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Martini Fridays: Ripped it up.

Martini Fridays: Ripped it up.

I can only begin to tell you how much more chill I was at the start of the Empire State Half Marathon, my second half, than I was at the start of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, my first. This dynamic was also true with me and childbirth. I was wound pretty tightly when it came to making sure baby number one had the “perfect” birth. With kid number two, I could have birthed anywhere as long as that epidural drip just kept working its magic.

I was pretty chill on Sunday for another reason: it was really freaking cold. Forty degrees is a great temperature for running, yes, but it is a hard temp to bear when you are waiting for the run to start…

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Sweet Tunes (2.5 hours!) and New Read for #BAMRR Book Club

Sweet Tunes (2.5 hours!) and New Read for #BAMRR Book Club

Catching up on our media around these parts, and need to catch you up too.

First up: We recently worked with Rock My Run, an free app that has a boatload of mixes designed just for running, to created a 2.5 (!) hour long mix of great tunes to keep you grooving and getting through the next mile—and the next one and the next one.

It’s just us for mother runners (well, not really, but kind), and it’s called #BAMRtunes.

The best part? It’s free! Yes, 2.5 hours of (hand-picked by Sarah and Dimity!) motivating songs available on a smart phone, and all you have to do grab them by following these instructions:


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Hump Day Giveaway: Icebreaker Aero + Other Woolie Goodies

Hump Day Giveaway: Icebreaker Aero + Other Woolie Goodies

A few of my delights of running:
*The lay-out outfit and pin-on-bib night-before-a-race routine.
*Peeling off a soaked sports bra + shirt, post-run, and hanging it up on my doorknob. Oddly satisifying.
*The last mile of any run. Almost done.
*The first mile of any race. Concentrating on not going out too fast
*The first run in the fall when I’m wearing long sleeves—and don’t have to take them off.
*The first run in the spring when I’m wearing long sleeves—and get to take them off.

Delights come from details, and Icebreaker, a New Zealand-based company that makes running gear out of  merino wool, knows that intimately…

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AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 7: Labral Tear

AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 7: Labral Tear

JoEllyn, a Minny-SO-tah mother runner, contacted us last spring as she was about to head into surgery to repair a tear in her labrum and correct some other hip issues. After she got the approval from her physical therapist, we sent her the AMR TriggerPoint Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit to assist in her recovery–and help her get closer to logging some miles.

A range of mother runners with injuries—everything from sciatica to plantar fasciitis—have found release and relief with the AMR TriggerPoint Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit. You can access them all here. If you have an injury we haven’t covered and want to try the Kit, please email us at runmother [at] gmail [dot] com…

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run philly hoody up close

Run Philly: Limited-Edition Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Running Gear

“Can’t keep this badass mother runner down. Graston + acupuncture = my miracle cure.”

“So… got through the 19 . Ran the whole thing except for a large hill around mile 16, walked that because I didn’t want to risk making my hip more angry.”

“PR’d in the half today: 1:52:07….I definitely have trained much harder and smarter during this training cycle.”

These are just a few of the texts and emails I got today from, respectively, Michelle, Alison, and Nicole, who are all running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23. All year, I’ve been half-jokingly saying  Philly is going to be the fall race for mother runners to coalesce at–and now I believe it! Dimity and I are running the full with our Saucony 26Strong cadets, Kelly and Alison, and we hear from so many other 26…

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