52 Reasons Why I Run—in Six Words or Less

Inspired by the AMR #rolemothers ultimate motivation for running, I decided to put together my own list of the reasons why I run. Such a project could easily turn into a book (or, actually, three books), so I had to limit myself: each reason is six words or less. To get fired up to write short, I threw out the challenge on Twitter, and have included a handful of those awesome responses in bold.

  1.  "Mom, what's for dinner?"
  2. Ain't No Man: Avett Brothers binge.
  3. Most resonating lyric from song-on-repeat:
  4. "You're whatever you think you are."
  5. Helps me become my best self. —M
  6. Fresh air and Fresh Air Podcasts.
  7. Anne gets more than six words.
  8. Post-run kitchen dancing with kids.
  9. "Mom, my swim cap ripped again."
  10. 13.1 or 26.2: Instant Athletic Cred.
  11. I'm addicted to strength. —Sheri Little
  12. Justification for 8:30 bedtimes.
  13. Justification for early party exits.
  14. Mind Body Spirit Amalgamation.
  15. Amalgamation: Yes, I googled "connection synonym."
  16. Makes me resourceful. (I ran today.)
  17. Miles with hubs. (Sometimes. Ok, rarely.)
  18. Whole Foods Friday Pizza. ($9.99: DEAL!)
  19. Friday Ritual: Pizza + Beer + Cupcakes.
  20. "Mason pooped in the basement."
  21. Waterski feet=impossible to find shoes.
  22. Except running shoes. Always, always available.
    Except running shoes. Big, beautiful, available.
  23. Changing my family tree. —Eileen Wright
  24. Barfy jitters before hard workouts.
  25. Rock star persona after hard workouts.
  26. Going forward > looking back. Always.
  27. Past: #rolemother.
  28. Present: Thanks WSJ for reminder!
  29. Reinforce patience, grit, gratitude, perspective, acceptance.
  30. To renounce pain, fear, heartbreak. —Yasmine Kletter
  31. "Mom, I hate chicken, cauliflower, _____________."
  32. Jeans from 1993 still fit.
  33. Hanging with imaginary friends and ghosts.
  34. Mortgage, Visa, insurance. Numbers stop buzzing.
  35. IMG_0328
    Photo ops unlike any other.
  36. Because it makes me happy. —Running EB
  37. The second mile. So delicious.
  38. Trails: adventure, but not too much.
  39. IMG_9178
    Dogs and bridges: combines two faves.
  40. Rush of downloading workout to computer.
  41. Because it changed my life. —Jen A. Miller
  42. To bask in strength of #BAMR Nation.
    Revel in strength of #BAMR Nation.
  43. Kid keeps getting faster. —Karin Zoll
  44. "Mom, what's for dinner?"
  45. Time to process politics, terrorism, news.
  46. And shine the l;ight.
  47. Stairs vs. escalator? Former. Love that.
  48. Soaked sports bra. Love that too.
  49. Creates confidence to bare foam roller.
    Creates confidence to bare foam roller.
  50. Because I can't imagine not running. —Julie
  51. Because dinner is every.damn.night.
  52. Except Friday. Friday is covered. (Pizza!)

Ok, your turn: What's your running motivation in six words or less? 

41 responses to “52 Reasons Why I Run—in Six Words or Less

  1. I love 49. Mostly because the woman behind you it totally ignoring the fact that there are 2 women foam rolling I their rundies. Or she’s tweeting, “you’ll never guess what i am seeing…”

  2. Oh my gosh, #9. I thought that was just at MY house! Lol. My motivation is “time carved out that’s JUST for me.”

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