Mother’s Day Wishes for You

Happy Mother's Day! How were your miles?

4 responses to “Mother’s Day Wishes for You

  1. This running nana ran a 9 miler, weeded and put 5 bags of mulch down in her flower gardens, and drove a few miles to the beach and put my feet up with an adult beverage. I did talk to my four wonderful children and some of my seven grandchildren. Blessed momma!

  2. Another empty nester here, and it’s fishing opener in MN so husband and dog gone too! Beautiful Sunday morning – got out for about a 7 miler. I Wished all the ladies out walking and running a Happy Mother’s Day. And as a bonus I stopped in at my sister in law’s house on the route for a cup of coffee. Was fun!
    Happy Mother’s Day All!

  3. Today marks my 4th anniversary of running. This grandma runner is so grateful for all the miles I’ve been able to run with my daughters. Also celebrating this Mothers day with a new granddaughter!

  4. Hats off to all you young mothers! This gramma took on a 2 year old Friday night and Saturday and survived. I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning and got in 9 miles that felt easier than I thought they would. Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful bada$$ moms!❤️

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