Treadmill Tricks

“The key is to trick yourself. Recently I joined gym that has— the horror! —no TVs and I'm not a fan of running with music. So I'm constantly coming up with ways to get a workout and make the time go by.”
—Ellison, a book bully and another mother runner

One way I trick myself is to check my calories and decide I will bump up my speed and run until I hit a certain number. Example: I may move my speed up two notches and run until my calorie count hits 250. Then back it down again and repeat later on.

Or if I'm really feeling motivated, I will vow to run faster until the person to my left or right changes their speed. This has come back to bite me on more than one occasion (i.e., the younger gal next to me never varied her speed) so I have to be feeling a bit Shalane-ish to attempt that one!

Have tricks to add? Post them in the comments below!