Kill the (Virtual) Hills

“I love running on my treadmill! I realized this winter that I can do longer distances without getting bored in my unfinished basement than I can outside. Fourteen miles with just Lady Gaga as company is just fine with me. This is the workout of my week I like least but find most effective”
—Emily, another mother runner

Total time: 60 minutes

—1 mile warm up

—1/4 mile at 6-8% incline at slightly slower than 5K pace

—1/4 mile recovery at 0% incline

—Do 10 repeats; 5 miles of hills in all.

—Cool down for at least five minutes

p.s. "If I am not completely wiped, I try to do some squats and lunges after." [Ed note: those are some badass mother quads, Emily!]