Heart Rate 101 + 102: Starting Monday (Tomorrow!)

Happy Sunday Morning!

Dropping in to let you know that the next round of Heart Rate 101 and Heart Rate 102, both eight-week programs, start tomorrow!



Heart Rate 101 is a great introduction to training by heart rate; if you're coming back from an injury, having a baby, or a long break from running, this program is ideal for you. You'll run by effort, which takes the frustration and ego out of running (both good things to remove, in our opinions). Over the course of eight weeks, you'll have a new perspective on what you can do—and how amazing running can make you feel. $55; March 13-May 14






Heart Rate 102, a program in which you can participate after you've completed a heart-rate race training cycle, is informally called Bag of Speed. The workouts are varied, both in length and pace, and the strength circuits emphasize your most powerful muscles (hello, glutes of glory!). This is a perfect plan for anybody twiddling their thumbs as they wait to ramp up training for a fall race. $55; March 13-May 14


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  1. Good morning! Have to share: I have not been officially training for a race, but I have been using coach MKs heart rate training method on my runs. I just ran the zydeco half marathon this morning. My average heart rate was 135 BPM. I felt amazing. At mile 11, I told my pacer I might just run ahead and see what I had left. My last 3 miles were 10:33, 9:50, 9:16. My overall time was 2:17. I am 49 years old. TMI alert. My period started yesterday for the first time in three months. Yay AnyWho, I am totally hooked on heart rate training. I really don’t think I will ever use another training method. Thanks for letting me share!

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