About the Authors

Dimity McDowell

The one: Taller than the Transamerica Pyramid.
Lives in: Denver with two kids, one dog, and one husband.
Wishes: She could go faster without doing speedwork.
Gets fired up by: Annie Lennox (go tall women!); a few select Neil Diamond songs; and the knowledge that a big bowl of Phish Food ice cream awaits at the end of a long run.
Another wish: That she could wave a magic wand and have her left hip/glute/hamstring/knee, an area that has been angry for more than five years, reboot.

Sarah Bowen Shea

AKA: SBS or Champy (You'll score big if you cheer her on with "Go Champy!" at a race.)
Lives in
: Portland, Oregon, with her hubby, three kiddos, and cat, Miller. 
Gets fired up by
: Macklemore, Usher, and Flo Rida. (Yes, she's a teen stuck in a Masters-age body.)
Driven nuts when
: People call running shoes “sneakers.”
Favorite Race
: The Big Sur Marathon, where the challenging hills are only surpassed by the natural beauty of the California coastline. 
Would never be caught dead in
: running shorts. She -hearts- running skirts.

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