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New Feature: Wednesday Workouts

New Feature: Wednesday Workouts


Fear not: We have not given up on Hump Day Giveaways. (And we got all your nominations for mother runner businesses: Thank you! We have to sort through them, and we’ll have that giveaway in about two weeks.)

Today, we are just taking a break for one week to introduce a new feature we’re going to put up every Wednesday morning on our Facebook page: the Wednesday Workout. The workout will be adaptable to all running levels, as this one is, and will hopefully give you a little oomph to get out the door and some inspiration to switch up your same-route, same-pace routine.

We will compile all the workouts on this page, so you’ll have a place to check back and grab them when—not if—you need to spice up your routine…

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Post-Baby Running: Mother Runners Weigh In On Lacing Up Your Running Shoes After Giving Birth

Post-Baby Running: Mother Runners Weigh In On Lacing Up Your Running Shoes After Giving Birth

Returning (or starting) running after having a baby is as individual as the birth experience itself, as evidenced by the numerous replies we received on our Facebook page after posting mother runner Erin’s question about post-partum exercise. Of course Erin would be getting the official OK from her OB, but she acknowledged at two weeks post-partum that she was eager to get the go-ahead, and was curious how other mother runners eased back into, or discovered, an active lifestyle.

Sage BTDT advice from the tribe included:

If it’s your first time… Keep in mind just how much running and exercise, if at all, you did pre-baby: “I wasn’t a runner beforehand,” says Katherine B…

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Ready to bust a move?

10K Playlist Powered by Women Artists

When I find a perfect fire-me-up song for racing, I protect it like a vintage car, only taking it out on special occasions (a track workout or race) so it doesn’t get, ahem, run down. Yet despite babying my 2013 race song, Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” it’s already got too many miles on it for me. Katy Perry to the rescue: She released, “Roar.” The title alone makes it a purrrr-fect racing song, then there’s the give-it-all-you-got refrain of, “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire/Cause I’m a champion and you’re gonna here me ROAR.” You tell ‘em, Katy!

With that song fresh in my ears, I put together this 18-track playlist (I figure it runs about ~72 minutes)…

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Hot, sweaty friendship: Sarah (center) with BRF Molly (left), and Molly's oldest daughter after recent run.

Best Running Friends (BRFs)

Dimity and Sarah firmly believe the best running “accessory” is a friend to cover the miles with, so this podcast celebrates bonds forged by running. Dimity reads the friendship chapter from Run Like a Mother (Sarah’s fave chapter of the book), which contains perhaps the best line in the entire book. “When you keep your eyes on the road, you can speak from your heart.” Then the mother runners serve up a reading from Train Like a Mother with tips on how to successfully run a race with a friend. (It’s not as easy as you might think.) And find out why, some mornings, Sarah and her BRF, Molly, fancy they are auditioning for a 1970s shampoo commercial…


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Three Lucky Winners: Saucony Outfit + Hyland’s Gift Basket

Three Lucky Winners: Saucony Outfit + Hyland’s Gift Basket

I ran hills yesterday and then, breaking my don’t-run-two-days-in-a-row-so-I-don’t-break-my-body rule, I ran again this morning for a variety of reasons too boring to go into here. (But the good news is that I’m pretty sure I didn’t break anything on run #2.)

Three things I was reminded of as I ran:

1. Do not underestimate your arms on hills. Pump those upper limbs, and I swear, your lower limbs magically get stronger. (Even if you don’t believe me, at least you’re concentrating on your arms, and not how much longer you have to go.)

2. Run up and over the hill. This is hard, and I admit, I didn’t really do it on the hill repeats…

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