#163: Best Running Friend Molly Interviews Injured Sarah

They can't run together (for awhile), but they can hobble around the block together.
They can't run together (for awhile), but they can hobble around the block together.

With Dimity off hosting a Mother Runner party, Sarah’s best running friend, Molly, fills in as guest co-host—but with a twist: Molly interviews Sarah about how she’s faring with her broken ankle. Molly dives in with questions about how Sarah is filling the time off from running, how she’s dealing with being basically housebound, and what she’s learned about her family. Molly even ventures into TMI territory with talk of pooping and sex (two separate topics!). Find out if Sarah’s 2016 Boston Marathon scenario still burns bright, and what would be the title of Sarah’s memoir, if ever the mother runner wrote one. Whether or not you’ve ever been injured, this is a not-to-be-missed episode.

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9 responses to “#163: Best Running Friend Molly Interviews Injured Sarah

  1. I am so pathologically optimistic I am still hoping I get to meet SBS in Chicago, even if she doesn’t run the race. Get well soon and come back stronger. I’m sure you’ll rock Boston!

  2. One of my favorite podcasts ever. I have always loved to hear Dimity’s soft spots, because I envy that she is able to let herself show them. Yet, this podcast had me realizing that Sara is speaking from my heart. Last year my son had a transplant. I am a person who doesn’t ask for help and loves to be the doer in the family. I had to learn to not only ask for help, but also let people follow through. In the words of Bob Dylan “may you always do for others, and LET others do for you.”. It was a heard lesson in being vulnerable, but very rewarding. Thank you for being so open Sarah!

  3. I listened this on my drive on the way to my long run on Saturday. I laughed, cried, and then went out and gratefully ran 22 miles. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Your podcasts are truly a delight and this one did not disappoint. So relatable and so open and honest. Thank you Sarah, Dimity, Molly and all for putting yourselves out there and sharing your experiences with the tribe of mother runners. Get well soon, Sarah. See you in Boston!! (Had to say that!)

  5. This episode was my running company at 4:30 this morning. I found myself choking up with Sarah when she talked about this year the year her cookie doesn’t crumble so well. Thank you for showing that vulnerability. It was just what I needed to hear.

  6. I just listened to this. Pathologically optimistic was my favorite part. Or maybe it was the perspective you gained after seeing John who isn’t running any more. The biggest gift was that by listening to you and Molly, I made it through a run that I felt was far too hard. Thanks for being my BRFs today.

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