#253: #AMRiversary: AMR Co-Founders Sarah and Dimity Celebrate 7 Years

To celebrate # AMRiversary—seven years since the founding of Another Mother Runner—Sarah and Dimity take a meandering, verbal “stroll” down Memory Lane. The mother runners reveal the genesis of AMR’s signature phrase, “badass mother runner” and the growth of their Facebook following. They reflect on the early days of the podcast, and Sarah shares the warm-fuzzies she feels toward one episode in particular. In signature TMI fashion, Sarah suggests a possible GIF from a podcast moment that stands out in many longtime listeners’ minds. The two extol the magic of mother runner parties, and Dimity admits how the Train Like a Mother Club brings out her maternal side. Along the way, there are revelations about the duo’s book trilogy. Interwoven into the founders’ reminiscences are a dozen Voice Memos from various mother runners, sharing their favorite AMR moments. This hour+ episode is special.

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