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My Most Important Mile: Alison Taylor

My Most Important Mile: Alison Taylor


Hard to say if Mile 11 of the Drop 13 Half-Marathon was the Most Important Mile of my Life, but it was certainly the most meaningful, and one I will always remember.

I started running 4 years earlier, at age 48. My goal was just to finish a 5K. Then this darn yellow book made its way into my life and convinced me I could run a half.  So I did, and clocked a 2:17 for the first one. I was hooked. 

Then I wanted PRs. After a few of those, I wanted a sub two-hour 13.1. Mind you, I’m still 20 pounds overweight, I work almost full time, I have four kids, etc.

Whatever. Before I got too dang old, I wanted sub 2:00…

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A Break From My Regularly Scheduled Programming

A Break From My Regularly Scheduled Programming

I know the vitality cycle: In order to perform, maintain your sanity, stay strong, be happy, be able to focus, you must rest. A nightly sleep. Rest days during training blocks. Easy weeks after a tough race.

I understand and actively do all that regularly, but the concept of walking away from work—a small business I love to do—doesn’t come naturally to me. Still, for about the last month, every cell in my body was politely requesting that I take a break—or something more important would fall apart in the next few weeks or months.

I spent August finishing Tales From Another Mother Runner, and climbing Pikes Peak, and getting Thing 1 and Thing 2 off to 6th and 3rd grade…

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#131: Tips for Creative—and Thrifty!—Running Costumes

First up: Dimity talks about the 27 miles she covered in southern California, while enjoying some solo R&R. Then Sarah tells what’s been ringing her cowbell lately. Dimity ducks out, and Sarah chats with Amy Peavy-Smith, a mom of two who is the Queen of Running Costumes! Okay, that’s a fictional distinction, but Amy really is a multi-time winner of a Spirit Award in a national race series. Find out how Amy gets moo-ving in a race, even roping her school-age son into the act; and how she rocked a Tough Girl Tutu at her recent debut Ironman race. Amy shares tips and tricks for making simple, creative, and thrifty costumes that are race-ready—everything from a cat, witch, or devil to Tweedledum and Tweedledee…

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Victoria is in the Small Moments: Go Get It, SBS!

Victoria is in the Small Moments: Go Get It, SBS!

It’s a funny thing. Put together those little things in life—small gestures, momentary glances, brief moments—and you create hours, days, months, years.

I can say without any hesitation that the small moment that I met Dimity, helping test a product for USA Triathlon, has lead to a mosaic of moments that make me feel extremely blessed. Somehow over time (a lot of time!), Dimity trusted me enough to let me coach her for her first Ironman.

Small moment leading to a big moment.

A bit in disbelief, I gained the trust of her partner in crime Sarah during the process.

As the loyal and loving AMR community knows, Sarah is embarking on her “kind of a big deal” moment this year in aiming to hit a Boston Qualifying time…

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Martini Fridays: bringing booty back

Martini Fridays: bringing booty back

My goal for this year’s Pit Run was pretty simple: run it faster than you have in the past. My mind boiled it down to a simple mantra: Earn Your Chicken.

On Sunday morning, I changed into my only-at-races Sparkle Skirt, long sleeved Saucony top (because the wind had a bite to it), and my BAMR visor. No, I am not a paid spokesperson, although I’m open if anyone wants a middle-aged, heavy-set, super-slow runner to back your gear. Attention Oiselle: there is more real estate for your logo on my backside than on Lauren Fleshman’s. Just sayin’.

No matter what you’re wearing, there is something to be said for home field advantage…

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