#266: A Nutritionist Answers Questions from Mother Runners

Sarah and co-host Amanda Loudin welcome Jessica Crandall, a registered dietician nutritionist in Denver specializing in weight management and sports nutrition. This certified group fitness instructor and mother runner answers a host of questions from the AMR Facebook page, starting with clearing up “calorie confusion.” Jessica gives weight-loss and weight-management advice for moms in their 40s and 50s; she presents an intriguing suggestion for improving on-the-run hydration. The marathoner discusses new thinking on carb-loading, including the importance of what the trio dubs “the Goldilocks Balance.” Jessica suggests numerous portable options for on-the-run fuel; find out her three F’s to follow for filling up post-workout. The trio talks protein needs for active women before wrapping the informative, fun conversation with a drool-inducing chat about the Casserole Connection. This pod’s drinking game: Chug chocolate milk or Nuun every time one of the gals mentions chia seeds or dehydrated peanut butter!

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2 responses to “#266: A Nutritionist Answers Questions from Mother Runners

  1. I normally love listening to the podcasts about nutrition, but, this episode made me a little mad! As a chef and nutritionist, I spend me life researching food and the impact it has on our bodies. First, let’s talk about calcium and dairy. The entire episode, she mentioned dairy as a healthy choice for calcium. Animal proteins, such as in dairy, is highly acidic and can throw off the bodies natural pH levels. This causes a natural depletion of calcium from the bones. Also, our bodies only absorb a trace amount of the calcium from the milk. On the flip side, our bodies absorb mass amounts of hormones and chemicals from the milk. Also, calcium is in all naturally occurring plant goods. Next is B12. Not in oats, whole grains, or greens. If you choose to eat meat, B12 is not an issue. If you don’t, use nutritional yeast or another B12 supplement. Comments about protein were crazy. The amount of protein that was recommended is nutty. Our bodies are only capable of processing so much protein before it starts affecting our kidneys. We need to be smarter about the amount of protein that we are taking in! The average American is taking in more than double the recommended amount of protein. I love the AMR podcast, but, this episode was not great.

  2. I really enjoy listening to AMR podcasts and this one was no exception. This time, however, I felt compelled to send in a quick clarification after I heard the discussion about Vitamin B12. During the podcast, whole grains and whole oats are named as good sources of B12 but this is only true if the grains have been fortified with the vitamin. It does not occur naturally in any plant foods. B12 is naturally found only in animal products and in nutritional yeast. B12 is also manufactured by bacteria in our large intestines but is poorly absorbed from there so we still need it from our diets. Being deficient in B12 can have lasting consequences so I wanted to be sure our AMR tribe members had a bit of the bigger picture. Thanks as always for your great podcasts!

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