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Ragnar Relay Packing List

Ragnar Relay Packing List

You might recall from my two big races I did this spring, I’m not so good making a list and checking it twice. (“Remember that time at band camp when I forgot to bring my bike helmet to the half-Ironman? Good times, good times.”)

I’m heading into what I’m officially calling Ragnumn (Ragnar + Autumn, kind of). Ragnar Colorado, in about two weeks, is up first, followed by Ragnar DC. I’m running Ragnar ‘Rado with 11 members of what my friend and teammate Bine calls, “our village.” Friends and mother runners who I’m blessed to have in my life. Hoping I’ll feel that way after 192 miles. (Kidding, kidding…

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Yup, we're talking about it today.

10 Reasons Why Running after Menopause Is Great

A tongue-in-cheek list with undercurrents of truth about a topic that doesn’t get discussed much: menopause. Input garnered from many mother runners, including Amy, who had a hysterectomy at age 40, Ellison, who is a speedy runner in her mid-50s, and some gals on our Facebook page.

10. You no longer have to stash feminine products in your iPhone arm band, water belt, or shorts pocket.

9. Body hair grows more slowly, meaning legs and pits stay sleeker longer.

8. Running in a sudden heat wave doesn’t faze you: Hot flashes mean you’re already acclimated. What’s more: Amy firmly believes, “that when you hot flash, you burn calories…

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Weight, Weight…: Running and Weight Management

Sarah and Dimity have heard from countless frustrated mother runners who have seen the number on the scale creep up instead of down while training for a half- or full marathon. So the gals talk to two guests about keeping weight in check while running. First up: sports dietician (and mother of two) Jackie Dikos, who talks about how to find a better balance that’ll make you feel satisfied, not deprived. Jackie also emphasizes the importance of “redefining rewards” for effort. Then the gals gab with Christy Zuzelo, another mother runner of two, but she’s cycled through 60-pound weight loss (and gain) three times…


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New Column: The Most Important Mile of My Life

New Column: The Most Important Mile of My Life

The run Katherine and I did on a random weekday morning in preparation for the 2007 Nike Women’s Marathon, was almost over, but we were supposed to bookend the four miles with four strides, short bursts of gradually increasing speed. On the fourth stride, my heel didn’t exactly crack, but I imagine it splintered, like a shell of a hard-boiled egg does when you lightly tap it.

I knew immediately I was injured. With a capital “I.”

While those strides weren’t quite a mile, the four laps up and down the path drew a big crack in my life: on one side, pre-stress fracture and on the other, post-stress fracture (SF)…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Kimberly Hatting and her family—husband Patrick and their three kiddos Kaylynn, Ashton, and Liliann—look forward to “someday” visiting Disney, where Kimberly can run a race. (“Our family LOVES everything Disney,” she says.) She’d also like to run a race in every state—“and have the hardware to show for it.” In the meantime, however, this mother runner from Grinnell, Iowa, is training for the Quad Cities Marathon in Moline, Ill., on Sept. 22—her very first 26.2.

Best recent run: I recently ran 17 miles, and it was the farthest I have ever run. It was great because it reminded me of the first time I ran 10 miles (in training for my first half marathon)…

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