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Remaining Chances to Party Like a Mother Runner in 2014!

After hunkering down for several months to finish our third book, we are ready to get back on the party train–the Mother Runner Party train, that is. We’ve literally been coast to coast this year–from SoCal to central Florida–and now we’re set to head a bit north, then make a sharp right back out to the East Coast.

First stop: Spokane, Washington. We hear great things about this city-on-the-rise, especially its network of gorgeous running trails; we are headed there to emcee the Happy Girls Run half-marathon, 10K, and 5K. We’ve never been to eastern Washington, so we knew we had to host a party for women runners there…

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August in Four Acts

August in Four Acts

As August drenched us in sweat and chlorinated water, I realized missed writing about my life and my running. So here’s a quick catch-up, with the promise—both to myself and you, lovely mother runners—that I’ll be better about documenting my miles here.

In the meantime, here’s a rewind on the month that came and went:

First up was volunteering at Ironman Boulder. A small army of mother runners and I had the privilege of helping in Transition 2, which is when athletes, fresh off a 112-mile bike ride, come in, regroup, change their clothes, and then head out for a short 26.2 mile run…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Wichita, KS mother runner Angie Russell has dreamt of running the Chicago Marathon, and in just another few weeks she’ll do just that when she takes on her second 26.2. ”My first marathon I ran just to finish, but this one I’m running to see what I can do,” says Angie, who has three children with husband C.J. “My goal is to run smart, finish strong and enjoy it along the way. I’ve been training with the Own It plan from Train Like a Mother and absolutely love it. I’m ready to own Chicago on Oct. 12.”

Best recent run: Last week I headed out early for my run under the stars. I left the music and podcasts at home and just enjoyed a peaceful run with a beautiful Kansas sunrise…

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#125: Heading into Fall Racing Season

Somewhat of a rarity: This podcast is just Dimity and Sarah gabbing. Their main topic of conversation is their two different approaches to the fall racing season: They are both doing the Philadelphia Marathon as part of the Saucony 26Strong (more on that program in next week’s show), but they are taking two different training routes to get to the City of Brotherly Love. Dimity talks about her varied cross-training plans—including a jump-rope circuit she schemed up—and Sarah shares a few tales about recent challenging runs. (Enthusiasm alert: SBS is buzzing off a serious runner’s high from a 19-mile doozy she ran a few hours before recording this podcast!)

Also, there’s another broken bone in Dimity’s life—but this time the injury belongs to her 11-year-old daughter, not Dim…

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Martini Fridays: In need of a TARDIS

Martini Fridays: In need of a TARDIS

After the better part of a week hemming and hawing then hemming some more, I finally convinced myself that Saturday morning would be a great time to take a run through Hyde Park, which was only a couple of blocks from my hotel in London. I had the gear with me. I had a window of time. The weather was perfect. Plus, I am a badass mother runner who should take a badass mother run.

Still, I was nervous, like I always am when I’m about to go for a run in a new place. I always assume that runners in other towns are different from me somehow. Fancier, maybe. Definitely more legit. I also hadn’t seen many runners in London and wondered if there was a reason for that…

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