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AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 4: Hamstring Strain

AMR Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit, Episode 4: Hamstring Strain

Heidi Parker, a mother runner in Reno, Nevada, was not happy with her hamstrings. Or they weren’t happy with her. One or the other; either way, her angry lower body was the next perfect recipient for the AMR TriggerPoint Traveling Ultimate 6 Kit.

What is a hamstring strain? Well, the correct term is Angry Right Hamstring (ARH), as I affectionately called it these last six months or so. Backing up: the hamstring is three strings of muscles that run up the back of the leg that, as an article in Running Times says, “is responsible for propelling your body forward with every step…If you were a car, your quads would be the springs and your hamstrings would be the engine…the hamstring muscle complex has three basic roles with running: slowing the striding leg down as it approaches the ground; extending the hip and propulsion of the body forward; and assisting the calf muscle as it helps to move the knee…

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A winning Saucony combination for one lucky winner.

Hump Day Giveaway: Saucony Summer Running Outfit

In yesterday’s TMI Tuesday post on our Facebook page, I inquired about how often you mother runners wash your workout wear in the summer. Here are some responses that jumped out at me:

Christy does what I used to do when I lived in breezy San Francisco and had a clothesline: “Wind wash! My theory is that any smell blows off, so I leave it all hanging outside all summer. P.S.: I run alone.”

Dondria gets a second wearing out of her tops: ”I NEVER re-wear the bottoms…the neighborhood cats would chase after the sweaty fish smell trail I leave behind. Just saying.”

On the flipside is Alison: “Shorts are the only items I could consider re-wearing, but that would be a desperate situation…

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Follow This Mother!

Follow This Mother!

Tara Sabo, 33, gave birth to her second child this summer (a sweet little boy, Evan, just a few weeks ago!), and as she adjusts to life with two, she can’t help looking forward to resuming her running. “For the first time since giving birth, I got out today for a one-mile walk with my toddler in the jogging stroller,” says Tara, who lives with her family in southwest Michigan. “The whole time I was walking, I was thinking about what it will feel like to run — really, truly run again! I miss it! I miss the challenge of training, the thrill of crossing the finish line. And as I walked, I wondered when will be up for all that again…

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Three Numbers for Monday: 1 Salt Lake City Party, 13.FUN, 26Strong.

Three Numbers for Monday: 1 Salt Lake City Party, 13.FUN, 26Strong.

Since it’s Monday morning and I—Dimity—am likely still hopping on one foot, trying to shake the chlorinated water out of my ear from yesterday’s game of Sharks and Minnows with my kiddos, we’ll keep this post simple.
Ahem. So Three numbers for Monday.
1. The mother runner party train stops next in Salt Lake City. Tuesday, August 5th, we’ll be hanging with the Utah crowd at Salt Lake Running Company from 7:30-9:30 p.m. All levels and types of runners—even the non-mother kind!—are invited to join us for this free night full of laughs, prizes, and connection. RSVP here—and spread the word!


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#115: 2nd Annual Summer Reading Show

With Dimity hard at work on the Another Mother Runner duo’s third book, Sarah is joined by Ellison Weist, her occasional running partner and self-proclaimed, “book bully,” for the second-annual summer reading podcast. Sarah and Ellison reminisce about how books brought them together, then they move onto recommendations for big, engrossing books to soak up this summer. The Portland runners rave about The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, and encourage listeners to read Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers before tuning into the new HBO series. Sarah shares Dimity’s two most recent reads, including one that could be a mother runner motto: Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time…


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