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50 Perfect Running Songs

50 Perfect Running Songs

We asked (on Facebook), and you told us: Here is a compilation of the songs that are guaranteed to make you move your feet, no matter how little sleep you got last night or how undertrained you feel. We’ll admit: It’s a bit of a mash-up, but the variety will keep you on your toes.

If you’re on Spotify, here’s link to this running playlist.

Here goes:

Girl on Fire: Alicia Keys (Oh, you know we had to start with this one!)
Roar: Katy Perry (We can hear you all from here.)
Fighter: Christina Aguilera (For when you feel like quitting.)
Let It Go: Demi Lovato
Can’t Hold Us: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (Raise your hands with us…

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Sleep, Sleep, the Magical Fruit—and a Special Monday Giveaway!

Sleep, Sleep, the Magical Fruit—and a Special Monday Giveaway!

I’ll just put this out there, and hope I am not alone: by about 3 p.m. on days that aren’t as smooth as I’d hoped, I’m prone to calculate how many more hours it’ll be until I’m prone in my bed. As the kids get older, I do this less regularly, but give me a crappy Thursday, and around 1 p.m., I’m thinking to myself, In less than 8 hours, you’ll be in bed, Dimity. Less than 8 hours. You’ve got this.

If you just did some sleep math, that means I’m in bed around 9 p.m.. Yep, even on I’m-a-rock-star days, that’s stil my preferred bedtime, which makes me, you know, so not a rock star. I may be lame, I may be missing out on Olympic action, I may not know what’s going on on The Bachelor, I may be snoozing while all the cool kids are ramping up, but I am definitely one thing: well-rested—and I wouldn’t trade that for anything…

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ZOOMA Amelia Island Recap

The ladies travel (virtually!) from Portland to Sochi to Florida, where their guests Kristin Smith and Jessi Schacht recently ran a ZOOMA half-marathon on Amelia Island. Kristin, fresh off a marathon (as in, 6 days prior!), and Jessi rave about all aspects of the all-women’s race, from the bounty of port-a-lets to the champagne at the post-race party, and even participants huddling together to stay warm at the unseasonably cold start line. The running partners talk about their “very conscious decision” to run the final the miles together rather than beating themselves up to hang with the 2:10 pacer…


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I can almost smell the roses and feel the warmth of the sun through the computer screen.

Escape with a Contest for Warm-Weather Race, and Treadmill Giveaway

I suspect many of you are reading this as you’re trapped inside for yet another day. Or, if you can get out into the elements, it takes you 10 minutes to pull on the layers you need to stay warm: First the wool, some more wool, then some fleece, and top it off with a jacket hearty enough to combat ice and snow. Phew!

Whether you’re inside or out, join me in daydreaming about running the newest ZOOMA women’s race: Napa Valley, land of bright sunshine (remember that?) and rolling fields striped with fruit-laden vines. The half-marathon and 10K are scenic out-and-back courses that pass wineries and vineyards, with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains…

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AMR Love Week: Adrienne Martini + Martini Fridays

AMR Love Week: Adrienne Martini + Martini Fridays

Our week of AMR Love concludes as Fridays around here lately have: with Martini Fridays. Adrienne has plenty of love to spread; she just needs some help on the “how” part.

Ten laps around the psych floor at St. Mary’s Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee, equals one mile. I know because I spent five days there after my first baby was born.

Postpartum depression isn’t a subject that gets a lot of press unless a) a celebrity, like Brooke Shields, confesses to it or b) a mom who suffers from it does something tragic either to herself or her children. Then the subject fades away again, partly because we’re just not comfortable with the idea that a new mom could feel anything but bliss…

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