whole new group of guys to have crushes on and ‘running into’ those crushes didn’t involve babysitting bratty kids.

  505. It was 6th grade on the island of Guam. Troy was the best dancer in his “dance gang” (so they called it). They were the “Tiny Toons”…I know, not a really tough name for a so called gang, right? We became an item until my parents didn’t allow me to attend the choir trip, which he and my friend attended. Apparently I was not as cool as my friend, who stole him on that trip 🙁 Funny thing is, her and I ended up in the same small city, halfway accross the world 24 years later!

  506. He was my best friend’s neighbor with amazing blue eyes. One summer we had bon fires at her house every few days hoping that smores would entice him outside. He’d come out sometimes, but we never shared anything more than a roasting stick.

  507. Trying to think of what to write for this brought back so many funny memories that I have been smiling all morning remembering “way back when”. My goodness things were simple back then. First crush was in grade one. Being from a small town, everyone knew everyone for years even when you were 6. Come to find out that me and my crush were related, second cousins on our dad’s side. Good thing sitting next to each other was “going out” in first grade.

  508. I noticed him for the first time in a hallway at church and had our first kiss as pimple faced teens right after midnight at a new years dance. Now many, many years later, he is the father of my four children and still my sweetheart.

  509. I remember making sure I was outside playing with friends whenever I thought he’d be riding his bike in the neighborhood. I also remember him once smiling at me as he rode by, not watching where he was going, and then crashing into something!

  510. I first spotted him in 1st grade, living in a small town I ended up going to school with him for 12 years and alas, in high school he was so adorable and the quarterback of the football team!! I took Algebra 2 just to be near him (I hate Algebra by the way) but we were never to be more than friends!! It’s all good though, because 32 years later the man I married is still thin and has his hair, my first crush…not so much!!!

  511. Because I had a summer birthday, my teacher let me have a cupcake and a candle to blow out on the last day of school. There were three crushes i wanted to see over the summer and that was what I wished for. I got to see all three of them! I can now always tell kids that sometimes birthday wishes come true.

  512. My first crush was a boy in 6th grade. I was really backwards and SOOO not one of the cool kids but he was. Sigh. Our last names were in alphabetical order so I DID get to sit next to him for YEARS in most classes. I found out about 5 years ago that he committed suicide, leaving behind two young daughters. Sad.

  513. 6th grade. We were both straight A students and were part of a “cool” group and we all had call signs. He was Wolf Dude and I was Cat Lady. When he went to live with his dad in LA over the summer we wrote letters to each all summer and signed them with our call signs. My 4-H pigs were even named after him that year.

  514. My first real, heart-stopping crush played cymbals in the band, ran cross-country, and had the same taste in Birkenstocks (welcome to high school in heart of Seattle grunge). It was all harmless flirting until the first day of my sophomore year, when I realized he’d arranged his schedule to be in EVERY ONE OF MY CLASSES. EEP. Yes, folks, I ran away. Fast.

  515. First grade. He had blond wavy hair and brown eyes. I remember kissing him under the slide at recess! He was so cute!