Marathon Training + Perform Like a Mother: Pipin’ Hot in the Train Like a Mother Club

First of all, major congrats to Edna Kiplagat, a mother of five, who triumphed in Boston yesterday. Her athleticism is amazing, but this picture with her doe-eyed son? Love.

As reported, in a post-race interview on WBZ-TV, Kiplagat thanked Carlos (13 years old) and Wendy (10) for giving her the time to train and prepare for the race. “I’m so happy that they are here today with me,” she said. #motherrunneralltheway

Second of all, who wants to be like Edna? Ok, maybe a Boston victory isn't in your grasp, and maybe you're not a policewoman, like she is, and you may have <5 or >5 children.

But you can run 26.2—and the Train Like a Mother Club can support you every step along the way!

And if you need to work on your mental fitness along with your physical fitness so you can push, push, push like Galen Rupp did Monday in the Boston Marathon, check out Perform Like a Mother.


The Basics: 18-week programs, both with new plans for 2017!

26.2: GO THE DISTANCE: Great for ready those ready to tackle their first 26.2—or somebody who is coming back from an injury, a pregnancy, or is more interested in finishing the marathon than racing the marathon.

26.2: CRUSH THE DISTANCE: The plan for injury-free runners who have run at least one marathon in the last three years and are looking to nail a brand-new PR.

Dates: Current programs target races in races in September + October; specifics here.
Cost: $80.00


The Basics: 20-week programs, focused around moderating and tuning into your effort, that fit a range of athletes.

INCREDIBLE: Emphasizes the easy effort run and building a wide cardiovascular base.
OUTSTANDING: Challenging plan that blends easy effort runs with speed development.
SUPER OUTSTANDING: Demanding plan that whose balance tips towards difficult, not easy.
Want more details on how plans stack up? Here you go.

Dates: Current programs target races in September + October; specifics here.
Cost: $150.00


Perform Like a Mother, are unique, small-group sessions focused on mental fitness., Dr. Justin Ross, a sports psychologist in Denver, will lead you through three separate stages of integrating a high-performance mindset into your training. (We've had Justin on the AMR podcast a few times; you can listen in here and here.)

More Perform Like a Mother details here.

Questions? Our email is always open.

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