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Every Run Playlist

everydayrunCreated by: Rhonda
Find her at: and @RhondaWerner

“This is my all-time-fav-go-back-to-everytime play list, for regular runs or races. Many are not ‘mainstream’ but my favorites to get me moving!”

Breakdown: Tantric
Not An Addict: K’s Choice
Hammer Down: Cross Canadian Ragweed (this one ALWAYS makes me kick it up a gear)
Roll With It: Oasis
Jenny Says: Cowboy Mouth
For Your Love: Chris LeDoux
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing: Scissor Sisters
Home: Marc Broussard (love love love this one)
Feel Good: Gorillaz
I Come From the Water: The Toadies
Train Rollin: Blackberry Smoke
Take It or Leave It: Josh Hoge
Sanctified: Blackberry Smoke
Let Me Drive: Greg Holland
Whistlin’ Dixie: Randy Houser
Fever: Kylie Minogue
Fallin’ Never Felt So Good: Shawn Camp
Sick & Beautiful: Artificial Joy Club
Big Machine: Velvet Revolver
Heartache: Jamey Johnson
Sin Wagon: Dixie Chicks
Guitar Town: Steve Earle
Let ‘Er Rip: Dixie Chicks
Burnin’ up the Road: John Anderson
Can’t Get You Out of My Head: Kylie Minogue
Rolling in the Deep: Adele


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