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Throwback Thursday: The Power of a 20 Minute Run

Throwback Thursday: The Power of a 20 Minute Run

As we’re finishing up our third mother runner book, we’re going green this summer and recycling some of our blog posts. This post originally appeared on our site on July 26, 2010

This landed in our inbox recently, and both Sarah and I were moved by the honesty and power of her story–and were, once again, reminded of the healing qualities of running. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say running saved the life of this mother of two, who requested to remain anonymous. We should all be so lucky to have a friend like her’s.

I was a non-runner, married a marathoner. I also have a bunch of friends who are runners…

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Nuun, glorious Nuun!

Hump Day Giveaway: Nuun Three Ways!


Even though it’s summer break,  I’m here to school you!

Today’s lesson, mother runners, is in hydration. Since this is a 200-level course, I’ll just briefly remind you things you should already know, such as the importance of drinking 12 to 24 ounces of liquid before you run; imbibing during your run (especially in hotter or drier conditions and on runs lasting an hour); then replenishing your fluid levels once you stop. While water suffices in all these instances, adding Nuun electrolyte tablets to your H2O makes your water work harder for you. The addition of sodium, potassium, and magnesium allows your body to store water: It’s like your cells are sponges so your system has more water to tap into during your sweat session…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Deborah Brooks, a McLean, Va. mother runner, recently shared a special running experience with her daughter Sammie, 17: together they coached a Girls on the Run team. “It was such an amazing experience for us to do together–I can’t wait to start up again this fall.” Deborah, 44, and her husband Matt also have a son, 14-year-old Max.

Best recent run: Two weeks ago while visiting a friend in Vermont I had the most beautiful, peaceful 8-mile run. It was great because it was my longest post-injury run (I had a stress fracture), and the scenery was so breathtaking I actually “stopped to smell the flowers” and take in the surroundings…

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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Jayne Richards

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Jayne Richards

I started running in my 30s. A late bloomer, but big dreamer, I set my sights on the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, life intervened. A series of injuries, family duties, and managing a business brought my feet to a halt. Eventually, my family and job obligations eased, and I knew it was time to hit the road.

In a rash move in 2008, I registered for NYC. I thought I would get my name in, but actually had my eye on the fall of 2011, the year I would turn 50.

Of course, I was accepted right away. I learned I could defer and be a guaranteed entry the following year. I did, then stepped up my training…

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#118: Solutions for Summer Running

[Note: We're hard at work on our third book this summer, so today's podcast has previously aired. Don't worry - we'll be back next week with a new show!]

As temps are heating up across the country, Sarah and Dimity answer your questions about sweaty summer running concerns. Hope it doesn’t rub you the wrong way, but they spend quite a bit of time talking about chafing. They move on to myriad tips on how to have enough fluids for long runs (one important take-away: Do as Dimity says, not as she does).  They also cover sunscreen, the importance of slowing down, and acclimatization (glad they didn’t have to blurt out that mouthful of a word, though!)…


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