#238: Podcast with Green Chef Talking Food and Cooking

podcast-elizabeth-500x300-3Sarah and co-host Molly Williams have a rollicking time talking with Denver-based chef Elizabeth Buckingham. Elizabeth aims to demystify meal preparation with “chef-y tricks, including how to think two steps ahead to avoid 5:30 p.m. craziness. She shares clever tips for tackling grocery shopping, bonding with Molly over frozen vegetables v. “aspirational” veggies. Talk turns to protein, which is when Elizabeth starts singing her first chorus of praise for quinoa. (Sarah’s eager to try out her suggestion for making it taste more appealing!) She then moves on to exclaiming the benefits of full-fat dairy products and other whole, unprocessed foods. The chef offers mouth-watering-yet-simple suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, answering questions culled from the Another Mother Runner Facebook page. After a deep dive into turmeric, listen to new BFFs Molly and Elizabeth bond over bitters. And if you’re looking to play a drinking game while listening to this podcast, we’d suggest chugging (whole milk, of course!) whenever Chef Elizabeth utters the word “quinoa,” “frittata,” or the phrases, “raised bed” or “full-fat.”

Before diving into talk of food, Molly and Sarah have a detailed conversation about #foundchange in which Molly shares a never-before-revealed theory about why there’s so much more money to be found in Texas bar parking lots than in Portland.

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One response to “#238: Podcast with Green Chef Talking Food and Cooking

  1. I love all your podcasts, but this one was particular entertaining. Time after time I kept laughing out loud on my run, I’m sure people thought I was crazy!

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