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Angela Bekkala (left) and her Saucony 26Strong cadet, Kailey Ingerman, at the start of their marathon journey, which culminates this weekend in Honolulu.

#140: When and How to Hire a Coach

Coaches aren’t just for top-tier athletes: Dimity and Sarah are joined by two running coaches who talk about how a pro can get any runner or triathlete to her very best. First up: Angela Bekkala. This mother of twins and running coach in New Hampshire describes a coach as a neutral party who can help you discover your potential and prevent injury—two worthy goals in the mother runner playbook. She also talks about, “the power of trying,” and how a coach addresses the brain plus the body. Next, Briana Boehmer, the coach who guided Dimity to her Ironman success and Sarah to her recent Boston-qualifying marathon finish, describes how a coach makes good decisions for you and opens your eyes to what you can do…

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Martini Friday: Time is not on my side

Martini Friday: Time is not on my side

I wound up taking just a leeetle bit more time off after the Philly Half than I’d intended to. What with holiday travel and the end of the semester, eight or nine days went by before I managed to lace up my Brooks Ghost 6s and head out for a 3 mile run.

(An aside: can I mention how irritating it is to finally find a pair of running shoes you love only to have them discontinued and/or replaced with a new model? I know, I know. There are Ghost 7s but I fear change. First, they came for my favorite socks and I said, well, not nothing but very little. Now they’ve come for my Ghost 6s. Weenies…

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Throwback Thursday: On Stealing Bacon and Turning Six

Throwback Thursday: On Stealing Bacon and Turning Six

Amidst all the holiday chaos—fun chaos, but sugary, wrapped chaos nontheless—I wanted to remind myself (and maybe you) on this Throwback Thursday to steal the proverbial bacon, and not just fly from task to task and wonder where the time and sugar cookies went. 

We have a rule in our house: no growing up on M-O-M. Unfortunately, it’s one of many rules my kids disobey.

So Mr. Pie turned six at the end of April. We celebrated too many times: friend birthday, immediate family birthday, school birthday, extended family birthday. The celebrations were typical, with a Star Wars tablecloth reused each time, too much sugar, presents that were liked (Legos) and were dismissed quickly (anything that wasn’t Legos)…

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Yaktrax Run: The solution to snow-day woes.

Hump Day Running Giveaways: 3 Pairs of Yaktrax Run

Here in Portland, Oregon, winter usually involves overcast skies, rain, and above-freezing temperatures. Except when it doesn’t. Once every two or three years, Old Man Winter blasts our usually verdant landscape with snow and ice. Given that we don’t own a treadmill and I don’t belong to a health club, precipitation-covered roads mean I can’t get my run on.

Frozen rain, in particular, is my nemesis. When our older daughter was two, the city shut down for nearly a week; the roads were impassable to anything that didn’t sport studded snowtires or chains. I tried my best to power walk on the double-decker wintery sandwich of snow-ice-snow-ice, but it was sheer lunacy…

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Most Important Mile: Anonymous

Most Important Mile: Anonymous

 This Most Important Mile arrived via email a few weeks ago. I checked in with the mother who wrote it, making sure she was ready to publically share the trials of her daughter and family. She was, she assured me, but asked to remain anonymous to protect her daughter, so we’re honoring that wish. “One of the hardest parts of this whole experience is sharing,” she wrote back, “We (the proverbial “we”) live in nice areas, we have (generally speaking) happy, well-fed families. We have resources and good schools, etc. But drug abuse makes folks uncomfortable. As does mental health. It’s hard to find that really good friend to listen and commiserate; it’s a problem that’s not in many families’ repertoire for coping…

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