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Mother Runner Terms (Word up, Webster’s!)

Mother Runner Terms (Word up, Webster’s!)

When AMR tribe member Kelly introduced us to her description of a midday run—“runch,” as in a run at lunchtime—we applauded her cleverness on our Facebook page and requested anyone else with her own runner slang chime in, too.

The result: lots of witty and hilarious words and sayings we couldn’t wait to compile and share here.  We think these are great complements to our glossary of real running terms and only-runners-get-it slang in the back of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity. For now these words live here, but who knows, maybe one day they’ll end up in the dictionary…

ASAHP: As Slow As Humanly Possible…

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No Drama Allowed: Day 18 of Ironman Training

No Drama Allowed: Day 18 of Ironman Training

So as excited as I am to take on the whole 140.6 miles in Ironman Coeur d’Alene on June 23, 2013, I’m also concerned. While the distance of the day has me a wee bit worried, I know, with the proper training and attitude, I can definitely survive the day.
What I’m not sure I can survive is the training.

My body is as drawn to injury as I am to peppermint ice cream this time of year. I think about my IT band, and it tightens up. I lie on my pillow wrong, and my neck aches for days. I stretch out my tight hamstring, and the arch of my foot feels paralyzed on my next run.

Last Wednesday, I felt like I had total body arthritis…

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Magic Fingers: The Power of Massage

While Sarah and Dimity don’t get massages nearly as often as they’d like, talk is cheap so they chat with Angella King, a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. Angella clues mother runners into how often to get massage (budget allowing), along with the different styles of massage and when to slot them into your training. Angella touches upon self-care technique, including using tool like The Stick and a good ol’ tennis ball. She also talks about the importance of speaking up when you’re on the table—“you’re the boss.” (We’d like to point out, however: In her personal relationship, Angella is the boss: Even her new fiancé has to book an appointment and pay for her healing touch on his triathlon-training muscles!)

If you’re digging our podcasts, we’d be super-grateful if you’d take a minute (because we *know* you have so many to spare!) to write a review on iTunes…


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Think of the female Inspire line as Skittles for your ears.

Hump Day Giveaway Winners: Yurbuds Inspire Female Headphones

Few things get me revved up to run faster than a new playlist. My BFF, Courtenay, generously gifts me one on iTunes every few months (thanks, my dear!), and I love feeling connected to her via Snow Patrol, Grouplove, and Foster the People. And I’ve taken to stringing together songs on Spotify, the niftiest “in the cloud” way to share music ever. Here’s a link to a 10-song playlist I just made for the tribe, dubbed Another Mother Runner Easy Running. Forty minutes long with nothing too rah-rah, it’s perfect for a weekday cruise-control run.

And, in my humble opinion, there’s no better way to stream playlists to your ears than yurbuds new Inspire Female In-Ear Headphones…

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Christy's sweat-stained, underwire boulder holder

What Would Another Mother Runner Do?

The last time you tuned in to What Would Another Mother Runner Do (WWAMRD), we contemplated what we’d do if we were first-time marathoner Kelin, who dislocated her hip–and popped it back in herself–when she slipped on banana peels in the Chicago Marathon. Today we’re here with mother of two Christy, who had a less daunting problem but it got us thinking all the same.

Christy is a dedicated runner, who just ran her second marathon last month. Yesterday, while getting changed for her 45-minute lunch break run, this business systems analyst realized she’d neglected to pack a sports bra with the rest of her workout wear…

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