Groovy Tunes

Nothing zings you out the door--or across a finish line--faster than some new tunes. We pulled together playlists from a range of mother runners to create a veritable juke box of running tunes. Click on each link to see the complete list of songs.

Theme-O-Rama Playlists
Chicks Only Please
Groovy Kids Tunes

Jake Ryan Gives You Speed
Kick A** Chicks
Psychedelic Licks
Ready to Run Country
Still in the Nerdherd

Get Motivated Playlists
Celebrate LikeĀ a Mother
Dimity's 25 Never-Fail
Sarah's 25 Never-Fail
Run Strong Alternative
Run Strong Pop and Dance

Plug-In-and-Go Playlists
Bluegrass to Techno
Every Run
Fun, Fun on the Run
Just Keep Movin'
Random Play
Regular Runs: Take 1
Regular Runs: Take 2
Very Eclectic Marathon

Run-n-Chill Playlists
Long, Slow + Sweaty
Mellow Tunes: Take 1
Mellow Tunes: Take 2
Roamin' Romance
Slow and Steady
Sweat Out the Bitterness

Push-the-Pace Playlists
5 a.m.
Fast Treadmill Running
First Timer 10K
Hard Rockin' and Runnin'
Hilly Race
Short and Sweet
Shuffle-Ready Tough Run

Half-Marathon Playlists
Half-Marathon with BRF
Half-Marathon with BRF II
Half-Marathon PR: Take 1
Half-Marathon PR: Take 2
Half-Marathon Tunes
Race Day
Rock'N'Rolling in Vegas

Marathon Playlists
Boston Marathon
BQ Marathon
Big Sur Marathon
Calgary Marathon
Top 40 Marathon Mix