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Melissa Fenton, a self-described cookbook hoarder, mother of four boys, and BAMR who started running “to beat depression,” is gearing up for the 2015 Goofy Challenge at Disney World, in which she’ll run both the half and full marathon. Melissa, of Dade City, Fla., dreams of a European run, is looking forward to experiencing her best mile ever, and knows her donuts.
Best recent run: It’s been a brutally hot summer here in Florida. With daily 100% humidity and temps in the 90s, at this point if I come home still breathing and upright it’s my best run.
An unconditional gift: Running is the perfect gift giver, as it always inherently knows what you need during the different seasons of your life…

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The Most Important Mile of My Life: Katie Garrett

The Most Important Mile of My Life: Katie Garrett

December 28, 2012 marks my most important mile. As a mother runner, each mile of pregnancy is a mile shared with my child. I ran all through my first two pregnancies and loved it. As I was training for my first marathon, I was excited to discover I once again had a running buddy on board. With the go ahead from my midwife, I carefully continued my runs and anticipated crossing the finish line for two.

On Dec. 27, 14 days before the race, we found out that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. While I was comforted that my midwife did not believe my running (or anything else I had done/not done) had caused the miscarriage, I was still devastated…

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#123: Ultrarunning Mother—and Daughter

Buckle up: Dimity and Sarah cover a lot of ground in this podcast, starting with a half-marathon race recap by SBS, and some thoughts from Dimity about her rapidly approaching Pikes Peak Ascent. The ladies are joined by Pam Smith, M.D., a pathologist, mother of two, and kickass ultramarathoner. Pam has them hanging on every word as she tells how she went from being the fourth-to-last finisher in the 2012 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run to winning the prestigious ultra the very next year. (!!!) Yet it’s refreshing to hear Pam admit, “there’s gotta be some peer pressure to do burpees…

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I run for many reasons, yes. But I'd be lying if one of those reasons wasn't because running lets me eat this without guilt.

Martini Fridays: Good enough and the Garden State Parkway

Adrienne is eight weeks in to the 13.FUN challenge and pondering what makes a run good enough, in this edition of Martini Fridays.

Thanks to all y’all for being so encouraging about my current maelstrom. Life has a way of happening all at once, which I suspect each mother runner can totally identify with. Once things calm down on this end — they always do — it’ll be my job to pay the support forward, as all humans should do.

So some good news: last Thursday’s 10-miler was pretty darn good. The weather was perfect: cool and slightly overcast. My legs felt, well, still sort of tired, but in a way that I could work with…

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Running on fumes: me in the straightaway to the finish.

Half-Marathon Race Report: Bridge of the Gods

Last Sunday, standing on the Washington side of the Bridge of the Gods in the Columbia River Gorge with almost 700 other half-marathon participants, I felt primed to take on 13.1 miles. All the pieces were in place: I’d been training since early June with Coach Briana “Bri” Boehmer, pushing out paces I hadn’t clocked in several years in pursuit of a speedy times at October’s Victoria Marathon. I’d carb-loaded and hydrated with an intensity I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I had a jammin’ new playlist on Spotify (set on shuffle, if you can believe it!!). My running partner, Molly, and I had done a great coach-prescribed warm-up that left me feeling loose and peppy, if a bit damp already…

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