#258: Strength Training for Runners: Simpler Than You’d Think

Strength training for runners: Sarah and co-host Adrienne Martini have a long convo with strength training expert Michele Olson, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at Auburn University. For starters, find out if Gyrotonic is a swirling beverage—or the next big fitness trend. The ladies then take a deep dive into HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Michele shares the best resistance exercises for runners based on recent studies, and how merge strength-building workouts with training for a half- or full marathon. The talk turns to “dead butt,” including a simple test to find out if you have it and why correcting it can save your knees. Michele describes the most effective ways to do several key exercises, including lunges and step-ups. Sarah and Adrienne suspect BAMRs will soon be able to spot Masters-age mother runners by the fact they hold weights over their heads when doing those simple strengtheners. This podcast is packed with loads of solid, strong advice!

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