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All About Survivor with Mother Runner Monica Culpepper

Sarah and Dimity are delighted to have “Survivor Blood vs Water” runner-up Monica Culpepper as a guest. This mother-of-three runner over-shares all the too-much-information details you’ve been dying to know about the reality show, from how women on the island deal with their periods to where contestants poop. (The locations will surprise—and disgust—you.) In (nearly) gag-inducing detail, Monica describes the food challenge she won by eating 40 meal worms, 12 ounces of pig intestines, cow eyeballs, (“a viscous explosion in your mouth”), and thumb-plus-sized grub worms. Monica talks of permanent nerve damage caused by sleeping on hard surfaces, and lets us in on the reason why female contestants have to pee in a cup 30 minutes before heading to the island…


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Bride and groom running

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Heidi Parker

On June 2, 2012, I married my best friend, my partner, my teammate; and subsequently ran the most important mile of my life–in my wedding dress, with the love of my life right beside me.

For both of us, this was a second marriage. From the beginning, we shared a love for running and soon I was introduced to the Reno Tahoe Odyssey Relay Race. My husband, Pete, has run every year since its inception, so when he spontaneously suggested we get married during the 2012 event, I said yes!

Over a couple of beers, we asked the race director for his blessing and for our returning 2011 teammates to be our minister, groomsmen, and bridesmaids…

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Race Local: Dimity’s 2014 Race Calendar

Race Local: Dimity’s 2014 Race Calendar

How do you top an Ironmother? If you’re me, you don’t even try. No desire to go 140.6 miles anytime soon.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving that badass feeling behind in 2013. No siree. If nothing else, Ironmother taught me how alive and grateful I feel when I dive deep into things that aren’t a gimme, when I’m not sure how much it’ll take to reach the finish line—or even if I’ll get there. Despite the thunderclouds under my eyes and a few injury speedbumps, I was secretly kind of thriving as I was striving. (And if that’s not the worst sentence ever written, it’s right up there.)

So how do you top Ironmother? If you’re me, you spend time trolling race sites and then get all theme-y…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

For our first Follow This Mother of 2014, we check in with Jill Broderick, one of the BAMRs who ran Ragnar DC with us. This Albuquerque, N.M., mom of Cate, 6 1/2, and Connor, 3 1/2, is gearing up for the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in another couple of weeks. Also on tap this year for Jill: the Albuquerque Half in April and the Chicago Ragnar in June (where she’s reuniting with some of her Ragnar DC teammates!).

Best recent run: My favorite recent run was on a snowy day in Albuquerque. It doesn’t happen very often, so while my kids were both at school/activities, I took off to hear the crunch of snow beneath my feet…

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two women running

Hump Day Running Giveaway: Two Pairs of Knuckle Lights

I know the majority of the country is gripped in the frozen clutches of winter–even well south of the Mason-Dixon line–yet here in Pacific NW, there are signs of spring. (Don’t hate me!) Today, chickadees twittered in the bare plum tree near our driveway, taunting our cat. This weekend, walking to the playground with the twins, we spied daffodil and crocus shoots standing proudly above the dark dirt.

Yet one facet of winter seems frozen in place: long nights and short days. As my running partner, Molly, and I set out for the track at 6 a.m. this morning, the sun will be an hour away from rising…

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