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Hump Day Running Giveaway: Two Pairs of Knuckle Lights

I know the majority of the country is gripped in the frozen clutches of winter–even well south of the Mason-Dixon line–yet here in Pacific NW, there are signs of spring. (Don’t hate me!) Today, chickadees twittered in the bare plum tree near our driveway, taunting our cat. This weekend, walking to the playground with the twins, we spied daffodil and crocus shoots standing proudly above the dark dirt.

Yet one facet of winter seems frozen in place: long nights and short days. As my running partner, Molly, and I set out for the track at 6 a.m. this morning, the sun will be an hour away from rising…

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#65: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

#65: You Might Be a Mother Runner If…

If pit stains and pit stops are your way of life, check out our You Might Be a Mother Runner Gallery here. 

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AMR Prove It Strava Medal

The AMR Strava Prove It Challenge: You in? Hope so.

Are you ready to rumble? 

Oh. We forgot. We’re mother runners, not professional wrestlers. So are you ready for AMR Strava Prove It Challenge, the biggest, most badass mother runner Challenge yet?

We are—and have set up so many cool features and have so many perks, we’re busting at the seams to get this party started. But before we spell out the nifty details, let us serve up several reasons why it’s called the “Prove It” Challenge.

☆ We’ve heard from too many of you that you don’t consider yourself a runner. Even though you may have multiple finish lines under your soles, something holds you back from proclaiming, “I am a runner…

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Briana Boehmer with Dimity after the Ironman.

How to Plan Your Races This Year

Dimity and Sarah bring on Briana Boehmer, a coach of endurance athletes (including our own Dimity for Ironman) for the past 12 years who is starting work with Training Peaks, to give advice on planning a race calendar for the year. Briana talks about timing races to ensure you bring your A-game, as well as sharing an interesting formula for recovery time between races. (Spoiler: It’s based on time on your feet, not miles under them.) Coach Bri tosses out a few helpful questions to ask yourself if you’re debating stepping up to a new-for-you race distance in 2014. Then she ends with what we all want to hear: some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Dimity’s Ironman…


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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Kristin Neal

I desperately searched the sidewalks for the big white sign that said Mile 25, only to discover it was nowhere to be seen. Discouraged, I trudged on. It was (the impossibly long) Mile 24 of my first marathon. I had lost the 3:35 pace group at a crowded water stop around Mile 8, and for the past 16 miles, it had been just me and my inner demons. My parents and sister were running the half-marathon, and my husband and kids were waiting for me at the finish. I was desperate to be done and reunited with them.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a petite, perky blonde in a neon green T-shirt casually pass me…

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