Have a Playlist To Add?

We're looking for songs that encourage you feel like this.

We'd love to add it--or them--to our Another Mother Runner iTunes library on Ping.
Here's how to do it:

  • Please classify your playlist–what kind of workout you think it works best for. Options: mellow run, regular run, push-the-pace run, a themed list, half-marathon playlist, marathon playlist. If it doesn’t fit into any of these, then use your creativity and give us a new category.
  • Please give us a one-sentence intro to your list: I grooved to this as I nailed my 10K PR. or I listen to this to reminisce about  my college days.
  • Please put your songs in this format. Song: artist. Example: If I Had $1,000,000: The Barenaked Ladies*
    *Yes, I need to update my lists.
  • Feel free to give us short commentary after a song, if you like. Example: Faster: Matt Nathanson (his voice makes my feet fly)
  • The list can be as long as you like.
  • Like I said, you can mix all styles of music. I see nothing wrong with Bruce + Barenaked + Beyonce + Alabama, so feel free to give us a pu pu platter. 
  • Feel free to give us more than one playlist, but please be sure to do all the steps above for each one.
  • If you have a blog or a twitter account, please include the full link to it, and we’ll link it to your list.
  • If you want to include a pic of you running to go with your list, we’d love to see one. (Attach as a .jpg please.)
  • When you’re all done, e-mail it to use as a word document (with the suffix .doc or .docx) to runmother at gmail dot com. Please put "PLAYLIST" in the subject line. Thanks!


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