G is for gettin-it-done moms

Mother of: 2 beautiful girls
I didn't race: until I raced with my best friend and 10 other running moms. I finished with energy to spare. As soon as I was done I was ready to go again. So two days after finishing that one I signed up for my first half marathon in Picton, Ontario.

Mother of: 3
I started running: 2 years ago with the C25K plan and claimed myself a runner after I crossed the finish line of that first 5K. I ran a half last year and am training for my first full in November. I love the freedom in running--whether it be a place, a thought, or just the time.

Mother of: Twin G's - G1 and G2.
I started running: because someone told me I couldn't. I run like a mother because I want my kids to have the same defiance.

Mother of: 2
I’m not one for time goals: at least not outwardly spoken. I have a marathon coming up in March, and my goal is to be as ready as I can. For now I’m going to make sure I do my 16 miler tomorrow morning, and come home a calmer, happier mama.