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How I get high: the Portland Bridge Pedal.

Giveaway Winner: Bontrager Cycling Outfit

I love the freedom and sense of adventure of being on a bike. When I was a single-again gal living in San Francisco, I often took part in Critical Mass. For this non-thrillseeker, the “thrill” of riding en masse down city streets was just rush enough.

Here in Portland, I can’t wait to take part in my favorite mass ride in town: the Bridge Pedal on August 12. This year, riders can opt to do the 10-Bridge route that crosses all, you guessed it, 10 bridges here in aptly nicknamed Bridgetown. Unless you count biking to boot camp or the post office, I haven’t really trained for the 36-mile ride, but I figure my marathon-training legs can handle the cruising pace…

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Notes from the Field: The AMR Challenge

Notes from the Field: The AMR Challenge

195 of you completed the first-ever AMR Challenge, and my challenge has been to find a slice of time in this jam-packed summer to get the bumper stickers sent. Finally found it, so they should be shipping tomorrow and you should see them next week.

While the stickers are certainly a nice reward, what’s more rewarding for us–and hopefully for you all–are the discoveries and lessons you learned through one month of scheduling your workouts and getting them in. Here are some helpful–and insightful–entries.

Shelle had a huge revelation:
“I’m also not afraid to run in front of people anymore…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

For Lisa McClellan, 44, running for a specific purpose is as important to her as are the physical and mental benefits she receives from our beloved sport. And boy does she ever run—she completed a 50K earlier this summer! She’s signed on for the Malibu International Marathon Nov. 11 in southern California. Follow this BAMR at her blog RunWiki and on Twitter here.

Best recent run: I recently moved to Simi Valley, California from Northern Virginia and we are currently in temporary housing. I am focused on finding a place to live for my family and have been doing just the bare minimum when it comes to my training…

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Bulletproof.  (Cue the David Guetta song.)

Hump Day Giveaway: Champion Shape Too Sports Bra

On our Facebook page yesterday, we stirred up a discussion about high beams (a.k.a. “nipping out,” “poking through,” “titty hard-on,” “THO,” and other slang terms that, oddly, we didn’t include in the Another Mother Runner Dictionary in the back of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity). Based on an anecdote from a pregnant mother runner, the question was whether or not you’d tell your running partner if her nipples were erect after a sweaty run. Answers ran the gamut from Erika’s, “Nipple tape, know lots of ladies that use it. And I don’t think it’s that big of an issue, so I wouldn’t point it out…

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Molly, all thumbs-up and smiles, in the final miles of her debut marathon (with Sideshow Bob, a.k.a. me, by her side for a bit)

Tell Me Tuesday: How to Mentally Conquer a Long Run

Let me start by oversharing: The idea for this post came to me as I was making one last pitstop before heading out to run 20 solo miles on Saturday. As my intestines rumbled and gurgled, I thought about how nerves can mess with your mind as well as your gut before a long run.

Let’s use my good friend Molly as Exhibit A: Last year, Molly crushed her first marathon, literally cracking jokes at Mile 20 and smiling much of the route. But in 2010, before she had to drop out of marathon training due to a knee injury, she admitted the mere thought of long runs almost paralyzed her with fear. Molly would wake up with dread in the pit of her stomach, leaving her feel nauseated and barely able to climb out of bed…

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