Why a Pod? Try a Pod

While I love, love, love all of the physical and emotional benefits of running, what I love, love, love even more is all of the dedicated time to listen to podcasts.

Music has its time and place, granted. For me, that place is on the track doing speed work and the music itself is generally Beyonce-based with maybe a sidetrack into the Hamilton soundtrack. But for any easy run or any long run or any long, easy run, I'm all about the podcast.

March has been officially declared by whatever organization declares these things to be #trypod month. A motley crew of podcasters are taking to their airwaves and encouraging listeners to a) recommend their favorites and b) get non-podsters on-board.

Podcasts were a major tool in my "training for the NYC marathon" arsenal. When out for three- and four-hour runs, I felt like my brain was getting stronger while my legs were getting wearier. Also: the podcasts kept me company, so much so that I developed unrequited relationships with the NPR Politics crew, Robert Krulwich, and the guys who host "Rex Factor." Now that I'm not out running for stupidly long chunks of time, I find I miss all of those friends since I can't hang out with them as much.

I checked in with SBS for her recommendations, because I know that not everyone will enjoy the two Brits talking about royal succession in Rex Factor. Her #trypods?

As an entrepreneur, I love "How I Built This," especially while awaiting new season of "Start Up." When I'm in a foodie mood, I enjoy "Gastropod," which talks about the background of certain types of food and beverages, like kombucha or honey. I was riveted by "LifeAfter," a 10-episode thriller that's like listening to an old-time radio drama--with 21st-century twists! 


We've been asking for your #trypod recommendations over on twitter, too. Now we're bringing the question here: What pods are you digging right now? While we are quite fond of our own pod -- it's here and we'd love it if you'd give it a listen -- we'd also love to know what you're listening to.


So what pods are pleasing to your ears this March? And if you're favorite is on hiatus, which one can you not wait to hear again?

32 responses to “Why a Pod? Try a Pod

  1. I couldn’t listen to a podcast or book when I ran. I just couldn’t hear it. I mostly listen in the car even though my commute is now only 15 minutes.
    I’ll give two food recommendations: the Alton Browncast and Special Sauce with Ed Levine (from Serious Eats) and two memory keeping recommendations: Pocket Talk and Modern Photo Solutions (are you using Google Photos to back up your photos? Steph has a lot of strategies on organizing and managing your photos!)

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