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Rachel with her dog, Helen: The duo ran a half-marathon earlier this year, and Helen was the 4th-place dog out of 42!

#127: First AMR Reading/Running Book Club with Rachel Toor

Sarah and Dimity welcome author/ultramarathoner/professor Rachel Toor to talk about her young adult novel, On the Road to Find Out. A prolific runner—she’s run more than 50 marathons and 12+ ultras—Rachel explains why she has her teen protagonist be a burgeoning runner making her way through the college-admission gauntlet. Like an enjoyable, rambling running route, the mother runners’ conversation with Rachel weaves unexpectedly, delving into topics like the sport of ride and tie and why rats make surprisingly fantastic pets. Find out, “the most profound thing” Rachel has ever done as a runner, and how she helped a mother runner named Liz reach her sub-4:00 goal in the NYC Marathon…

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AMR Day 5 final

Back to School 5K Giveaway, Day 5: Enjoy the Ride

The last day of our Back to School 5K…dang it that we can’t make it Back to School 500K. (Although that would mean 500 days of school, which seeems a bit much, even for love-kids-in-classes me.)

Today, we’re honoring the mother runners who might not be buying uniforms or packing PB + J’s or hovering over fraction subtraction, but are still enjoying—a relative term, we realize, depending on if you’re playing your third game of Candy Land, changing your fourth disgusting diaper, or saying, “No, you may not pull your sister around by her pigtails” for the fifth time—the ride with the ankle-biters…

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AMR Day 4 Snacks final

Back-to-School 5K Giveaway, Day 4: Pack Your Snacks

While I don’t envision a day where I’ll ever “look forward” to packing my kids school snacks and lunches, I now no longer dread the process. My secret: having plenty of options. Healthy, easily packed options that satisfy with nutrients, calories, and color. (I shudder a little when I pack an all-beige lunch…) As long as I have quick, grab-and-stuff options, the task takes me 10 minutes, whereas when I was forced to resorting to scrounging, the chore could eat up a precious half-hour.

Same goes for this mother runner during race training: The secret to replenishing post-run or staying fueled and hydrated during the work day is having handy, healthy options…

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Back to School 5K Giveaway, Day 3: Buy Your Books

Back to School 5K Giveaway, Day 3: Buy Your Books

Probably not much of a surprise, but both of us love books. Grant, my husband, recently called the public library, “my candy store,” which is pretty accurate, but then I wish it carried Kit Kats and gummi bears. I often have five or six books lying by the side of my bed—a new, larger bedside table is on my to-do list—and I can’t recall a night that I didn’t at least read a few pages. (Sometimes the same few pages from the previous night, but still: I consume words.)

So today is a giveaway of the written, running word. A range of five books that all involve miles—and will get you psyched to put in your own…

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AMR Day 2 Dress for School  with words 2

Back-to-School 5K Giveaway, Day 2: Get Dressed

As a child, I adored back-to-school clothes shopping with my mother–then doing a fashion show for my mom and dad, showcasing the outfits I paired up. The flowered cords with the kelly green turtleneck or the navy skirt with the variegated blue sweater with an airplane applique on it. (Oh, how I LOVED that oddball sweater!) I’d twirl and pose as if the patio where my parents were enjoying a pre-dinner drink was a catwalk just for gangly, bespectacled me. It’s no wonder I grew up to be a fastinista who wears coordinated running outfits even when my run finishes before the sun can shine a spotlight on me…

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