#259: The Power of Nature

Sarah and co-host Molly talk with Tina Vindum, the founder of Outdoor Fitness dubbed “the original al fresco guru” by The Guardian newspaper, about the powerful impact of being active in the outdoors. The author of Tina Vindum’s Outoor Fitness: Step out of the Gym and into the Best Shape of Your Life, this mom of two talks about the importance of being near the natural world, and the amazing effects it has on both body and mind. She explains why negative ions have a positive effect on mood and health. Find out what “park prescriptions” and “forest bathing” are (you can keep on your running clothes for the latter!). The personal trainer/group fitness instructor (and former pro mountain bike racer!) gives practical advice for trail running, including downhill running tips. She also extols the “beauty” of walking lunges, as well as describing a recent wildflower “safari.” But, first, listen to the nightlife adventures of Molly and Sarah, as well as perhaps the spark for a book called Find Change Like a Mother!  (Here’s link to the phenomenal Betty Who.)

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