#263: Find Your Extreme You with Sarah Robb O’Hagan

The dynamic duo of Sarah and Dimity have a chat with Sarah Robb O’Hagan, renowned business whiz, author of the new book Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat, and all-around incredibly likable badass mother runner! Sarah (aka “SRO”) shares insight from her book, as well as myriad anecdotes from her days in leadership positions at Gatorade, Nike, Equinox, and now Flywheel Sports, including why she proudly showed up at a new job with her race numbers from a half-Ironman triathlon fresh on her arm and leg. Find out how indoor cycling and being more judicious in her mileage is helping this 45-year-old BAMR with her running. SRO talks about the importance of prioritizing fitness and health to achieve what she calls “work-life fitness.” In addition to giving advice about how to say “no,” SRO elaborates on her life/work mantra of “Fewer. Bigger. Better.” She explains why it’s critical to manage your energy sources—and how to achieve that worthwhile goal. The trio bond over the practice of breaking tasks into manageable bites, and they discuss the necessity of regeneration. Sarah and Dimity suspect you’ll want to go on a run or a ride with SRO when you’re done listening! Next best thing: Tweet her @ExtremeSRO, and check out the Extreme You website.

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2 responses to “#263: Find Your Extreme You with Sarah Robb O’Hagan

  1. And it took you (her) 7:27 for a half IM? Hardly anything to be proud of much less flaunting your race #s at work. I’ve done over 100 tris, countless other “stuff” including swims from Alcatraz, ultra runs across the Grand Canyon and have had a 41 year tough career working with special needs kiddos. I don’t consider myself an athlete nor bad a***. I raised my kid by myself and put her through college and helped her through a Master’s degree. It’s just called doing what you love to do and what you have to do. Can’t believe there is a book/manual about someone just living their life (mediocre).

  2. She showed up at a new job with her race numbers still on? Why???? No one at my work place would even know nor care because they would be working too hard to even notice….

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