Quick Tready Intervals

“I prefer doing speed work and short runs on a treadmill, but I try to be off the machine in 30 minutes. I start running at 5 mph and  get in 2 miles from this workout."
—Anna, another mother runner

Total time: 20 minutes

Start at 1% incline. Walk for 1 minute.*
Minutes 2-10: Increase speed by .1 each minute.
At the 10th min increase incline to 1.5%.
Minutes 10-15, stay at same speed.
At the 15th min, increase incline to 2%.
Minutes 16-20, increase speed by .1 each minute.
For the 20th—and —increase speed by .1 every ten seconds.
At 21 minutes slow & walk a minute at 1% incline.
[We'd recommend a short cool down: 3 or so minutes of walking.]