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Mother of: 3
I became addicted to running: after my first marathon 3 years ago. I am currently a 5K coach for Teams in Training, and I am going to be coaching a special group in the spring called Moms in Training. We’ll be running for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and supporting survivors, current fighters, and people who have lost loved ones to the disease. 

Holly (160x300)Holly
Mother of: 1
Running makes me feel: proud, strong, a little euphoric at times.

Heidi  Heidi
Mother of: 3
I started running: because I felt like I needed to. I never liked to, and started off very slow, but got up to two miles at a time.  Five weeks ago, I started training to run the Tough Mudder in June. I have done the Warrior Dash two times, and am registered for a third, but feel like a 10-12 mile course will really be an awesome challenge.

Mother of: 2
I love: sitting down and planning my next race training schedule and seeing it laid out on paper. I also love quiet trail runs in the morning, or a quick run jamming to my ipod in the neighborhood after work.

Mother of: 2
My greatest challenge is: the clock. Time is a precious commodity of which a mother has very few moments for herself. I need to get up as early as humanly possible before my sleepy heads wake if I want to run.

Mother of: 1
Running for: almost a year and just completed my second half marathon. Most runs are on the treadmill, but I prefer to be outdoors.

Mother of: 2
I discovered running: when our youngest was 4 months old. I remember nursing her one night, thinking Oh. My. God!  Not only are my boobs huge, but so is my belly!  I had always been active, but was never a runner. So I signed up for the Phoenix Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and had eight months to train for it.  I was committed.  It was on my calendar. I finished, feeling great. Now I have Hippie Chick Half, Helvetia and several other races on the docket.


Mother of: 3
Without running: I’d be an emotional mess, it’s safe to say. I wonder why it took me so long to find it. Given my enough-is-rarely-enough personality, I’m so happy I’ve found this healthy outlet. My family is grateful, too, I’m sure.

Mother of: 2 baby boys
Running (and now triathlons): teaches me something new about myself every single time. I never knew the strength and determination I had hidden deep down inside of me until I started running and racing. And that carries over into every part of my life, making me a better mom and woman!

Mother of: 3 young sons
I run: because it makes me feel strong and like I can do anything. I’d do anything to get a run in. Wake up at 5am? Sure.

Mother of: 3 girls
In January: My youngest was diagnosed with leukemia. When I’m getting tired, and considering bailing on a run, I think of my daughter. She’s so tough, she never complains about her treatments… and I’m whining because I’m tired? Shut up and run, chick.
Mother of: 2
I love running because I am able to go for a nice little run and become a whole new person, able to face the remainder of the week with a cool head.
Mother of: 2
After I gave birth to my daughter, I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. It was 80 degrees and sunny at the finish, but our spirits were high. It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Did I mention my daughter wasn’t even a year and, oh, I was still nursing!?
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