#261: Behind the Scenes with Two Race Directors

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And, now, the podcast!

Sarah and co-host Dimity chat with two race directors-- Virginia Brophy Achman of Twin Cities in Motion, and Sarah Ratzlaff with ZOOMA, who also worked for runDisney for 11 years. This episode kicks off with a long catch-up session between the AMR co-founders. Find out what Sarah’s watching on Netflix—and why Dimity isn’t. The duo’s conversation winds up with fast-food reminiscences from childhood. When Virginia from Twin Cities Marathon joins the jabber, she shares the 20-degree rule of marathoning plus the port-a-potty ratio favored by race directors. (Who knew?!) Virginia shares race etiquette tips, plus advice on organizing a local race. Sarah Ratzlaff (a.k.a. “Other Sarah”) makes the ladies laugh with behind-the-scenes Disney anecdotes. The trio talk about how the races have changed over the past decade, and Other Sarah tells how she’s bringing her creativity to a boutique race like ZOOMA. Dimity wraps the episode with a heartbreaking, yet life-affirming, tale from the Train Like a Mother Club: Be sure to listen to the end of the show!

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