You Might Be a Mother Runner If …

How many BAMRs out there have had this happen?

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4 responses to “You Might Be a Mother Runner If …

  1. This actually did happen to me last Wednesday. Luckily I was only one mile from school! It was a week of the plague, passed from one kid to the next.

  2. I haven’t quite had that happen, since I run predawn before anyone is awake let alone at school, but I have gotten a text from my sitter that she’s in the ER with a gallbladder infection and I mentally start rearranging the day for the rest of my run.

  3. YMBMRI…..HS school daughter gets interviewed by MileSplit & you secretly pray for a little thanks. I got one via “if it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t be here”. (insert eye roll)

  4. Well I was always the one taking your kid to the bathroom and getting puked on while you were on your run….but my run was already done because I had to get up at four to get it in before headed to work with other people’s children.

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