#165: Tips and Tales from an Ultrarunning Fitness Instructor

Certainly not the worst scenery for a trail run.
Certainly not the worst scenery for a trail run.

Sarah and Dimity welcome on Laura Swenson to hear her tales of running the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. This mother of three tells how she has run 30+ marathons since her first 26.2-miler in December 2001 (yeah, you do the staggering math on that feat!), as well as how the first time she stepped out of her athletic comfort zone it felt almost like spiritual experience. Find out what this Spinning instructor and personal trainer considers a “miracle worker” for runners, and what an R3 is. (Nope, it’s not from the new Star Wars movie.)

But first hear Dimity recount her recent triathlon, and Sarah tell why a dime demonstrated that her husband really loves and understands her.

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5 responses to “#165: Tips and Tales from an Ultrarunning Fitness Instructor

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love trail running, up and down mountains/canyons, etc. It’s fascinating what ultra-runners are capable of. I’m from the SW originally. Grand Canyon is like “our back yard” and I have run up and down a few times but the challenge of rim-to-rim is still on my bucket list. Although I live in mostly flat northern MN, I still go ‘home’ to the SW and run those mountains/canyons (in AZ/NM/CO/UT) as much as possible. I miss the ‘high’ from the altitude and technical mountain trail running. Mt. Lemmon in Tucson offers so much outdoor activities, and plenty of races throughout the year. I miss ‘home’. It’s incredible what you have accomplished in your running.

  2. I am so proud of Laura! She is my daughter, personal trainer, motivator! Toward the end of the interview, one of you said something about Laura giving a “pass” to someone training with her when they need it. Laura does not give “passes” except to pass you on to the next thing! She knows how to challenge a person without pushing you. She gives you a picture of what you can accomplish if you just keep going! Wonderful interview! Thank you!

  3. I’ve done an “over and back” also…back in the 80s- plus two single crossings, a kayak trip, a couple of mtn. bike adventures on the North rim and one from Flagstaff to the south rim. The Grand Canyon is indeed a spiritual experience! What used to be called a “double-cross” back in the 80s has now become an R2R2R. Congrats!

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