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Tell Me Tuesday: How to Get Ripped Like a Mother

Here’s a demonstration of the strength training routine–Get Ripped Like a Mother–from Train Like a Mother, narrated by booty-kicker and mother Ashleigh Kayser of Refinery Fitness in Portland and capably demonstrated by none other than Sarah Bowen Shea. Ten moves, done in about 20 minutes, leaving you feeling badass, strong and ready for any challenge!

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Exceed Your Expectations

Exceed Your Expectations

As I sit in the Sea-Tac airport and am grateful for free wi-fi and Sarah is driving home to her chitlins, we are both exhausted and exhilarated by a truly amazing weekend with 50 women at the Kingston Adventures reTreat. We will have a full report this week, but in the meantime, here are some words from a fellow mother runner that are a perfect way to start week–and a lifestyle.

What are you going to do this week to exceed your expectations?

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Bulletproof.  (Cue the David Guetta song.)

More Change, and Five Winners of Champion Sports Bras

I have a corollary to my, “While on a run, if you don’t stop to pick up the first change you see on the road, you won’t find anymore money on that run. But if you bend down to pick the coin up, you’ll find more money on that outing.” It is: If you tell people that you found money, you’ll find more money. Since blogging about my theory–and my pal finding a whopping 14 cents–I’ve found two dimes (!!) and a penny on recent runs. (I found one of the ten-cent pieces while running with Molly. We spotted it at the same time, while doing intervals, but I was able to gasp out, “MONEY!” so she let me have it…

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We all "heart" running--and each other.

Other Mother Runners in Our Tees

As much as I love my running buddy Heidi, seeing her image wallpapered across our Another Mother Runner store had gotten to be a little much. Dimity and I decided to recruit a bunch of other mother runners to model our wares. The women to use was a no-brainer: a group of moms in Vancouver, Wash., just across the river from Portland.  As I said in the acknowledgments of Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line – and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity, I love the vibrant spirit of these women, including Megan, Ashley, Audrey, and Meredith. (Plus I pulled Amanda up from Portland…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Sarah Rentzel Jones, mom of  three and a pastor, began running (again) earlier this year and is training with Team In Training for the Hershey Half-Marathon this October in Hershey, Pa. Follow her progress at her blog and on Twitter (where she has 2,300+ followers!)

Best recent run: My best recent run was probably last Saturday with the Team in Training. I only had to do 5 miles, but apparently the course was one that gives most people trouble because of the rolling hills. The course I choose to run near my house must have more hills than I realize, because it didn’t seem any worse on Saturday than it usually does when I run at home!

Getting going…: I just started running in May of 2012…

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