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Tell Me Tuesday: The Ins and Outs of Gastrointestinal Issues while Running


Let us be blunt: Dealing with stomach issues while running can be the shits. Literally. (If you find this topic gross—or you’re eating breakfast—now is the time to head over to TMZ or NYTimes.) Yet it’s a fact of life that, for many runners, tummy troubles can cause a bevy of issues, from pain to diarrhea. Here at AMR we don’t shy away from crossing the proverbial port-a-potty threshold in search of some solutions.
 For a poop-primer, let’s start with why running can wreak havoc with your GI system. The up-and-down motion of running jostles your innards, turning the last night’s dinner into a sloshy mesh…

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Disney Princess Weekend: Glass Slippers, Mother Runners, Magical Miles

Disney Princess Weekend: Glass Slippers, Mother Runners, Magical Miles

What a weekend. Actually, what an amazing five days that started with a mother runner party at Fit2Run in Orlando and concluded with wearing so many medals around our necks, it kind of felt like a workout.

We were lucky enough to play multiple roles at the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Weekend—and thankfully, as mothers, we have the multitasking skills to handle it. (And it was so, so much easier than simultaneously helping with 5th grade math homework, cooking a dinner that everybody will at least tolerate, and sweeping dog hairs and crumbs off the kitchen floor.) We manned the mother runner booth on the expo floor and got to meet so many badass, interesting, hilarious mother runners; we spoke daily, giving tips and tricks for race day; we ran the Princess Half-Marathon on Sunday; and I—Dimity—added the inaugural Enchanted 10K on Saturday so I could go full-on Disney and run back-to-back race and collect a special medal, the Glass Slipper Challenge…

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Pilates again

You Ask; We Answer: A Q&A Show

In an uncharacteristically oversharing mood, Dimity opens this show with a TMI tale that cracks Sarah up. (Doesn’t everything?)  Then, jumping into questions posted on their Facebook wall, the mother runners talk about everything from dividing longer runs into two workouts to importance of “easy” runs. (No, not oxymorons.) Find out what the exercise “grey zone” is—and that Dimity admits to loving it. The gals discuss how to balance racing with family planning, agreeing you shouldn’t ever have to justify race distance or plans to anyone. In telling Norma-Ann when to start running more frequently, Dim and SBS debate whether they “look forward” to a run versus “not dreading” one…


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Cast Your Vote For Winner of NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill

Cast Your Vote For Winner of NordicTrack 1750 Treadmill

The entries for our giveaway for the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill rolled and rolled and rolled in. The Polar Vortex may have limited your miles, but not your creativity. We laughed at “get rid of the mom jeans” buttons and adored pics of cute kids—the cutest ones were sleeping, of course—and loved references to empowerment and self-confidence.

We’ve gone through them again and again, and, like a 7-year-old in a Lego store with a $20 wadded in her palm, we just can’t pick a winner. So we need your help.

We slimmed down the entries to our 10 favorites, and now we need you to vote, please…

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Martini Fridays: 64 Laps of Mildly Profane Silliness

Martini Fridays: 64 Laps of Mildly Profane Silliness

Adrienne Martini is up to Week 5 in the Train Like a Mother Half-Marathon: Finish It training plan, and the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon—and spring—feel impossibly far away. Check out her previous posts.

When you live in a place where winter is a force to be reckoned with, you learn to make peace with it. Or, if you can’t make peace, you move south.

We actually lived in the south—in Texas and in Tennessee—for just over a decade. And while there are many things I miss about both places (migas and dogwoods, among others) I do not miss the endless, punishing summers.

I’m a cold weather gal…

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