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    First-Ever AMR Retreat!

    Little Rock: Are you ready for the mother runners? We're going to have a badass ball—with a few miles thrown in—at our first-ever AMR retreat. Join us!

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    Badass Mother Runner Hoody

    This ultra-soft hoody keeps the chill out and your attitude on display...right where we like it.

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    Watch out Boston: Here Comes Bethany!

    An introduction to Bethany Meyer, a talented writer and runner and mother of four boys, who is taking on the Boston Marathon this spring.

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    I—Dimity—just found this post hidden away. I don't even remember writing it, but so little has changed. Except now my son has a keyboard.

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Light of our (running) lives

Hump Day Giveaway: 3 Pairs of Knuckle Lights

The most intriguing class I took in college was called Archeoastronomy (yeah, it’s a mouthful!). While I took it to fulfill one of two science requirements, I ended up being fascinated by the topic. We studied how ancient civilizations, like the Mayans and Incas, used objects in the sky to govern the plantings of crops, the timing of  religious celebrations, and the order of the natural world. Our professor held us spellbound with details about Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and the Lines of Nazca; I wrote my term paper on the role the constellation Pleiades played in various cultures. And we took our studies to the top of the highest hill on campus, tracking the coordinates of the setting sun over the course of a month…

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Two Steps Forward, Then Three or Four Back: Day 96 of Ironman Training

Two Steps Forward, Then Three or Four Back: Day 96 of Ironman Training

So remember that post about my slipping and falling in Salt Lake City, and not breaking my foot?

I inadvertently lied.

I ran on it on Saturday and Sunday after the fall–short runs that were less than 30 minutes–and then I went out on it again on Tuesday (7 miles) and Thursday (6). When my left glute and hip lit up like Times Square with pain on Thursday—a condition that had been percolating for a few days—I knew I was seriously compensating for my foot and had to cry uncle.

“This is a very odd fracture,” said the podiatrist I saw today as he looked at a tiny bit of bone chipped off the inner part of my left big toe, “Very odd and very interesting…

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Unlike me, this gal looks like she can sleep in despite the cat, some chickens, and other interruptions.

Rest Day Plea

He flops around like a tuna on a boat deck,
sending shock waves across the mattress.

Left hip starts complaining,
fed up with being laid on too long.

Deep snores penetrate earplugs;
pillow over head only muffles slightly.

Frolicky kitten, escaped from his room,
pounces, then skitters across covers.

Bladder, filled to capacity,
demands to be released.

Now he twitches in deep slumber, kicking calf
that gave such problems on yesterday’s long run.

Lyrics start playing on loop in head,
today it’s Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Standing by bed, children mock-whisper
“Can we play Wii? Can we, can we?”

Family, it’s Sunday, the day of rest—
And Mom’s one morning with no workout…

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Sarah's elusive daughter (4 years ago), dashing through a verdant forest in Portland.

Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down!

The ladies channel their inner Sam Champion and talk about running in the rain and wind. Sarah draws on her hundreds of hours spent in the Portland rain for practical tips, while Dimity gives great advice on how not to feel pushed around by the wind. But first they share tales about baking cakes for their respective Aquarius husbands, and falling on their butts in Salt Lake City. Ultimately the show takes a turn into enchanted landscapes, complete with ferns growing in trees and lines from a Robert Frost poem. An epic storm of a podcast!

If you’re digging our podcasts, we’d be super-grateful if you’d take a minute (because we *know* you have so many to spare!) to write a review on iTunes…


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Makes you feel warm and secure just looking at it, doesn't it?

Winner of Icebreaker Top and Socks

Lately all the members of my family have been burying their noses into books. Seven-year-old John just got turned on to the Captain Underpants series, leaving him turning pages and giggling well after he’s supposed to turn off the light. His twin sister, Daphne, is on an eclectic non-fiction jag, switching between books about crystals, U.S. presidents, pandas, and life on an 1850s Southern plantation. Big-sis Phoebe is obsessed with the Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick (who, I might add, lives here in Portland, so I’ve been begging Phoebe to write her a fan letter!)…

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